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India’s healthcare profile is plagued with certain shortcomings. As per industry reports, the doctor to patient ratio is highly skewed, at 1:1700, and it is much below the WHO recommendation of 1:1000.
The healthcare industry is highly fragmented and service centric where a patient in distress has to hunt for the right medical facilities. This is despite the fact that there is a growing urban middle class in India who is willing to pay for better healthcare services and yet, the healthcare delivery system is not centered around them.
Adding to this, the lack of medical insurance has a resultant impact on savings, making quality healthcare services inaccessible and unaffordable for a large segment of the population.
In the recent years, many players have entered the healthcare delivery market. However, most of them offer only listing and appointment services or at best one or two healthcare services that are delivered at home. Remote consulting of doctors is also limited to Tele/Video connect without enabling the doctors to physically examine the patient.
CallHealth is the first and only company in the world that has reversed the traditional healthcare delivery approach, and it is the only player which offers a fully integrated range of personalized healthcare services covering the different stages of life of a customer. The company provides services that are delivered virtually and from the comfort of one’s home. An econsultation with a doctor, diagnostic tests, nursing care can now all be done at home with just a click or call. CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company that has built the world’s first integrated virtual-and-mobility platform to bring ‘Everything about Health’ to the doorstep of the customer in and outside India.
CallHealth’s Success Attributes
Since their launch in October 2016, CallHealth has received tremendous feedback from customers and the entire network of the healthcare ecosystem. Today, the company is adding a customer every 3 minutes, and new customers are connecting with them every 45 seconds.
The reasons behind their success are the excellent services and hard work of the team, as they are always focused on the right things and doing them perfectly. In simple words, CallHealth has:
–       Invested three years in building the world’s first and only integrated technology driven healthcare service delivery platform.
–       Extensively tested the service experience covering a population of 8 million.
–       Built a team of professionals.
–       Continually monitor and track each customer transaction to ensure that the service experience is enhanced and standardized.

  1. Comprehensive suite of services

CallHealth is a pioneer in delivering ‘Integrated Healthcare Services’ that bring ‘Personalised Lifecare Solutions’ to the doorstep of the customers whereby they can access a customized suite of services that are delivered across the entire healthcare spectrum – prevention, wellness and care, covering the entire healthcare ecosystem. The main aim of their services is to change focus from transactional and episodic healthcare to planned and continuous LifeCare. CallHealth provides an e-Health platform leveraging Technology, Knowledge and Human Capital for comprehensive patient-centric services – Anytime, Anywhere.
Their comprehensive suite of services covers every healthcare need across all life stages and can be broadly classified as:
Informed Healthcare choices: Health Alerts & Informatics, Immunisation Camps, Artificial Intelligence, Integration of Devices, and Insurance.
Advanced Care@home:  Home Monitoring, Palliative care, and Remote ICU.
Consultation: e-consultation, Emotional Wellness, Family Doctor, Second Opinion, Search and Listing (CH Connect).
Diagnostics and Treatment: Diagnostics@Home, Drugs@Home, Clinic on Wheels, Nursing and Physiotherapy@Home.
Its organizational design is focused on productizing services at the enterprise level and on a scale that has never been envisioned anywhere before. Its organizational design is focused on productizing services at the enterprise level and on a scale that has never been envisioned anywhere before which will position CallHealth to access 450 million customers in India alone within the next five years.

  1. Its patient-centric business model

By integrating all constituents of the healthcare ecosystem (doctors, diagnostics, medicines, physiotherapy, hospitals, insurance, etc.) making them work in unison to ensure speed, precision and results at an affordable price. Consulting a doctor, having diagnostic tests done, buying medicines, getting medical services like nursing, physiotherapy and more, is now just a call or click away. Even for visits to hospitals or imaging/diagnostic centers, CallHealth provides facilitation services to make the experience easier and smoother.

  1. A unique blend of virtual and real worlds

The virtual-mobility platform unifies the virtual and real world which essentially means that while customers/patients consult a doctor virtually by phone or video call, CallHealth’s qualified Mobile Health Officers will be physically present with customers/patients to conduct tests and samples as prescribed. With this, CallHealth has EXTENDED the concept of a healthcare EXTENDER, creating a first of its kind hybrid solution!
CallHealth’s unique approach of providing services virtually wherever possible, physically wherever necessary, completely supports the customer’s desire to obtain healthcare services at his convenience.

  1. An enabler for life

The end-to-end integrated approach to healthcare enables CallHealth to provide a one-stop solution for all healthcare needs across a customer’s life span. Thus, they are creating a partnership that is lifelong and not transactional in nature.

  1. A paradigm shift in thinking, leading to a revolutionary change

CallHealth is building the innovation mindset of a start-up and in doing so, is harnessing the collective knowledge & resources of its exceptional workforce. They are providing their workforce, the immense opportunity to harness the power of IOT to truly integrate and transform healthcare delivery, and develop, aggregate, and analyze individual data, converting them into big-data algorithms to enable evidence-based, personalized and more effective healthcare solutions.
Clearly, CallHealth’s hybrid business model combined with disruptive innovation is well-poised to create immense stakeholder value and transform the way healthcare is delivered in the world.
“Our goal is to change the way traditional healthcare is delivered in India by shifting focus from Cure to Preventive care. We will do this by offering evidence-based personalized healthcare and a comprehensive range of services that are seamlessly accessible via a click or call not only across India but also in other parts of the world where healthcare delivery continues to be fragmented,” assures Hari.
Flourishing Future
The best part of CallHealth is their ability to interface technology with healthcare, and by doing so, they bring better access and affordable healthcare to patients, help their partner hospitals and network providers to improve their utilization and capacity and enable better clinical outcomes through the differential diagnosis and symptomatology tools for their doctors which ultimately results in improved healthcare management of the customers.
In the future as well, to fuel their customer-centric model, CallHealth will continue to use technology and analytics to offer evidence-based personalised solutions, expand their services that enhance their integrated model and connect experts and customers across geographies, thereby making it easy for their customers across India and other developing countries to seamlessly connect with CallHealth.
About Hari Thalapalli, CEO – CallHealth
An Ingenious Enthusiast in ‘Pursuit of Excellence’
Hari Thalapalli, the Chief Executive Officer of CallHealth, is supported by a strong workforce of over 900 people, and a highly motivated leadership team, who aim to make CallHealth a game changing service in the Healthcare industry. Hari is a multi-disciplinary leader with an experience of close to three decades in the Technology Services space. Before joining CallHealth, Hari was with Tech Mahindra, where he provided leadership to critical business process areas including business consulting, digital marketing, CRM, supply chain management, etc., with an annual revenue run-rate of approx $300 million. Hari also provided leadership to the Global Marketing Function and was instrumental in Tech Mahindra’s brand positioning over the last six years. His prior roles involved building robust HR practices, through which he helped raise the performance bar and scaled the organization to new heights. He has won many accolades, including the Chief People Officer of the Year Award from Bloomberg in 2010.
Hari’s golden words for the younger generation dreaming of entrepreneurship
Hari says that every sector has entry barriers. Fight them! Every industry has potential. Tap it! The single-minded focus is the key, make sure the funding is planned well ahead or else that can be a bottleneck.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solutions Provider Companies 2017

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