Uniservice Facility Management: Bringing FMS Under One Umbrella

Murugaraj Swaminathan | Founder & CEO | Uniservice Facility Management
Murugaraj Swaminathan | Founder & CEO | Uniservice Facility Management

Every story needs a beginning, that is remembered and cherished by everyone. The start of a journey can be varying, disoriented even. But, the most important thing to understand is the difference it will make. The responsibility to oversee a successful trip and the ability to share the wisdom gained from it creates good and satisfactory memories.
One such company embarked on an incredible journey is Uniservice Facility Management. With an aim to bring the breadth and depth of expertise for the betterment of the residents and the community, the company has been established in order to avail multi-faceted solutions under the same roof. “We enhance the living and the community experience by bringing best-streamlined facility processes and practices,” says the Uniservice team.
The Kickstart
The inception of Uniservice enabled solutions that were critical for residential societies. Resident Welfare Association (RWA) had various challenges in terms of waste management, power interruption, and water quality, etc. The residential real estate market is growing at a rate of 22% CAGR. Hence,  the need for a professional facility management company focused on catering to the requirements of residential communities was eminent. So, Uniservice was brought into the picture. The company was started in January 2017 with just three employees. Now, it has employed more than fifty communities in Bengaluru.
The company’s Co-founder and CEO – Murugaraj Swaminathan, had a vision while starting Uniservice that is providing ‘Quality facility services to residential communities’ at an affordable cost. Also creating more employment opportunities for the people living in rural areas, and nearby villages were a few of the agendas in his mindset. “We believe a single team delivers the best results, and seamless coordination between the teams helps in managing the society effectively,” claims Murugaraj. A single vendor can efficiently provide a cost-effective solution compared to multiple vendors’ arrangements. Now, the company has been rated as one of the Top 10 Best FMS Company. “We have more than 600 employees contributing to a turnover of approx. Rs. 14 crore per year,” boasts Murugaraj proudly.
A Plethora of Services 
Uniservice has expertise in providing different sets of services. Some of them are proprietary even. It enables turnkey projects like consultations, sang audits, BAT (Builder to Association Transit) service, engineering improvisation, and audit reports pertaining to water and power supply, etc. The company also utilizes the first-ever FM software developed by an FMS company – Socius. This helps in addressing the needs of the residents, RWA, security, Facility Management personnel as one app for all solutions. Tools and Machinery are an integral part of facility services. Thus, the company also supplies state-of-the-art equipment wherever required.
Not just limited to streamlined services, Uniservice has focused on other affecting factors for smooth flowing of the business.  Factors such as excellent customer service and end-to-end solutions with a long term building relationship with the clients have been crucial for the company.  “Our goal is to be a well-known technology-led facility management team for residential communities, by achieving continuous customer satisfaction through innovative, cost-effective and quality services,” says Murugaraj.
Dynamics of FMS and Role of Uniservice
Uniservice has embraced innovation and technology by real-time monitoring of water quality and power consumption in various societies. Also, IoT based real-time face recognition has enhanced the attendance system of the employees working in the residential premises. The technological advancements have enabled the latest facility dashboard for societies. IoT based predictive maintenance method has been a major attention-seeking module to date for the company. “IoT is the Buzz word around Facility Management Industry, new technology like AI, and blockchain is emerging as well to enhance the overall experience,” tells Murugaraj.  “A well-trained team, with a matured process mapped with technology, can provide quality services,” he adds further.
There are more than 100 tech startups working in the FMS sector, that have developed solutions for various challenges in areas like water usage, water quality monitoring, power consumption, security apps, etc. But there is still a huge gap in terms of operational requirements, and expertise required to act!
While working at the societies, the latest technologies and trends were not up to the mark. “As the products were not matured enough, when we look at the execution challenges it incurred huge maintenance costs for the residents,” states Murugaraj.  The technology should be affordable to residential sectors and easy to use. There was no single solution or a platform that brings in different components in order to provide an integrated solutions option. Therefore, Uniservice has been dedicated to bringing a palette of services under one common ground at a very reasonable cost.
Facility Management has a huge potential business in India, especially residential sectors. The top players are focusing more on residential sectors now. Uniservice will continue to focus on technology-driven facility services, partnering with residential societies to optimize the maintenance cost without compromising quality and compliance.“Utilization of natural resources like water, power is our major focus. We will build technologies to successfully manage these resources in an efficient manner,” describes Murguraj, explaining the company’s future plans.

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