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The monumental rise of emerging economies, and increasing demand for products which can cater to the constantly changing preferences of both local and global markets, and the continuously growing importance of IT throughout various processes; has led to the newer scenarios in the industry. The consumer is indeed the ‘king’ and drives the success or failure of corporations. Furthermore, to have a customizable product portfolio to cater to various markets, organizations need to have a clear understanding of customer requirements and aims in different segments and products must be designed which will meet these expectations. Additionally, to increase the complexity in the cut-throat competition in today’s market, resulting in bringing similar featuring products and services reducing the scope of differentiation.
Particularly, theinformation technology industry is rapidly evolving due to the digital wave that istaking over the industry. Based on the observation by experts of the emerging developments, it is believed that conventional productdevelopment processes are paving the way for newer and more robust ways to ensure customer acceptance of aproduct and relevant product functionality providing total solutions.
Volga Infotech, headquartered in Mumbai,India, develops software keeping this in mind. Volga is a provider of Software development services to various Startups, SMBs as well as Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2008, the company is focused on setting up Offshore Development Centers for overseas clients as well as engaging with them either on a “Fixed Bid” or “Revenue sharing model” basis to roll out various software systems.
They provide end to end solutions for a company of any size. They work with cutting edge startups, SMBs as well as Fortune 100 companies. With some of them,Volga engages right from the conceptualization of the idea, to the UX, core development, and deployment. Also, they are not limited in terms of technology and have the capability to build systems on well-known frameworks. They have an extremely rigid quality assurance process, and highly talented engineering team, making sure that the systems developed are robust, scalable and implemented using universally accepted standards of development.
Volga Infotech has worked intensively on projects related to Education, Healthcare, Marketing, e-Commerce, Travel, Social Media, HR, Law, etc. providing solutions with their team of tech maestros.
“Using well-defined methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Lean and effective project management process and tools, we successfully deliver quality software on time.”
Volga Infotech is a software development company offering services in Web development, Enterprise Systems Development, Mobile Application Development; Cloud Services Implementation as well as Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. They are a team of 54 competent engineers with their client base mainly overseas
Working at Volga
As long as the project timelines are met and client calls attended, they are pretty lenient. Theyconduct gaming competitions, coding competitions as well as a monthly party. They had a launch party on the acceptance of an app from the App store followed by another on it hitting the first 10,000 users.
They encourage innovation, and apart from client projects they experiment building in-house systems using new frameworks. They encourage their team to experiment and are always ready to fund their projects.
Jayesh Bajaj, Captain of the Ship in the Tributary of Volga
Not only is it critical to know the business, but the leaders must havea strong background in technology to be effective in buildingor buying secure software. A lack of understanding of thetechnology used to build or buy software can lead to insecureimplementations of the software.
The Team under the tutelage of Jayesh Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Volga Infotech, who works to address the challenges in the IT services industry.
“We hire and retain only the highest quality people who fit in our open and client focused culture and value system. Our low rate of attrition tells our story.”
An accomplished engineer by qualification, Jayesh graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master’s degree in computer science. He later worked for Qualcomm Inc. in San Diego for a good four and a half years.
During his tenure at Qualcomm, he has worked closely with several mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Sanyo, Hitachi, HTC, LG, and ZTE to deliver multimedia solutions for their high-end market phones. He was also part of Qualcomm’s team working with Google on their first commercial release of the Android platform. On his return to India in Jan 2008, his strong liking for Web and Mobile, coupled with keen business acumen had him found Volga Infotech in 2008.
Well-known for providing the appropriate level of professional development for the appropriate level of experience, cost-effectively, Volga has provided it. Whichever experience level or problems that the client has, they could count on Volga to fill the kinds of experience gaps that was needed. Jayesh is known build great relationships due to his closely working tendency with clients.
Initially, Volga built quite a few in-house systems which included plugins for various enterprise systems as well as apps on native platforms (J2ME, Bada, Symbion, Brew, RIM ) specially in the Multimedia space.
With the strong emergence of the Google (Android) and Apple in the mobility world, they started working closely with companies in the US looking to port their existing apps from these primitive platforms to the iOS and Android. They further gained experience by working with startups on revenue sharing basis, helping them cut costs by being their offshore software development arm and at the same time building a strong in-house development team.
Volga is also awarded for their marvelous work-Business Leadership Award for Industrial Development by IERDA (Indian Economic Development and Research Association) ; Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Awards- International Achievers Conference, Thailand; and Emerging company Award for Information Technology – Jayesh Narain Bajaj – Indian Achievers forum, 2015
Next Wave to Effulgent Future
Every aspect of life now relies on some type of software. Even mechanical machines are now mostly software controlled. The software industry is one of the very few fields that didn’t slow down even during the global economic recession period and software related jobs remained obtainable throughout the time. And the next step for companies in this field is, IoT. In today’s scenario, many companies are focusing on Internet of Things.
IoT is expected to spread and expand rapidly over the coming years and this convergencewill open up a new dimension of services which will improve the quality of life of consumersas well as productivity of enterprises. It is expected to unlock tremendous opportunities. While the potential impact of the IoT is largely influencing and considerable, a concentrated effort is required to movebeyond theinitial stage. In order to optimize the development of the market, a commonunderstanding of the distinct nature of the opportunity is required.
Considering this, on the technology end, Volga plans to enter and contribute to the IoT (Internet of Things) space.

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