Under Government’s “UJALA Scheme”, Retail Prices of LED Bulbs Drop to Rs 65

Under the “UJALA Program” initiated by the government of India, the retail price of 9 watt LED bulbs has dropped as low as Rs 65 per unit. It is a huge achievement and would encourage consumers to opt for these energy efficient lights in the near future.
The perfect balance between the aggregation of demand and bulk procurement has resulted in a reduction of 88% in procurement prices, from Rs 310(in February 2015) per piece to Rs 38 (in November 2016), which is passed on to the consumers and as a result the retail prices were reduced to Rs 65 from Rs 550 during the same period.
The government has a target of replacing all the 77 crore incandescent bulbs sold in India with LED bulbs under this scheme. This will result in the reduction of 20,000 MW energy load and 80 million tonnes of green house gasses.
It has been reported that each LED bulb helps a consumer to save between Rs 160 to Rs 400 every year and has a life expectancy of about 25,000 hours, thus making the cost recovery possible within a year. This will also result in annual savings on electricity bills of worth Rs 40,000 crore, considering the tariff would come down to Rs 4 per kwh.
As directed by the government, for availing this UJALA scheme, a customer needs to provide a copy of the latest electricity bill, along with a copy of photo id proof.

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