OGEN Infosystem: A Perfect Partner for Digital Growth

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of digital marketing and is responsible for website visibility in a higher position in the search index. It increases user traffic, conversion rate, and ROI. A good ranking site is more exposed to users when compared to the others. OGEN Infosystem is one such digital branding company aiming to launch and promote all the possible business that possesses the ability to grow online.
The firm has a team of web designers and developers, SEO experts, and digital marketing growth hackers. The firm works for all the projects from creating an online identity for the clients, developing the required websites and promoting them online via SEO. It further aids its customers who already have a designed website but requires SEO services for promotion. A team of OGEN Infosystem works in the proper working pipeline, from website analysis, keyword research, off-page, and regular on-page SEO activities. The firm guarantees result in the top five ranks within the two-three months for a new website domain.
Starting as a website designing company in the year 2013 in Dehradun, the company gradually shifted in the Delhi-NCR market in the year 2015 due to its recognition towards the ever-growing demand of website designing and digital promotion. Afterward, the corporation started enhancing its knowledge base and team according to web development, SEO, paid advertisement, and Android development. Today, SEO is the main focus of the firm, where its many clients are highly satisfied with its services.
Meet the Two Tech-Savvy Leaders
With a vision of making digital marketing platform available to all the business, Abhijeet Jha and Ankita Priyam, Co-founded the OGEN Infosystem. Abhijeet Jha, Engineer & CEH: Ethical Hacking and White Hat SEO qualities, add-on to the strategic implementation of the SEO activities. Ankita Priyam, B-Tech with MBA in International Business helps the company in managing team, allocation works, and marketing strategies.
Domination over the SEO
Currently, the firm contributes to the IT Industry by adding more websites and business on the web i.e. creating a digital platform. It has over thousands of clients online and each of them is contributing into the internet sector.
The firm has developed a multi-channel strategy to achieve the digital goals for its clients. The firm not only has effective control over Google SEO, but it also works for other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com. The firm uses advance SEO tools like SemRush & FlickOver to analyse the day-to-day progress of all the projects. In addition, for generating leads on an immediate basis, the corporation recommends going for pay-per-click and Facebook advertisements. Today, the firm enjoys India’s several prominent clients such as Thapar University, Amaze LED, Lotus Agarbatti, FlipTrip, REGA Consultancy, Sonison Packaging, Tooth-Town, Cruiel Healthcare, Lifestyle Magazine, SpinzGuru, IIT-Roorkee Tech Fest: Cognizant 2015, and many more.
Customer-Oriented Services
“We have done it for us; we know how to do it, so we can do it for our customers as well”
The firm steps into the shoes of its customers and has categorized its potential clients into two types. First are the ones who are not aware of the digital platform, and how the online world can affect their business. The firm designs their websites, make them live in the online world and perform relevant SEO activities, keeping in mind client have needs and leads for the business. For further leads, it also recommends Facebook advertisements but believes that for the long-term; SEO is the best technique for better results.
Clients that falls under the second category are those who have their website built but are not attaining much visibility online. The firm serves them with SEO services with guaranteed results, which provides good visibility in the online world ultimately leading to an increase in the number of clients. The firm recommends continuing SEO activities for at least six months for a better position and moderate competition in the online world.
Leaving Behind the Competition
The firm surpasses its competition by developing a proper strategy for SEO after complete analysis and keyword research. Accordingly, it notes down all the list of daily activities to be done for a particular site. This step is very important for the firm as there will be more backlinks creation than the required promotion and this might reach to spamming and can lead to deletion by the Google. To avoid such issues, the firm has developed a very strong base of its SEO, and its website ranking always spots in the first or the second, assisting in getting visibility and leads.
Future Assistance
The firm will continue to strengthen its SEO portfolio and provides clients with the utmost digital promotion. OGEN Infosystem is coming up with the NeuroMarketing technology, which markets the product to mind. Also, the firm is planning to expand its services in mobile app SEO services, known as App Store Optimization (ASO).
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