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Lexcare Global

Compliance is not merely a choice, but a fundamental necessity for any organisation aiming to thrive in today’s highly regulated and interconnected world. It is the bedrock of ethical conduct, risk mitigation, and reputation preservation. Within an organisation, the impact of technology translates into better decision-making for managers. Making informed, data-driven decisions is crucial, and leveraging technology alongside expert guidance empowers managers to navigate compliance requirements and manage adherence efficiently.

Compliance poses a myriad of complexities and challenges for organisations, requiring them to navigate intricate regulatory frameworks, interpret evolving laws, and keep pace with ever-changing industry standards. The sheer volume of regulations across various jurisdictions can be overwhelming, often resulting in compliance silos and fragmented processes. Organisations must grapple with the complexities of interpreting and implementing compliance requirements while ensuring consistent adherence across all levels.

Additionally, the dynamic nature of compliance demands continuous monitoring, proactive risk management, and the ability to adapt swiftly to emerging threats. Balancing the need for compliance with operational efficiency and business growth further adds to the challenges. Addressing these complexities demands a comprehensive approach, combining robust technology solutions, expert guidance, and a culture of compliance to foster organisational resilience in the face of an increasingly complex compliance landscape.

If the concern of ensuring legal compliance for your business is weighing on your mind, rest assured that you no longer need to worry. Lexcare Global is a distinguished Indian company specialising in legal compliance services. With a strong operational presence throughout India and an impressive reach extending to 39 countries, and counting, Lexcare Global stands ready to address and manage all your compliance worries with utmost care and expertise.

According to Sudeep Subramanyam, the Principal Consultant at Lexcare, the evolution of Lexcare is a direct reflection of the increased intricacy surrounding the compliance requirements of its clients. It exemplifies how Lexcare has leveraged technology along with domain, to adapt and grow to effectively cater to these evolving needs and overcome the accompanying challenges. Since its inception, the company has strived to simplify compliance, has grown into a leading compliance services company, and has often been cited as…

…The Most Reliable Corporate Compliance Service Firm

From its humble beginning in 2015, the company has evolved as a leading compliance management and compliance advisory firm as it stands today. Lexcare, an AscentHR entity, serves over 100 businesses, including those with multiple regulatory regimes spread across geographies. The company caters to over 5000 end-users across multiple countries in highly regulated industry sectors, with solutions under build in most of those countries.

Enterprise Compliance Management

With a well-curated, comprehensive Legal and Compliance database of over 1000 legislations and over 1200 rules, Lexcare’s flagship Enterprise Compliance Management System seamlessly meets an organisation’s regulatory, industry-specific, internal, and contractual compliance requirements.

Aimed at delivering personalised experiences and propelling modernisation, the solution emphasises digitising emerging compliance models. It enables organisations to confidently focus on doing things that matter while integrating strategic digital enablers and predictive insights into compliance management.

Sudeep adds that Lexcare was formed with the sole objective of simplifying compliances across all industries. The company’s tagline rightly encompasses this objective…

…Simplifying Compliance

He furthers that with continuous investment in compliance technology, such as advanced analytics and new automation techniques, they are constantly elevating their approach to help organisations redefine their compliance activities to meet their regulatory requirements.

Highlighting Lexcare’s USPs that make Lexcare stand out as one of the “Most Reliable Corporate Compliance Service Providers,” Sudeep says that Lexcare as an organisation has invested adequately to enhance its domain and technology competencies. As a result, the company’s ability to look at compliance gaps and issues from every angle to understand the client’s requirements and build services accordingly sets them apart.

Lexcare has built a knowledge, which is the backbone of the company, enabling them to bring value to their clients. The repository built over the years intelligently stores, organises, and manages content & serves as a reference for their teams to extract information. Thus, combining domain expertise, tools, and technologies enables Lexcare to deliver reliable insights and advice to their customers.

With a strong team of dedicated lawyers, company secretaries, IT professionals, SMEs on Tax, EHS, Labor, IR, and in-house experts on other industry-specific laws, Lexcare provides end-to-end, customer-centric solutions and services for over 100 clients across the globe.

Fostering a Holistically Granular View

Sudeep further avers, “Whether the client is a large entity or a small business with a passion to grow, we give them a 360-degree view of compliance challenges and provide them end-to-end governance and compliance solutions & advisory services. Our offerings help them to detect, prevent, and mitigate legal and regulatory risks effectively. We do this with a focused commitment to generate business value for our clients.”

He says their strengths are rooted in an intimate knowledge of how technology, domain expertise, market intelligence and innovation can be harnessed to create unmatched value and customer delight.

Today, Lexcare stands as one of the leading providers of compliance management services to Indian and global companies across industries and sectors.

Sudeep quotes, “Lexcare’s platform has been transforming how our clients manage their compliance efforts. It delivers a holistic yet granular view of each and every aspect of their compliance risk and regulatory requirements.”

An Enlightening Leader

Sudeep Subramanyam, who was in charge of AscentHR’s US operations, assumed a leadership position at Lexcare. Sudeep is a forward-thinking leader, and he is driving Lexcare’s growth trajectory and digital transformation agenda with the latest tools and solutions, enabling organisations to stay compliant with regulatory requirements with greater levels of efficiency and innovation.

Sudeep is a recognised leader in transformation, particularly in driving various compliance projects by deploying emerging technologies, advanced analytics, and automation. In the recent past, he has landed some key consultation and engagement activities which have been endorsed by the customers for the outcomes realised.

With his proven expertise in leading technology initiatives, he is leading Lexcare’s growth initiatives in the compliance management market.

Sudeep brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise to the position. He has a comprehensive understanding of GRC, consulted for numerous companies in India, and successfully streamlined their compliance management operations.

Sudeep is a graduate from Duke University of Law, and he started his career with a focus on Labour Law Compliance. He has significant experience managing the outsourced function of Labour Law Compliance for various businesses across industry sectors. He has hands-on experience in legal compliance and information technology, GRC, and automation of legal processes.

Sudeep also has a deep understanding of the legal body which regulates all types of employment in India.

An Inspirational Foresight

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the compliance management sector, Sudeep says, “Compliance management profession is not just about navigating a complex, dynamic regulatory environment using systems and controls. Besides ensuring adherence to rules and regulations, we add commercial value as compliance professionals. We enable organisations to stay compliant while they conduct their business to grow and scale. Today, regulatory compliance is at the heart of any business, reflecting and shaping everything within an organisation.” This forethought has been the prime motivator for Sudeep to venture into the service sector, specifically in the legal and compliance management domain.

He furthers, “Given that today’s businesses operate in a highly dynamic regulatory and complex environment, compliance management shouldn’t be seen as a perfunctory function. Being compliant and adhering to regulatory requirements is a competitive edge.”

Highlighting the immersive benefits of the services that they provide to their clients, Sudeep informs that Lexcare helps its clients with tech-enabled compliance programs.

Lexcare’s Compliance Management System automates clients’ compliance processes and lets them experience functionalities such as auto-updation of regulatory changes and auto-generation of compliance certificates. The solution has an in-built whistleblower function and a full-scale, comprehensive compliance checklist specific to the client’s line of business.

In a dynamic regulatory landscape, it is crucial for organisations to have complete visibility of the status at any point in time and relevant data references for making informed decisions. Lexcare’s compliance management platform empowers clients to make better-informed decisions, increase transparency, and integrate all the legal and compliance-related data into…

…A Single Source of Truth

Lexcare’s compliance system combines technology and legal expertise to provide a comprehensive IT-enabled Compliance Solution. This powerful combination ensures that clients stay updated with emerging regulatory changes. It also makes it possible to proactively detect and correct compliance failures as the system provides real-time visibility of the compliance status.

Challenges are something that everyone faces regardless of their background. Sudeep says, “The biggest challenge I faced was translating legal and regulatory changes and updates into actionable tasks that had to be implemented effectively in a real-life work scenario.”

Today, at Lexcare, Sudeep continues to be supported and elevated by his team. With the support of senior executives and leaders, he has been entrusted with a dual role that he holds today – doing what he loves as a Manager – Legal and Labour Compliance at AscentHR while also managing its rapidly-growing entity – Lexcare Global.

An Ever-Advancing Tech Catalyst

Being an experienced leader, Sudeep shares how technology is transforming their sector and how they at Lexcare are adapting to the change. Technology has been changing the way we live and work. It is a catalyst in any field, and the compliance domain is no exception as the changes in digitalisation, regulatory requirements, macroeconomic policies, and client expectations continue to evolve.

Customised compliance solutions and tools enable clients with insightful dashboards showing a unified compliance risk visualisation across multiple areas. This consolidated reporting and monitoring can make it easier for compliance teams to quickly identify and mitigate the situations before they become expensive. With the advent of big data and AI, these data dashboards have evolved to be intuitive, requiring less human intervention. Simply put, they have the power to get everyone on the same page and, at the same time, help disparate teams focus on what matters.

Such advanced dashboards may be ubiquitous in the coming days and have real-time incident response capabilities, triggering remediation workflows to prevent escalations. This is possible because of AI. With the capability to analyse relevant and vast amounts of data from various sources and communications, AI algorithms can spot trends, patterns, and anomalies that might indicate non-compliance.

A comprehensive compliance and ethics program will deliver better outcomes in an audit exercise. It can help ensure that an organisation operates within the law and stays true to its ethical principles that are important to the company’s business and identity. Corporate compliance service providers like Lexcare make this possible.

At the Forefront of Compliance Revolution

In the coming days, tech-enabled compliance solutions powered by AI can streamline and automate reporting and filing tasks. Other advanced technologies, such as NLP and ML, can extract information from different sources and convert it into compliance reports, ultimately saving compliance teams time and effort.

Although today’s compliance solutions are robust, there’s always room for some improvement in terms of the design and user-friendliness of the compliance tools. In the future, the compliance tools and solutions will become more intuitive and user-centric than we have today, leading to further improvement in user productivity and risk mitigation performance.

Another area that can see an improvement in compliance services pertains to data quality and data handling capabilities. Today, almost all businesses generate and deal with a huge volume of data. This makes two things extremely important:

~To ensure data quality, and

~To possess compliance management systems with increased data handling capabilities.

These two factors are crucial to managing risks effectively and taking confident data-based informed decisions. Without these capabilities, businesses will fall into the risk of making ill-informed decisions based on incorrect data. Advanced technologies such as big data analytics, AI, ML, and NLP can help avoid this scenario easily as more and more compliance services vendors integrate these technologies into their compliance solutions.

Overall, technology has the potential to revolutionise compliance management and can play a vital role in assuring clients that the compliance systems are fully visible, secure and viable.

A Compliance Ingrained Organisational Culture

In his advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the corporate compliance management field, Sudeep says that, in general, it is sometimes common for compliance professionals to find themselves in a challenging situation of making an organisation understand the full value of adhering to compliance requirements. Whether you are a young professional or a budding entrepreneur venturing into the compliance services domain, it is essential to understand that implementing effective compliance programs can’t be developed overnight just by implementing regulations, systems, or controls. It begins by taking a deeper look at the regulatory environment and the regulatory changes considering an organisation’s strategy.

Besides acting as an advisor or counsellor, there will also be times when you have to take a tough stance on compliance issues and, at the same time, ensure that all compliance efforts are taken ethically and appropriately. Sudeep adds, “That is why I believe it is crucial to work towards promoting compliance as a culture, a trait, and a habit that must be ingrained in an organization’s entire value system.”

According to him, enabling a culture of compliance and transparency is crucial for improving the company’s bottom line and goes beyond just the obligatory meeting of regulatory requirements.

Triumphing Traits of Businesses, Today and Tomorrow

On envisioning scaling Lexcare’s scope and offerings in future, Sudeep says that they value and understand that each client is unique and has specific needs. “Our approach to handling every engagement is driven by our parent company’s traits – Accountability, Accuracy, and Adaptability, aimed at providing them with the most suitable solutions. Our ultimate goal is to ensure value generation and customer delight in every client engagement by weeding out inefficient and insufficient compliance processes. These principles underscore our compliance work for each client that we serve.

Investing in new technology enables us to support organisations to better manage their compliance activities in the evolving digital world and the complex regulatory landscape.

With our earmarked investment for R&D, our Innovation Lab aims to infuse AI and analytics into solutions and explore emerging technology capabilities to address compliance challenges and enable transformation. We constantly take new approaches in leveraging technology to help our clients stay ahead of the compliance and regulatory risks.”

He furthers, “We are infusing advanced technologies such as AI, ML, and NLP into our solutions to help our clients to anticipate better and manage their compliance risks as they emerge while maintaining their customer trust.”

Our Client’s Trust Means Everything to Us at Lexcare

He adds that their clients acknowledge and love them for the professionalism and the insights and perspective they bring to compliance matters. Their domain expertise, execution excellence, ability to effectively address complex legal and regulatory issues cost-efficiently, and customer-centricity have enabled them to help their clients stay updated with emerging regulatory changes. They understand that compliance matters can be multifaceted and complex, so at Lexcare, they leverage technology to streamline compliance processes and ensure prompt delivery of services.

Their solutions help clients comply with regulatory and legal requirements for their business and region. Tailored risk assessment, regular engagement, continuous support, and a combination of in-depth domain expertise, content research and technology capabilities ensure that Lexcare’s clients stay compliant in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Lexcare’s compliance services have been effectively ensuring value generation across industries via a sheer engagement in the spaces such as Corporate Compliance, Contract Management, Litigation Management, IPR Management, and Audits.

We have contributed with our outstanding service offerings to lighten the pressure on the front runners, which in turn allow them to intensely focus on their business development processes,” concludes Sudeep.

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