19thMile: Transforming Sales Outcomes!

Vijay Gogoi | Founder | 19thMile Capablity Solutions [CRM, Capablity Solutions, Driving Sales,19thMile, AI technologies, ML technologies,customer relationship management]
Vijay Gogoi | Founder | 19thMile Capablity Solutions

Day-by-day, the penetration of CRM in India across various industry sectors is growing at a faster pace. Embracing effective CRM practices for every organization is becoming the need of the hour. However, organizations are still witnessing various challenges when it comes to leveraging CRM as they have modelled their products in the conventional mould of focusing on data capture and implementing a sales process. In today’s digital era, customers are looking for solutions that go beyond simply capturing data and reporting and drive sales to the next level.

19thMile Capablity Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one such intelligent, SaaS-based sales acceleration platform striving with a vision to roll out products that successfully quench the needs of the clientele across the globe. Founded in 2015, it is on a mission to enhance sales productivity for B2B businesses worldwide. Over the years, it has successfully created a long-lasting relationship with leading corporations, both Indian as well as Multi-nationals.

Meet the Seasoned Professional

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Vijay Gogoi stands tall as the Founder of 19thMile. This experience is a comprehensive blend of a sales professional selling to large enterprises and a technocrat putting his best foot forward in introducing a state-of-the-art sales acceleration platform to the business world. His earlier days also counted him as a strategy consultant advising the Indian and global corporations at Accenture Strategy.

This professional journey helped him in mastering the art of ‘Driving Sales’ with utmost excellence.  Keeping up with time alongside outperforming own milestones brought him to the centre stage of ‘Proficiency’ and helped him in laying the foundation of 19thMile.

Treading an Extra Mile 

“We feel that this segment is underserved and we exclusively focus on it”, says team 19thMile. 

Focusing on B2B sales, where the processes are more complex has helped 19thMile to create a niche in this sector and climb the success ladder with sheer determination. It is treading an extra mile with its out-of-the-box solutions which are well-tailored and integrated with multiple systems across the organizations to solve complex sales issues.

The company is dedicated to satisfying the end-user with its customer-centric approach. It offers solutions which prove to be a ‘Problem-solver’ for the customer. Be it Sales Rep in the field or Sales Head, it successfully offers the best through its expertise and curated acumen. It helps the sales rep in solving the issues related to regular usage and accurate reporting. Providing the necessary guidance for meeting the targets is what practised at 19thMile that ensures proactive usage and reduces the admin workload in the longer run. It empowers the sales manager with effective tools for quick analysis and ahead-of-all performance thereby, monitoring team performance & employee engagement to minimize the risks associated with the sales operations.

The key attributes that have helped the company to outshine its competitors with its SaaS-based sales acceleration platform are as follows:

  • Focus on predictive analytics-driven guidance & coaching for sales reps to increase sales effectiveness
  • Providing a highly flexible platform that can be customized using any technology

The Future Foreword

19thMile believes that CRM will majorly evolve in two directions in the near future. The first evolutionary change will be observed across apps which will help the sales reps to manage the day-to-day tasks more easily. These apps will embrace technologies like AI, ML, etc. in a significant way to break the shackles of conventional CRM alongside helping salespeople to meet their targets. The second important transformation that the business world will witness is that the requirement of customized solutions will grow to an extent like never before. As the organizations will require solutions that can be easily customized for their requirements, the future of CRM looks more promising!

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