Unveiling the Secrets to a Safer World

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“You can’t have privacy without security” – Larry Page, American Businessman.
With the increasing threats to humans and their properties, the tech-based discoveries in the electronic space are a boost to civilization. Electronic security is an innovation that provides anticipation about unapproved access to individuals and property. An electronic security system includes equipment that could perform operations related to security. These devices carry out security operation and function like surveillance, access control, alarming or an intrusion control to a facility or an area which utilizes the power from mains and also a power backup like battery etc. It also deals with electrical and mechanical applications. Many companies as well as the industry players are now making their way towards the Fire and Safety Management sector and providing devices empowering better lifestyle.
Pilferage Avoiding Alarm
Nowadays, the shopkeepers have to face the practice of shoplifting and stealing of goods. Also, the books in the libraries are unsafe from the thief. To avoid these practices and criminal activities the discovery of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is introduced. A method where the goods, merchandise, and the books are tagged. These tags are removed or deactivated when the items are checked out or bought by the customers. The sensors in the tags activate the alarm at the exit doors which avoids the risk of pilferage. With the use of EAS, the books in the libraries and the goods in the shop remain harmless and safe. Apart from this, the burglar alarm avoids the illegal offense and theft or unauthorized entry in the secured area.
Securing Workspace from Fire   
With an aim to create no room for fire, the technology advancements have rolled-out fire detection and alarm systems. These systems are coupled with an alarm to attain quick detection and action to the suspicious area of the fire. The system consists of sensors which carry out the input and output measures with the help of horns, bells, manual and automated detection mechanisms. The fire detection and alarm systems are the standards and conventional method to avoid the risk of fire. These system devices notify the fire early indirectly protecting the workspace and personnel of an area. The early detections made by the devices precisely help in speeding up the control on fire.
Ensuring Authentication
The Internet Protocol (IP) is a framework developed for security concerns. The IP camera also known as the netcam is a device that can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. The device may be centralized or decentralized depending upon its Network Video Recorder (NVR). The IP system creates a Two-way audio. This audio is generated via single network cable which allows the users to listen to and speak to the subject of the video. The device deals with addressing, routing, data encapsulation, fragmentation and interpretation of the video information and data to the intended receiver for the privacy and security purpose.
Electrical-based Lockers
Lockers are now being designed with the help of technology. These lockers are provided with keypads and other features which give an audible response to each press. Variety of authentication is being offered by the lockers like numerical codes, passwords, fingerprint scanners, smart card swipe, face detection, iris detection etc. These lockers are associated with an access control system offering the key control, file access control, and transaction logging. The user needs to frame the correct password or authentication to open the locker. These electrically based lockers are easy to use and save time. Security to documents, money and other entities can be effectively attained with the help of these lockers.
Personnel Attendance  
“The first line of defense from the insider threats is the employees themselves” – Carnegie Mellon, Cyber Security specialist.
The access control system deals with the identification of the fingerprint. It also carries out barcode scanning and identification of radio frequency. The attendance and access control systems perfectly support the diverse entry control functions. The functions of these systems are really time efficient and can be easily handled by the users. With the growth in technology, these electronic systems carry out smooth and flexible system operations. The security has attained more power with this system. System management can be done efficiently with these devices within a flexible scale. These systems need a proper form of authentication by its users and immediately notify an irrelevant activity.
Future Transformations
The transformation and development of technology are driving and changing the aspects of electronic security systems. Predictions for future-secured surroundings can be achieved with the help of these novel devices mentioned above. These systems may prove to be the driving force for transforming diversified industry sectors. With the growing technology, these tech-enabled devices will be greater in power and smaller in size. Electronic security is now going hand-in-hand with the AI and IoT which would be a boost to the electrical based security techniques. Also, development of Cloud is lending a hand to the data storage and loss of data, indirectly securing the present and future of mankind.

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