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360 Degree Cloud | Siddharth Sehgal
360 Degree Cloud

Businesses all over the world are dealing with extremely difficult conditions. On the one hand, there is the unpredictability of the future. On the other hand, market dynamics are constantly changing. Geographic boundaries have been obliterated by digitalization. The global expansion has increased the pressure on businesses and their executives to acquire, retain, and grow customers while meeting their customers’ heightened expectations.

Now, as a business owner or manager, you must be precise in utilizing all of the CRM’s capabilities and offerings. With nearly all data, information, and records now being stored in the cloud, any business must implement a long-term, effective, and evolving CRM strategy. A clear Salesforce vision will enable you to communicate with your customers and interact with your audience on a consistent and real-time basis.

Of course, you can only do so if you have a 360 Degree Cloud solution at your service to assist you based on your personalized and customized Salesforce needs. Championed by Siddharth Sehgal, the CEO and Founder, 360 Degree Cloud is a decade-old Salesforce practice and a Platinum Salesforce Consulting Partner, the highest tier possible.

A Decade Long Trustworthy Reputation

Headquartered in Haryana, India, as well as California, US, the Salesforce development company with Mile-Wide, Mile-Deep Salesforce Expertise is truly Pan-Global Consulting Solutions for you via every possible angle and dimension.

Siddharth states, “This positions us as the best because we have years of experience and have created Reusable Components for faster development.” He further insists that they can help Salesforce users with much faster and more robust solution development and user adoption of the solutions created, bringing down years of time wasted in development and budget approval down to mere months. “We’re also one of the few firms with a strong and result-driven development methodology that focuses on client success,” he adds.

Telling more about 360 Degree’s offering and aspects that make it stand out in the cutthroat competition, Siddharth says that they provide core Salesforce services across the entire Salesforce Cloud Technology stack. Primarily, they provide expert-led services like Consulting, Customization, Integration, Implementation, and Product Development for ISVs. Aside from this, they also offer niche Salesforce Staffing, and their success in product development has helped them branch out into a subsidiary product company, 360 SMS.

The 360 Degree Difference

He asserts, “What distinguishes us from competitors is our singular focus on customer growth, rather than the choice of technology or what will generate more revenue for us. We concentrate on business growth and expansion by heavily streamlining current operations with technology. We enable digital readiness, which builds over time into opportunities and competitive advantages and allows us to tap into the market when it’s hot or cold.

Siddharth started his career 15 years ago with the Salesforce ecosystem and founded 360 Degree Cloud ten years back. He’s a die-hard Salesforce fan, and having seen it first-hand, he can believe in its transformational capabilities as a business driver.

He stands out because he still believes in the old clichés and stands by them. Honesty in service, learning aggressively from mistakes, thinking from the heart first, and always putting the customer at the center of all thoughts and ideas.

Getting the customer to succeed and doing it quickly is the core mantra. It’s not about building things for implementation’s sake or billing them for some hours. To him, an ideal project outcome is one that gets the best ROI and results in the most cost-effective way and within the shortest time frame.

There are some unique professional qualities and values possessed by Siddharth that are greatly admired by his clients. He is known for true Round-the-Clock Availability and Ruthless Honestly. He’s the Client’s-Consultant because he’s in their corner, and his work isn’t done till they find success.

He’s also their consultant of choice because he wants to raise the standard of service and consulting in the Salesforce ecosystem with the best practices and expertise. He believes in formalizing and sharing best practices in the industry and approaching business problems from the lens of a business advisor first.

Disrupting an Industry

Being an experienced leader, Siddharth shares his 360 Degree opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML impact the Salesforce Solution space and how they are adapting to the change. “We’re now entering the stage of mature AI-based products that may completely change a CRMs core function,” he observes.

Even creative functions are witnessing a penetration of these technologies. This means not just the nature of Salesforce talent but customer data will change whether businesses like it or not.

Your competitors with richer data will win, making asking customers the right questions even more important. That’s something that isn’t going to change. Salesforce users will also see more acquisitions down the line to fully make AI-first operations a part of the business.

As a front-running Salesforce practice, Siddharth informs that they have already adopted SF Einstein and have done tons of successful SF implementations and adopted Einstein-AI penetration fully by onboarding more qualified Salesforce Talent. He says, “We’re also looking into how we can operationalize AI more meaningfully and competitively, as well as handle and collect richer customer data to ensure that our customers can grow faster.”

A Winning March

Challenges are part of every industry, and Salesforce is not an exception. Considering the scenario, according to Siddharth, the biggest challenge in the industry currently is finding quality Salesforce talent quickly. He explains, “We’re thinking hard and changing how we see resources to fix this. We try to do everything to make life simpler without affecting performance or rigor. We seek out what rising and top-tier Salesforce talent want.”

For instance, even when offices are reopening, they aren’t. Not all employees prefer the commute. That makes them an ideal choice for all top-tier talent that want more freedom in their life and work styles.

And unlike other practices, they invest heavily in their talent and prioritize their growth and upskilling without being held back by fear of attrition. “That means we nurture more talent that can do complex project work without much assistance,” insists Siddharth.

They’re also quite aggressive with certifications that significantly pay off resources and clients. The resources get consistent, reliable career growth, and the clients get vetted, appropriate resources. A win-win all the way.

The right mix of practices makes their resources shine among their peers and retains them more than any other firm. That’s what grows the bench pool from top-to-bottom, year over year.

With the 4th industrial revolution coming up and the changing economic landscape of the US, they’re positioning themselves to deliver the best ROI in the quickest manner possible. For this, they’re concentrating on building reusable components, streamlining project sequences, and delivery at the development level to help customers go live faster.

360 Degree Salesforce Drive

Siddharth’s take on the vitality of Salesforce in the present times and prediction of its advancements in the future is again a 360 Degree view. He quips, “Salesforce is the future of CRM. Period.” Nothing else compares or scales like Salesforce. Not its competitors, and definitely not Excel.

There’s no way around it if you’re after growth.

That said, having the #1 CRM isn’t the goal.

You being #1 is. The CRM is JUST THE VEHICLE.

The path you take and how you drive it matters.

But having the most equipped vehicle to do it with is no longer a nice-to-have once when everyone else has one too. It becomes a necessity.

With a good CRM, you can direct your entire sales cycle, service process, lead generation, and marketing operations. The correct CRM implementation can change how your business operates as well as its growth trajectory from a downward spiral or plateau to a consistent rise in growth.

The advancements, acquisitions, and strides happening are around ease of use and making Salesforce the platform of choice for business solutions. This includes bringing all the tools into one manageable system, using AI to massage data for bot automation, and freeing up teams.

A Multi-Dimensional Wisdom

In his exceptionally insightful advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the Salesforce Solution space, Siddharth says, “Please pick up a niche and work continuously toward it.”

Core technologies like Sales and Service cloud are saturated. If you’re starting, you have a better chance of coming across opportunities by concentrating on Vlocity, Mulesoft, Slack, and Commerce Cloud.

The resources are hard to come around for these, so it’s easier to make a name in that space. The markets there are still wide open and waiting to be dominated.

To recapitulate the earlier points, you should:

  • Concentrate on going-live faster,
  • Centralizing tools into one system,
  • Think of Salesforce as a MUST-HAVE,
  • Formalize best practices, concentrate on retention,
  • Find talent quickly, Invest and retain it wholeheartedly.

Ultimately, the competitive advantages will accumulate, you’ll be ahead of your peers, and the customer will keep coming back for value. There’s really no other way.

A Panoramic Future Vision

Siddharth’s plans for scaling 360 Degree Cloud’s operations and offerings in the future are compassionately pragmatic. He ensures, “Our core focus, even when expanding and introducing new offerings, is caring for our customers. We want them to be helped even without us by their side, and it’s something we do selflessly through Salesforce advice for digital growth. That’s what dictates our future vision, even when Salesforce technology evolves.

We want them to be able to speak to us accessibly one-on-one and be able to walk away with massive value and help to eliminate their growth-blockers and pain areas permanently.”

To support their customer-centric offerings into the future successfully, they plan to expand their operations to other developed countries like the UK, the US, and Australia by hiring teams locally. “We hope to do this parallelly by expanding our off-shore development centers in strategic talent locations like India, so we source a variety of cloud talent and cater to the broadest range of services, including the newly acquired services by Salesforce, like Tableau, Vlocity, etc.,” he says.

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