Zolvit is The Most Reliable Corporate Compliance Service Providers, formerly known as Vakilsearch

Zolvit (formerly Vakilsearch )

Zolvit is India’s trusted legal, tax, and accounting solutions provider for startups and businesses. Keeping up with ever-changing regulations is our team’s top priority. Additionally, Zolvit offers SMBs comprehensive finance, legal, tax, and compliance solutions at transparent prices.
“We register 10% of all Indian companies, That’s one company every 9 minutes.”

Hrishikesh Datar started Vakilsearch with the mission to simplify and automate professional services. Since then, the company has grown to become the largest online business registration platform in India. It has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to set up their businesses easily. He is a prominent figure in the legal-tech industry, known for his role as the Founder & CEO of Zolvit (Vakilsearch). This leading online platform offers comprehensive professional services to startups, corporates, and professionals. He is committed to bridging the gap between legal services and businesses, striving to make legal, tax and compliance processes more accessible and efficient for entrepreneurs & all types of businesses.

Hrishikesh’s journey began with a solid legal foundation as an alumnus of the prestigious National Law School, Bangalore. This education laid the groundwork for his future endeavours in the legal sector. Subsequently, he served as an apprentice in the chambers of Mr. Arun Jaitley, the former Law Minister of India, giving him valuable real-life insights and practical knowledge in the legal field. Early in his career, he understood the challenges businesses face in India.

The platform aimed to streamline legal processes and make services more accessible to startups and small businesses. Through his vision and dedication, Vakilsearch became a prominent player in India’s legal-tech domain, providing important services such as Registrations, Accounting & Bookkeeping, taxation, Intellectual Property protection, and 350+ other essential offerings. Hrishikesh’s success is a testament to his hard work and determination, and to the power of leveraging technology to improve the way legal services are provided. Vakilsearch has made it easier for businesses to access legal services and has created a culture of compliance in India. It is now one of the leading legal-tech platforms in the country.

“My inspiration to venture into the service sector came from witnessing the challenges startups and businesses face in obtaining reliable legal support. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between legal services and companies, I saw an opportunity to introduce technology to streamline legal processes and make them accessible at an affordable cost. In a survey carried out in March 2020, 84 percent of law firm practitioners said that the use of legal technology had increased efficiency in their organization, whilst 77 percent claimed that legal tech was in the process of being increased at the company. With a mission to support businesses in their growth journey, I founded Vakilsearch.”
-Hrishikesh Datar (CEO & Founder, Zolvit)

Several factors Vakilsearch is a trusted and dependable company in the corporate compliance service sector:
Experienced Legal Professionals: Trust is our foundation. With 11 year’s experience in the Indian legal industry, we work with 50k+ lawyers across 400+ pin codes. Our 300+ in-house professionals, including lawyers, CA, and CS specialists, ensure accurate advice and top-notch client service. Transparency and ethical practices are paramount.

Bespoke Services for Businesses: We offer a comprehensive range of 350+ services tailored to meet the unique compliance requirements of businesses across industries. Our services cover areas such as legal, accounting, tax, financial management, human resources, and IT, allowing businesses to access specialist advice and expertise without having to employ their own in-house experts. We also provide training and support to help businesses understand their compliance obligations and ensure they are up-to-date. Our personalized approach ensures efficient operations for our clients.

Efficiency through Technology: Through automation and a robust tech stack, our services have become accessible and affordable industry-wide

Customer-centric Approach: Clients’ satisfaction is paramount to us. We value open communication, understanding their objectives, and providing personalized attention throughout the process.
Transparency and Ethical Practices: At the core of our relationships lies trust. We guarantee to always act with the highest degree of integrity and respect when dealing with clients. We strive to provide honest advice and timely feedback and to always be accountable for our actions. We work with 50k+ lawyers across India, establishing our expertise and commitment to serving our clients.

Initial challenges after venturing into the field:

At Vakilsearch, we revolutionize legal services for startups and businesses with transparency and a customer-centric approach. Our skilled team overcame technology challenges to create a user-friendly platform, meeting clients’ needs. Continuous training keeps our legal team updated. Scalability is key as we optimize operations to handle increased demand with personalized attention. Strong customer relationships are vital, and regular feedback ensures exceptional service. Collaboration and strategic partnerships keep us ahead in the competitive landscape.

Some of the specific examples of our strategic initiatives include:

Business Partner Program: We launched a pre-paid fulfillment/referral program for professionals (CA/CS/Lawyers) and business consultants. 300+ business partners signed up within just three months of launch.
LawGPT AI Chatbot: We have piloted an AI chatbot specifically designed for lawyers. The bot is trained to answer and provide solutions to legal texts, assist with legal research, draft contracts, and even predict legal outcomes. New Partnerships: We have established partnerships with prominent banks and NBFCs, including Kotak, DBS, Chequebook, and BankOpen. These partnerships have facilitated the opening of over 450 accounts and disbursed approximately 35 MSME loans last quarter.

Expanded Service Portfolio: As part of our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our clients, we have scaled up our “Talk to an Expert” service, with over 5000+ consultations per month for expert advice. We have launched new services such as E-FIR, GST Litigation Support, etc.
Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how technology is transforming your sector and what advancements we can expect in the future.

I’m highly enthusiastic about technology reshaping the legal sector. It’s been inspiring to see how it streamlines operations, making legal services more efficient and accessible for businesses. Automation and AI have enhanced our capabilities, and the future holds even greater technological possibilities. Embracing technology responsibly remains a top priority, empowering us to deliver exceptional services and set a standard for embracing innovation on the path to success.

What would be your advice to aspirants willing to venture into your field?

For those aspiring to venture into the legal service sector, I advise prioritizing quality service, professionalism, and a customer-centric approach. Embrace technology to enhance efficiency and continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of clients and the market.

How do you envision scaling the company’s scope and offerings in the future?

To grow our company, we’ll diversify services, expand internationally, enhance technology, strengthen partnerships, and improve the customer experience further.

Testimonials from satisfied clients

*Utkarsh Kumar, “Starting my company was swift with Vakilsearch’s Company Registration Services. Their team’s stellar customer service, expert guidance, and streamlined process made the experience stress-free. Transparent pricing and no hidden fees were a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to start their own business.”

*Salil Kallianpur, “My company Arks Knowledge Consulting Pvt Ltd (AKCPL), has been a client of Vakilsearch since its inception, and we have had very good service for all our compliance needs. We especially commend Ms Priyanka Robert for her wonderful service to the Directors of AKCPL for IT returns filing. She has been very helpful and very prompt in response. Thank you, Priyanka, ma’am.”

*Yogesh Arora, Smartyields Agro Pvt Ltd, “I would like to thank your company personnel in the customer services division for their excellent support. My Relationship Manager, Esther Monicka, took care of all my inquiries in a jiffy.”

*Gokul Prasad Thangavel, Upcelerators Technologies Pvt Ltd, “Awesome service by Vakilsearch (Prince Franklin), a kind and correct response from him.”

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