V4WEB CYBER SECURITY – Creating a Benchmark in Cyber Security and Data Protection

The protuberant company V4WEB Cyber Security is a one-stop cyber solution company. It is a division of V4WEB TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD which is an eighteen-year-old company specializing in Website Designing, Web Applications, Digital Marketing and Cyber Security. This division V4WEB Cyber Security provides core services such as Cyber Security Implementation, Cybercrime Investigations, Data Privacy & Protection, Security Awareness and Training.
V4WEB proudly delivers advisory services to their treasured clients to defend them from cyber frauds, cyber attacks and data theft. They provide suggestions about the actions that the companies must take against cyber-attacks as per the IT laws in the country and also as per Global best practices. The strength of the company lies in cyber crime investigations and prevention. Their services provide granular visibility into how users access data and applications, and uses sophisticated user tracking software and classification to detect and block cyber-attacks, botnets, unauthorized users and malicious insiders.
Additionally, V4WEB audits the client’s security parameters and suggests the installation of required measures to prevent cyber attacks. The company is an expert in Cyber security, protecting sensitive personal data and conducts tough audits of the entire organization and infrastructure right from the user machine to the cloud. V4WEB understands that security, compliance, reliability and general network health are essential to their client’s organization. They are committed to supporting and working with their customers over the long run and helping them to keep up with security and compliance challenges and stay ahead of cyber attacks. V4WEB’s mission since its inception remains the same – to protect what matters the most – their client’s infrastructure and data.
About the Pioneer behind the Organization
An engineering graduate from MIT Pune, Ritesh Bhatia, Founder and Director of V4WEB Cyber security is a well-known personality in the field of cyber security and cyber-crime investigations. He is a very well-known face in the media houses; he frequently appears in newspapers, magazines and on national as well as international televisions which pursues his opinions on the current scenario of the threats in cyber industry. Having more than 16 years of rich work experience, Ritesh was recently conferred with the award for The Best Individual in Creating Cyber Security Awareness by the Computer Society of India.
Ritesh is serving in many companies as a Cyber Security Consultant and a Data Privacy Consultant and has been highly successful in securing systems and critical business information from cyber-attacks. Ritesh has been a very sought after speaker when it comes to creating awareness on cyber-crimes, data privacy, cyber security and dark net. He has been a distinguished guest at many organisations such as RBI, Defense Organisations, Anti-Narcotics Cell, Economic Offences Wing, Corporate Associations, Educational Institutions and many others. He was a special invitee at Interpol’s Conference on Cyber security held in Singapore.
Proffering Exclusive Services of the Company
V4WEB CYBER Security is provides some ground-breaking services which is helping them as well as their customers to stay safe and stay forward.
The Core Services of V4WEB Cyber Security:

  • Cybercrime Investigations & Forensics
  • Cyber Security Implementation & ISMS Audits
  • Data Privacy & Protection
  • Secured Websites and WebApps Development
  • Web App & Mobile Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Security Awareness & Trainings

V4WEB Cyber Security is a part of V4WEB, which is focusing on Website Designing, Web Applications, Digital Marketing and Custom GUI. They provide comprehensive and inclusive cyber security services to protect businesses from cyber-attacks.
In addition to the above, V4WEB primarily offers their services in the following areas:

  • Customized Responsive Websites
  • Secured Web & Mobile Applications
  • Intranets & Extranets
  • Digital Marketing
  • Rich Graphic User Interfaces
  • Usability Analysis

Words of Wisdom
Ritesh added, “Cyber security is not an afterthought and hence make it the agenda before it becomes the agenda. We focus on doing our best to secure organizations as well as individuals. Everyone in this field is doing their bit to secure the nation from cyber-attacks. Hence we do not feel that these are our competitors rather we all are working together to make this world a safer place”
Future Aspects
V4WEB CYBER SECURITY’s vision is to protect not just organisation’s but also the individuals who are a part of the cyber space. After all, 1.25 billion individuals make India, and not just the organizations.
Source :- The 10 Most Trusted Cyber Security Companies in 2017

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