Interactive Bees: Giving Commanding Voice to Brands

The Leader behind the Beehive
Monica Gupta, Founder of Interactive Bees, has over two decades of industry experience as a professional and as an entrepreneur. She spends quality time with various functional heads and is involved in business operations passionately. She is known for her tireless energy and enthusiasm with which she constantly drives the organization to the greater heights.
Even in contemporary age, loyalty has no equivalent trade-off. Hard work, inevitably needed to reach the goal, is an ethic that too is valued by all. Bees teach us how to reach our goals by collaboratively working hard and giving the best every time. These ethics ingrained in Bees have inspired humans since time immemorial.
Interactive Bees, a complete brand communication agency, with a team of enthusiastic and dedicated bee-wizards, combines the passion of youth, the diligence of experience, and blend it with unflinching dedication towards executing every project innovatively. Interactive Bees is recognized by brands like NASSCOM, CANON, GROHE, HUAWEI and others for its outstanding work.
Wide Range of Solutions
Interactive Bees offers Web Design and Development Services, in which it develops rich and compelling sites. The interface is developed as per the requirements, be it static or dynamic. Also for static interfaces, user-centric Web Applications are provided. For Domain Registration, a service which needs outstanding analytical skills and creativity, Interactive Bees deciphers a unique name for client’s website echoing business identity. Web Analytics service, provided by them helps to quantify client’s marketing campaigns, and also to manage marketing budgets intelligently. Furthermore, dedicated to providing one-stop solution, the agency provides services like SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, ORM and Whatsapp Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing. Online Advertising, media planning & buying are provided to take care of sponsored advertising and deploy profitable marketing strategies, and correspondingly measures are taken to keep client’s reputation intact.
Strategizing exclusive and long term promotions for clients; with offline brand communication techniques, is the next stronghold of Interactive Bees. Corporate Branding Solutions, a set of industry-standard services, are provided to increase the intrinsic worth of the brand.
Impressive, concise, informative presentations are need of the business world today. Flash and PowerPoint Presentations, made by Interactive Bees, proving an insightful edge in communication and designs, bring out clarity and purpose in the communication. A range of Design and Print Solutions is are also provided by them. They make compelling designs that communicate creatively. Additionally, the agency provides a complete stack of printing solutions including hoardings, fliers, catalogs, office stationary, calendar, brochures, brand packaging, etc.
Having expertise in B2B, B2C, E-Commerce solutions, portal development, and last but not the least, Interactive Bees proves to be a powerhouse when it comes to Video Production Services. With a perfect combination of sound and imagery, the minds at Interactive Bees are always busy creating communicative, impressive and engaging videos.
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