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Over the past decade, healthcare services available in India have increased dramatically. Since independence, considerable progress has been achieved in the promotion of health in India. Being healthy is now a prerequisite for an honorable living and a fundamental element to achieve great things today. Hospitals are feeling continued pressures to reduce health care costs and making medical treatment more efficient at the same time. Ultimately we need new strategies for advancing in the new age of accountable care. Population Health Management (PHM) is an essential collaborative approach enhancing care delivery, controlling the cost of care and enabling healthcare institutions to work together to better the health of their communities.
Population Health Management works by stratifying group populations by risk, identifying high-cost conditions and enlisting members for participation in disease management programs. However, now payers are collaborating with providers and integrating PHM principles and technologies in an unprecedented approach to curtailing costs and delivering value. The leading role in population health management is played by the patient data collected from multiple health information technology sources. The analysis of collected data into a single, actionable patient record and the actions enable care providers to improve both clinical and financial outcomes.
ZeOmega is a leading Health Management company providing Health Information Exchange enabled population health management solutions for any healthcare organization that assumes the clinical and financial risk. Its high-value, the strategic solution is designed to integrate workflow, analytics, and content communication capabilities. The company’s comprehensive solutions help achieve the desired health quality and cost outcomes for patients while putting them at the center of a collaborative approach to healthcare management and delivery.
Providing Solid Foundation to Healthcare Institutions
Any organization seeking to improve outcomes, control costs, and increase patient satisfaction needs capabilities built on five essential pillars:
Pillar One: Program Design and Governance,
Pillar Two: Data Aggregation and Integration,
Pillar Three: Actionable intelligence,
Pillar Four: Holistic, Patient-Centered Care Management,
Pillar Five: Stakeholder Engagement.
These are the five pillars of ZeOmega’s comprehensive solutions for a successful transition to population health management and value-based care models.
Sathya “Sam” Rangaswamy: Passionate About Curing People
Sathya “Sam” Rangaswamy founded ZeOmega in 2001 and has overseen its steady growth into the health information technology industry’s premier provider of population health management solutions.
Through his leadership and direction, ZeOmega has emerged as a leading source of technology for healthcare organizations seeking to lower costs, increase care quality, and improve the health of the populations it serves. He is the guiding force behind ZeOmega’s longstanding reputation for continuous innovation and anticipating market needs before they arise and having innovative, deployment-ready solutions available when they become a reality.
An experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Rangaswamy has founded and managed hosting and e-commerce ventures. Before ZeOmega, he worked at American Airlines and The Sabre Group where he led and delivered web-based solutions for Air New Zealand, Swiss Air, American Airlines, Carlson Travel, and Travelocity.
Converting Obstacles into Opportunities
When Rangaswamy launched ZeOmega in 2001 with the intent to provide business solutions on open source technology platforms, the technology market was in a distinct downturn post 9/11. Despite the prevailing wisdom that current market conditions would all but ensure failure, he persevered with his commitment to his innovative industry concept and principles which allowed ZeOmega to not only survive, but also to prosper. By shifting focus to European and Latin American public and government segments, ZeOmega was able to ride the downturn and continue to fund product development.
With limited funding that came solely from personal and family angel investors, Mr. Rangaswamy undertook a monumental risk that required tremendous leadership. Adversity is an everyday obstacle for all startups, but given the external conditions in 2001, it was even more prevalent for ZeOmega. The company’s present stature was achieved through pure profitable organic growth with no outside investment for almost its first ten years. This is clearly a credit to Mr. Rangaswamy’s approach of team building and leadership abilities.
Mr. Rangaswamy leveraged his entrepreneurial skills and technological expertise to guide ZeOmega through the market’s major downturn in the late 2000s. The company emerged as a well-funded and successful leader that offers proven technology to guide providers, payers, and healthcare organizations across the unchartered territory.
Mr. Rangaswamy launched Jiva based on his knowledge that aging populations around the world will need health management infrastructure. The shift to a value-based care business model from volume-based care has emphasized the need for efficient management of a population’s health status.
ZeOmega on a Mission to deliver proven ‘Population Health Management Software Solution’
ZeOmega comes with a mission to deliver proven population health management software solutions that enable our clients to enhance the value of healthcare and bend the cost curve. They deliver integrated informatics and business process management solutions so actionable information can be delivered in real-time, at the right time, to all stakeholders in the care management continuum. The company maintains keen market sensibilities and an unrelenting commitment to research and development. This has enabled it to accurately anticipate market needs and proactively develop deployment-ready solutions when those needs come to fruition. This has been a key component of the success and growth ZeOmega has experienced in the past 15 years.
Dreaming Big and Working Hard
ZeOmega’s vision is to provide healthcare organizations with population health management solutions that help them achieve Triple Aim goals while transforming to new care management and delivery models.
“We have the industry’s comprehensive PHM platform Jiva that can help improve the health status of populations across the Globe. We are going to find use cases across the spectrum and establish this platform for geriatric, long-term, post-acute and chronic care management addressing all aspects of care, medical, behavioral medication and environmental,” Says Mr. Rangaswamy.
Sathya Rangaswamy’s golden words for the younger generation dreaming of entrepreneurship
Sathya Rangaswamy says that in the Gita and Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, ancient wisdom is applicable irrespective of time. The same concepts are repackaged now as self-help and transformational learning, inner engineering, etc. We have to understand and absorb the gems in there to be able to understand what courage, accomplishment, and success means. For example, don’t dream of results, focus on the doing. Things will come. This is just one. An unflinching belief in self is important no matter what happens outside. Even when we hit rock bottom, we can still rise. It is up to how we think and perceive.
Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google had aptly said it is not what happens to you but the attitude with which you approach what happens to you which can change the outcome. Companies cannot be built overnight like software modules.  We have two choices, raise capital or invest our sweat.  Ultimately it is easier to take others money build and learn. There will always be more opportunities. Endless. They keep morphing. We have to focus on a few that have potential and go after them relentlessly. Evaluate all strategies every three months. The pace of change is accelerating with colleges unable to keep pace with industry. We have to invest in culture building and training. What we know only contributes to 25% of our success. It is how we conduct ourselves that determines the rest 75%.
“We are taking the lessons learnt over the last 16 years and bringing the benefits of this to the Indian market. We are launching eldricare a PHM services organization that will bring electronic health record capabilities and empower PHM in India,” assures Sathya Rangaswamy.

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