TV shows that will bring out the entrepreneur in you


It’s a universal truth that no matter how many books you read to inspire yourself on starting your own business and being a successful entrepreneur, a visual guide is always a step ahead to help you embark on this journey.
Recent years have witnessed an onslaught of famous television shows revolving around startups and entrepreneurship, which are making to the ‘must watch’ list of every young entrepreneur.
So, I thought why not come up with my own must watch list to boost the entrepreneurial plunge. Below is the list of some great TV shows that will bring out the entrepreneur in you.
TVF Pitchers
Of course, this series is first on this list and an only Indian TV show to enter the IMDb’s 250 all time TV shows list. Released in 2015, TVF Pitchers literally became a ‘viral fever’ as it was the first time on that a daily soap influenced Indian audience was witnessing a Comedy-Drama series which had its primary theme as entrepreneurship.
The series revolves around four young men who work for typical corporate desk jobs in their tiny cubicles and work relentlessly on same report or the same code for hours. It is only when the protagonist, Naveen, gets drunk, calls up his boss in the middle of the night and quits his job. Next morning sees him freaking out, but now luck is on his side as an idea he has been fermenting for the past few months, with his two best friends, falls through.
The story has its ups and downs: All four entrepreneurs dodge investors who try blindsiding them, makes the perfect software and protect ego-clashes and friendships – in short, entirety that a first-time startup founder is obliged to experience. TVF Pitchers is a must watch for any first-time entrepreneur with its ridiculously humorous one-liners and equally comic characters.
Silicon Valley
Although everyone fell in love with the Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) of Martyn Burke, that’s not the one we’re talking about here. An HBO TV show, Silicon Valley released in 2014 is a comedy series that showcases the inner workings of life in the Silicon Valley and is fast approaching towards the limelight.
The series revolves around six young men who co-found a startup company within the hefty competition in the Hub of the Business World. While the fourth season is set to air in 2017, this series is must watch for its ups and downs along with comedy at the center.
Starring Adam Brody and Martin Freeman and released in the last year, Startup is both refreshing and entertaining at the same time. It makes you firm on your decision and shows how not to quit when you set out to do something you strongly believe in even though obstacles gets thrown in the way.
The unique and interesting concept makes Startup, stands out from its contemporaries. A Haitian gang lord, a banker from Brooklyn and a Cuban hacker put their heads together to raise a possible multi-billion dollar business on the ‘digital currency’, that could revolutionize the future of money itself. Seems pretty interesting right?
How I made my Millions
A CNBC original, How I made my Millions leads you to the greenroom of the business world, where the biggest businessmen and women reveal how they took ordinary ideas and turned them into extraordinary businesses, after the curtain falls.
Most of which center around the businesses that have crossed the USD 1 million mark. Aired in 2011, this series showcases the typical ‘American Dream’ and tries to show that you can make things happen, if you have the idea, the resources and the willpower.
The Profit
This much-watched TV series shows that being a successful entrepreneur isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. It broadcasts the challenging, raw and often ugly side of starting your own business.
The series revolves around real-life of one of the biggest sharks of the business world, Marcus Lemonis and his decision to invest money into struggling companies and turn them into highly profitable entities in returns for a percentage of both business and profit.
It has a great in-depth moral for all entrepreneurs, as they show you a tutorial of sorts in the first where they focus in delivering what NOT to do as an entrepreneur. The center theme of the show emphasizes the triangular mantra of success for any startup founder and members, three P’s – People, Process and Product. I am interested already!
These are some of the greatest shows ever made which would teach you the tricks of the trade. So, what are you waiting for? Go and binge watch now.

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