Zicom: – Pioneer of Electronic Security in India


The Indian security industry, which primarily comprised of man-guarding, is now witnessing a shift towards cash management and electronic surveillance. Growing urbanization, coupled with retail boom and increased concerns regarding security of men, money and material has led to the rise of organisation under the umbrella of private security segment in India.
Zicom has been on the forefront of providing electronic security equipment to the whole of this nation with its presence in over 1023 cities. And, now with the footprints in five different countries and over including the distant Brazil as an emerging Indian MNC, it has pioneered a number of new concepts. “Security that never sleeps”
In an interview with Insights Success, Pramoud Rao, Founder of Zicom gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by his company to take electronic security programs to a new level.

  1. Being a renowned name in the industry and an extraordinary service provider in the Security sector, we would be delighted to hear about your innovative products and services.

Zicom has two businesses, the product-business and services-business. In the product businesses, we distribute product to our channel partners and the products are CCTV, Access Control, fire alarm, Bug alarm. We have another business in which we provide services under Zicom SAAs. Our services are mainly under Iot Space. The journey of securing lives began in 1994 for Zicom. With years of expertise and experience, Zicom etched a name for itself in the field of Electronic Security Surveillance in India. Over the last two decades, Zicom has expanded its reach to 5 countries, 1023 cities, and over a million happy customers, with an annual turnover of 926 crores.

  1. In short, kindly tell us about yourself and how you managed to establish Zicom?

As the Managing Director for Zicom, I lead the innovation and strategic business to establish the name Zicom synonymous with electronic security. Using my entire 22 years of business experience, I oversee the growth of Zicom in all aspects. Be it finance, business development, admin or marketing, I’d like to be involved in the crucial business operations. I’d like to approach problems head on and solve them methodically, and there are times when I often think of out of the box solutions. My approach towards work involves inspiring people to push their limits and think in ways that are innovative and pioneering.
Around ’95 when the liberalization and globalization wave was sweeping the country, we entered in the security based business as it was very promising. But we suddenly found ourselves confronting hard facts — the security device industry was virtually non-existent. We barely had the finances to keep afloat — spending on branding was a distant dream. We didn’t have deep pockets and decided to raise money via the IPO route. Also the credibility of a public limited company is much greater than a promoter led company.

  1. What are the major challenges or opportunities that the company has faced in its years of establishment to be a pioneer?

The market is growing at an exponential rate and Zicom being a market leader. It’s a new age and, being in the IoT space– being in the IoT space it has got a use, unfortunately for us, because we are in the business of B2B.
We are also in the business of business to business to consumer. Therefore, the market offers a huge potential, to– we have opportunities across enterprise, across housing societies, across education institutes, and across homes.

  1. What are the ingredients that make Zicom Electronic Security Systems a better option than others?

There are a total of three basic reasons. First, we are the oldest brand in the security business. We started our business in 1995, so it’s the oldest brand. Secondly, we have a presence today in more than one thousand one hundred cities. And lastly, we are having products and services bundled.

  1. Kindly brief us about the most satisfactory experience with a client. What kind of game-changing services have you provided them?

Zicom has provided virtual security guard and eliminated the need of security guards to monitor/watch the premises of atm banks. Instead of spending 30-40 thousand rupees on security guards we had provided them a better version of electronic security. And we are very happy to say, the bank started liking the model. Today, we have many banks that have replaced manpower security with electronic security. And we have saved more than 90% of the security cost.

  1. What is the most significant thing that you are working on right now and how will you make it happen

We have a new service launched and it is called StreetSmart, a new vehicle passenger safety solution from Zicom. StreetSmart comes with Accident SOS Alert that sends an alert sent to emergency contacts in case of an accident. In the most isolated areas also, its Roadside Assistance, connects user to the ZICOM Command Centre which is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year, in case of a breakdown. This center which is one of the best of its kind is well-equipped to provide a user real-time assistance anytime, anywhere.
As StreetSmart follows a preventive approach towards safety, its Rash Driving Alert senses the speed over a pre-determined speed limit and sends a rash driving alert to the user to prevent any chance of an accident. Air Conditioner Alert, GPS tracking, Towing Alert all help the users. Additional features such as Car Diagnostics, Performance and Trip Log and Fuel Efficiency Report are also the attractions of the StreetSmart.
“Aab GPS chodo, VPS Lagao”

  1. What are the values and factors that attribute to your success in the Electronic Security?

Being in the business for last 25 years, Zicom is the most trusted brand and has a million customers. We have achieved the trust of customers for Zicom which is the biggest attribute towards the success of Zicom.

  1. What are the future advancements of the company and how the company is prepared for it?

The future advancements of the company will be in the areas of IoT where we will enhance our services to create a compelling to the customers so that they get tangible ROI on their investments.

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