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Digitalization in India is transforming the way in which businesses are carrying out their marketing strategies. To remain at the top positions of search engines, it is important to monitor search engine algorithm guidelines. SEO services are crucial for any business website and aim to create a strong foothold in the online world. Having an effective SEO strategy for top performance in the search engine can be deciding factor between a thriving business and struggling business. An experienced SEO service provider can take into consideration the specific needs of the client and come up with target oriented SEO methods that will help in increasing site traffic and create a creative social media campaign.
WebNet Creatives is one such creative and internet marketing consulting agency that is helping hundreds of businesses, start-ups, and professionals from all corners of the globe to increase their search engine performance and sales significantly with SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing services.
Offering Effective SEO Consulting Services
WebNet Creatives has been offering LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) based SEO solutions since 2006 and lately incorporated AI based SEO strategies as well. Since search engines like Google are trying to understand the intent of searchers, they are adopting ML and AI to offer the best possible search results. Majority of the clients are international clients and most of them are staying with WebNet Creatives since last three years.  WebNet Creatives is dedicated to help clients’ to achieve their business goals by reaching the right people who matter in the way they like to be reached.
WebNet Creatives’ all SEO campaigns have integrated landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to enhance traffic conversions and convert more and more of the traffic into business leads. The focus of the SEO campaign is to bring in business instead of focusing on just top rankings.
Since inception, the company primarily focused on providing effective SEM services however, started providing web application and mobile apps development services on leading technology platform such as Java/Spring/Hibernate framework, AngularJS, and Node.js for the applications and Android/iOS for mobile apps. WebNet Creatives extended the service offerings and become a full-service agency to avoid confusion of the client.
As content is the king in online marketing, maximizing the reach of the content is vital for a successful campaign. Through an effective content marketing strategy, WebNet Creatives utilizes contents (free and sponsored posts), live interactive video sessions on Facebook, YouTube, interview/promotional videos and affiliate marketing as different medium to achieve our client’s digital marketing goals.

About the Entrepreneur
Rakesh Ojha, the Chief Amazement Officer (CAO), started his career as an SEO consultant back in 2001 when SEO industry was in its infancy. From promoting e-commerce web stores selling pashmina products to selling hand made products on eBay US, Rakesh has done it all successfully. He had a stint with international business development for various ITeS companies along with SEO as his passion. Finally, entrepreneurship bug became evident and in 2006 WebNet Creatives was launched to help clients more passionately. Since then, Rakesh has been instrumental in motivating staffs at all level with suggestions and training at regular interval.

Unlocking the Success Doors
WebNet Creatives have been ranked at top digital marketing agency and recently in March awarded as Best Global Full Service Digital Solutions Agency – New Delhi in 2018 by a renowned publication house. In 2009, Top SEOs portal ranked WebNet Creatives among the top 20 and again among top 10 in 2017.
Start-ups, SEMs or large established business requires experienced SEO and digital marketing professionals. The company helps to create qualified pool of such professionals by providing SEO and Digital marketing training to fresh graduates, BTechs and other professionals looking to make a career in this industry.
WebNet Creatives’ clients include Embarc Japan, QuickHeal, Rashtriya Military Schools, FloralIndia, Cadbury, CollegeSearch, World Youth Organization, the UK, Indian Institute of Photography (IIP), IIP Foundation, and News portal India Speaks Daily. For majority of clients, the company has been able to successfully bring in not only targeted traffic but also enhanced traffic conversion into business.

To stay ahead in the competition, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends in the SEO industry. Staying passionate to achieve client’s business goals and finally not getting into pricing war helps the company to become successful in the business.

Future Ahead
WebNet Creatives is aiming to make its presence amongst the leading digital marketing agencies and will continue to train the team for the same. The company will also continue to provide an integrated marketing platform where content creation, video creations and publishing will be under one roof for clients.
Additionally, the company will provide services to many internet media companies where contents can be published on their portals to receive millions of traffic for the benefit of clients to maximize the content reach.
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