7inkbrews: An Iconic Global Spirited Brand

Mind is everything. We can achieve whatever we believe if our core belief system is in-sync with the universe. Then that mind is called a universally organised mind.

And what if an organisational mind with seven core beliefs system completely integrated with the customers’ expectations and the business universe. It is called 7inkbrews, an iconic global spirited brand that is driven by grit, belief and commitment to providing sustained quality and value to the ecosystem of all stakeholders.

Its quintessential leader Mohit Bhagchandani, also the Founder and MD, conveys, “Our Core Beliefs play an indispensable role in how we create a nourishing culture at our place of work,

  • We think differently– As an organisation, we strive to go beyond the conventional and challenge the status quo.
  • Integrity is key – There is no substitute for honesty, accountability and respect. We set high moral and ethical standards to ensure our holistic growth.
  • Learning is a continuous process – As we continue to build ourselves, we understand the significance of learning something every single day. We draw lessons from the process. For us, the real achievement lies in the journey rather than the destination.
  • We lead by example and embrace challenges – The greater the risk, the bigger the win. We intend to carve a niche for ourselves across the globe.
  • We believe in growth for all – We take pride in our multifaceted approach towards growth. We strive to build a legacy and become highly coveted leaders of our industry.
  • We imagine, re-imagine and redefine – We understand that to evolve is to seek opportunities that are off the beaten path continuously. We believe in taking an effective, thought-provoking yet subtle approach towards the world of business.
  • We foster creativity – We encourage creative solutions across all spheres. Creativity, along with discipline, is at the core of our functionality.

Mohit, with his strong background in working with start-ups, brand marketing and operations for almost two decades, leads the team 7inkbrews with a strategic approach and an unbreakable vision for achieving greater heights.

For Mohit, leadership means choosing action over position, direction over instruction, and influence over dominance. That is why at 7inkbrews, the leaders believe in setting a precedent with their actions and charting unmarked territories with unwavering courage.

Mohit expresses, “We are a company of committed individuals transforming our passions for food and alcoholic beverages into a dynamic ecosystem serving quality and value to our stakeholders globally.”


Mohit shares, “Our brands are a product of our aspirations and commitment. As we began our journey with 7inkbrews, we quickly realised that we would never be satisfied if we limited ourselves to a single playfield. Growth, for us, is a journey in divergence.

We aspire to build a range of brands that fulfil our customers’ every need. We believe in the quality and diversity of our dreams. Our iconic brands are imbibed with ambition and perfection.”

Meet the Chocolates

7inkbrews’ chocolate artistry begins with homegrown cacao beans sourced from several plantations across southern India. To ensure the quality and flavour of the bean, the team 7inkbrews handcraft these chocolates retaining their original essence throughout. Copter 7 artisanal chocolates infuse fruity and spicy elements that pack a double punch of flavour and aroma in each bite.

Meet the Beers

The brand Copter7 is built around the exceptional personality of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the vintage cricketer, who is also the brand ambassador along with 7inkbrews’ shareholder. His signature ‘helicopter shot’ is the inspiration behind the unique name of the beer brand Copter7. The story just begins here, as the stylish packaging and labelling of the products are extra remarkable features that are stylised from Dhoni’s distinct jerseys and their unique colours.

Thus, the brand stands out in the crowd, as it is the first time that an entire brand is crafted around a celebrity’s attributes, personality, and charisma.

Staying true to its seven core values and departing from competitors’ traditional strategies of exporting everything from outside the country, 7Ink Brews concentrates on brewing its beers locally and commercially. In response to the ‘Make in India’ initiative launched by the government, the Copter7 beers are passionately Indian, fermented and brewed in the country with a global focus as well.

Mohit adds, “Each of our beers is formulated with careful thinking, planning, and aided by the expert craft in commercial brewing. The beers are brewed locally in Karnataka and Punjab’s state-of-the-art facilities, where we use high-quality hops and malts,” and concludes on a proud note, “This is our USP. We are different, we have integrity, we are committed, we are passionate, and we are proud to be completely Indian.”

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