WhatsApp Business; the New Business Partner

WhatsApp Business

The popular messaging application, WhatsApp has millions of users around the globe. Apart from communicating and sharing personal concerns, WhatsApp also offers umpteen opportunities for small businesses to grow. This is where WhatsApp Business comes in.

Different from the regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is a separate version of WhatsApp that connects businesses and consumers. It is designed to make small businesses communicate with the customer, manage and process any order. WhatsApp Business allows small vendors to create a catalog of their products. It also has special features like setting up business profiles, and business messaging tools. However, all messaging tools are not secure. Especially, you get to be alert on tools dealing with Whatsapp hack.

Using this app is again easy like the regular WhatsApp Messenger. Once downloaded and installed, one needs to enter their business phone number, wait for verification, enter the type and name of the business and start operating.

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