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Acufire System| quality engineering services

Racing against time to make everyone’s dreams come true, giving its 100% to every challenging moment, Acufire Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is keeping the team’s morale high and happy. It is providing quality engineering services to support the clients’ loss control objectives and assist in their understanding of technical issues related to fire and explosions, Acufire Systems is a renowned name in the business world for more than two decades. With a strong presence across various sectors, a part of the Kankaria family, it has achieved greater business diversity by interacting with the customers at diverse intersections.
End-to-End Solutions
At Acufire Systems, turnkey fire contractor are providing end-to-end solutions right from firefighting system to fire alarm system to fire-door along with the fire NOC. The company has also done various big projects around Kharadi, Pune. As of today, it works in Weld, Grooved and Crimping type fittings. It also does the installation, servicing and commissioning of firefighting system at all segments right from industrial to residential, commercial, institutions, and government sectors. Below are the few products listed
Manual Fire Suppression

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Hydrant
  • Hose reel

Automatic Fire Suppression

  • Sprinkler
  • Aerosol System
  • Gas Suppression
  • Water Mist Suppression System

Fire Alarm System

  • Manual Fire Alarm System
  • Automatic Fire Alarm System

The Veteran Entrepreneur
Shrenik B. Kankaria, FounderDirector is an entrepreneur who grew three businesses from start-up to millions in annual sales through his effective business planning, creative sales techniques, and innovative marketing. He comes from a renowned family who has been into business for more than three decades. He has expertise knowledge and skills in all facets of life product development, projects, accounts, and securities business. Clients and colleagues have also recognized Shrenik as a consummate professional with a high degree of personal integrity.
World Class Practices
With the vision to become a trusted leader in fire and safety through the development of technical staff excellence, the company is establishing a high level of ethical practice and is quenching client needs with prominence. .
Some of the world-class practices that are being followed by the company:

  • Looking out for Better and Innovative Technology
  • Focusing on Repetitive Customers
  • Reaching out for New Regions

Contributing Factors behind the Success
Acufire gives complete solution from design to installation to NOC to operation and maintenance. The company is providing the best customer service which ultimately helps in getting repetitive business. It has always tried to perform uniquely.
The company believes in hard-work and never compromised, right from the junior level, middle level to the upper management, it has always strived to work hard and have come up with the different experiments. “The right talent: The long-term success of your business requires that you assemble the right talent to build your brand” – says Shrenik. As such for that, the company has exactly done strong hiring and efficient employees who have proved to be the assets for them. Furthermore, he said Our business network sales and our customer service; is one of the keys to our business. We work as vendors to all our clients and ensure repeated orders from them.”
What Acufire Monitors?

  • The Water level in the fire tank
  • Diesel level tank in the engine pump set
  • Battery conditions (voltage and current)
  • Pressure on each pumps and track the operating time

Key Milestones
The company has achieved many milestones; some of the notable milestones are mentioned as follows: Starting from the year 2009, Incorporation of Acufire Systems Pvt. Ltd., next to that in the year 2010, it has started its operations in Goa. Again, in the year 2012, the company has expanded its Residential to Commercial & Public Infra Sector. In the year 2015, it started operations in Nagpur. Around 2016, it has working with more than thirty-five projects. And, in the year 2017, it has crossed 30000 mtrs of pipeline for firefighting system. Recently, Acufire has been certified with Fire “A” Class by Maharashtra.
The Future Ahead
The company is already into service, maintenance and installation of firefighting system, since 2009. And, now, it is coming up with manufacturing of its “own firefighting products” from the year 2019. Also, it has developed a feedback and automation system for fire pump room. This is a first time in India where a Fire system is connected to IOT. The fire system which is connected to the Internet, where live data is monitored and effective decisions can be taken. In short, the fire system is only used in an emergency so it’s very critical that the equipment’s installed are working effectively and with full efficiency.
Source :-The 10 Most Powerful Fire and Safety Management Companies to Watch in 2019

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