WhoIsIn – An Innovative Biometric Solution Crafted for Retail and Distribution Sector


Over the last decade, the biometric market has evolved immensely due to the rise in real estate sector, increased customer awareness, and increasing threat perception. The market is now witnessing an upsurge from various sectors like BFSI, retail, manufacturing, infrastructure, along with private and Government sector participation. Independent researchers suggest that the Indian biometric market is poised to grow over two billion USD by 2020 with an estimated CAGR of over sixteen percent within 2015-2020. This staggering growth rate has paved the way for industry players to look out for innovative biometrics technologies and solution to cater the demand from various sectors.
One such company which has cemented itself as a prominent player in providing innovative biometric and business management solutions for retail and distribution sectors is Wondersoft Private Ltd. Founded in 1996; the company has built a strong repute over the time in crafting customized comprehensive solutions as per the requirement of the clients. Having worked and provided solutions to more than ten thousand satisfied customers over the past two decades, Wondersoft has evolved into a matured and leading provider in the field of biometric solutions. Along with India, they have a strong presence in the Middle East either having direct offices or through partner presence in major cities who are focused on reselling and supporting the solutions offered by the company.
Embracing innovative technologies and having a rich business foundation, it offers specialized, high-quality and cost-effective solutions to their clients. Implementing cutting-edge technologies like on-premise/SaaS, ERP integrations web, and mobile applications, they are enabling companies to achieve their business goals more efficiently and professionally. In the last five years, Wondersoft has emerged as a leading provider of software products and solutions for retail and distribution along with innovative biometric solution provider.
Leading Light of Wondersoft                           
Mr. Chidambaram and Sabhari Shankar C are the driving forces of this esteemed organization. Mr. Chidambaram is a graduate from G.C.T Coimbatore and also a post-graduate from Anna University. In his professional career spanning over five decades, he has an extensive knowledge and valuable experience in the areas of retailing, distribution, money management, trading, and finance. By utilizing his functional knowledge of different software products, he started developing software by early 1985. Under his percipient leadership, the company continues to march ahead on its illustrious journey where he contributes by providing strategic directions to the senior leadership team to steer the future growth.
Sabhari Shankar C, a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and also an MS from Minnesota University, USA is the CEO of Wondersoft. As a visionary, he emphasizes adopting innovative technologies which can lead to innovate and offer unique solutions to their clients. His diverse experience and expertise of over twenty-two years have helped Wondersoft to attain new heights.
WhoIsIn – Innovative Biometric Solution
The Biometric attendance system has become an indispensable part of business organizations. A comprehensive market study and analysis led to the innovation of the attendance and leave management software – WhoIsIn. The time tracking application records the details in the central database using a USB biometric fingerprint reader device which is connected to a PC at the workplace. The USB device can either be connected to the system or can be wall-mounted anywhere. This technology helps the management to keep a record of every employee movement in the organization. Prominent brands such as Bombay Dyeing, StyleSPA, Aditya Birla, Wildcraft, and Siyaram’s and others brands have implemented the application which has showcased Wondersoft as a matured biometric solution provider in the industry. Some of the mentionable features integrated with the application are:
Track Presence
This application is able to collect and consolidate the attendance data of all the employees located at multiple locations. This feature helps the HR department to keep a virtual check on the employees located within or outside the office premises.
Random Checks
This innovative suite provides the organization to do random checks on the employees, who are in the premises. By sending an SMS alert as well as a message on the system to an individual or a group, the system can track the time taken to respond to the alert. The system can collate the data of the report on answered and unanswered requests and forward to the HR.
Live Consolidated Reports
The application offers customized reports based on offices, area, region, zone and enterprise levels. These reports are updated on the web and can be fetched by the administration as per their requirement.
Roaming Profile
This feature helps to track the detailed movement of the employee across stores and is quite effective for area managers, supervisors, drivers, delivery team and others who often have to officially visit various locations of the organization.
Late Attendance Alerts
This web-enabled application tracks ‘late’ attendance by sending an SMS to an employee within thirty minutes of arriving late, beyond a certain number of such late occurrences. Additionally, it triggers an SMS alert to the Manager of the employee escalating the late attendance.
Leave Management
An Employee can initiate leave request by validating his fingerprint and choosing appropriate dates. An email notification is sent to his Manager for approval and a response SMS is sent to the employee. An SMS is sent to the Manager, from a couple of days prior to the date of leave, to remind them of the approved absence.
WhoIsIn Mobile App
It captures the GPS coordinates of the location and employees can mark their attendance on the mobile from the captured location. Leave management (requests and approvals) too is handled in the mobile app.
SMS to Employee
For any reasons, if an employee has failed to punch their attendance or has missed the ‘out’ punch, an SMS alert is sent to the employee next day. Additionally, SMS alerts are also sent for birthdays and anniversaries.
Other mentionable products like eShopAid and Shopaid.Net are available as a web and cloud-based platforms. Built on the SaaS model, these solutions are quite effective with retail chains and have been implemented by major brands like Adidas.
Unique Features of WhoIsIn
Wondersoft launched this unique solution ‘WhoIsIn’ in 2009 and has pioneered in offering the biometric solution on a SaaS model in India. The solution was implemented first at StyleSpa – a retail furniture outlet chain. This solution is specifically designed for retail chains to give them comprehensive information on employee presence and movement across the entire chain. Other than tracking attendance, it has features like the central control panel on the web, payroll integration, overtime calculations etc.
Showcasing Expertise and Competency – Case Study
With more than 120 stores managed by their professionals, Wildcraft is a market leader in travel accessories segment. Earlier they had a manual attendance system which gave a very limited scope for the HR team based out of Bangalore. As the business spread, they decided to opt for a technology-driven solution to track the leave or absence of their employees across all locations. They adopted WhoIsIn software which provides data to their HR team and the area managers every day enabling them to accurately track employee attendance. WhoIsIn software is implemented at all locations and ensures employee discipline and productivity.
Achieving Long-Term Success
Supporting the customers throughout their journey of growth is the USP of Wondersoft. This key philosophy has assisted the team to deliver an innovative biometric product like ‘WhoIsIn’ and other prominent business solutions over the years. The company has drafted key policies and invested their time and efforts to develop a cohesive environment which acknowledges the needs of the clients. They have dedicated customer helpdesk facility in Chennai which helps to report and resolve the issues of their clients within stipulated timelines. Training and refresher sessions for the employees are conducted at periodic intervals to keep them abreast of the latest developments and share updates about the product implementations. The ‘customer-centric’ approach has driven the group to initiate a long-term professional relationship with the clients as they motivate the firm to pursue their innovative practices.
Current Trends in Biometric Industry
Rising data security concerns are resulting in increased demand for biometrics in various sectors. It has evolved as a key tool in identity management, assisting multiple sectors to reduce frauds and integrity concerns. The increased demand from Government and private players is driving the biometric companies to develop innovative authentication technologies that are capable to manage the extreme level of risks and threats. In today’s world, biometric technology is leading the electronic security market as it plays a pivotal role in securing and attaining data from the users. The major factor enabling the shift from traditional authentication techniques to biometrics is the ever-growing need for unique credentials to recognize individuals that are also less susceptible to theft or loss.
Attributes to success
In a business environment, there are various key elements which attribute to the success and growth of the company. Analyzing the requirements, challenges, and feedback from the customers, it has clearly interpreted the actual needs and the concerns of the clients. Embracing innovative technologies, domain expertise and backed by a dedicated support team, Wondersoft has managed to cement themselves as a major industry player with a strong vision for the future.
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