Sejal Samar Jodhawat: Developing Your Creative Mind for the Crucial Times

Sejal Samar Jodhawat | QS iguage
Sejal Samar Jodhawat | QS iguage

In the voyage of life, while journeying to the shore of success, one has to realize that they must be prepared to face anything and everything coming their way. While fulfilling the heart’s desires, ambitions, wishes, and dreams, struggle, hardship, slogging, toiling, and facing adversities are all imperative.

In the professional sphere, more than in the personal one, achieving the zenith of victory is even harder. Times are changing so quickly that the fittest, smartest, and most talented individuals are finding it difficult to accomplish their desired goals. The path to professional success is a long way full of challenges, hurdles, obstacles, and of course, competitors. And the competition is fiercest.

Thus, it requires more than patience, perseverance, hard work and smart work to become triumphant. Apart from courage, daring, never-to-die attitude, not-ever-giving-up approach, the present generation needs to acquire many other characteristics, qualities, and traits. Even then, they must be ready to face and accept defeat, losses, and failures before achieving success in their lives.

However, Sejal Samar Jodhawat, Founder and CEO of Mind Hour Creatives, feels that today’s kids are not able to cope up with the failures of life. They have missed knowing what is gratitude, humbleness, adaptability and staying strong. It has all been a rat race!

The Breaking of the Rat Race

Unless this generation learns these behavioural traits, the future ahead will be full of depression. And on average, every average person–due to the competition–will face failures and rejections on the professional front and in their relationships, too. Emotionally dealing with it would be the most difficult task for them at such a young age.

This was Sejal’s inspiration to start with Mind Hour Creativestackling your mind at this crucial hour (of a young age) with a very creative approach is the origin of the name. Conceptualised in 2018, Sejal’s idea of inculcating soft skills in the current generation was unique and way ahead of its time.

Today, she accepts that her own success has been an enthralling journey where she had to face both failures and the joy of victories.

Surmounting Challenges to Establish the Legacy

As with a protagonist of any adventurous story, Sejal’s own initial days of establishing Mind Hour Creatives were full of challenges, difficulties, and impediments.

Seed of the unique idea sown in 2018, struggles came her way with finances and making people understand the purpose and the vision behind her venture. For the first couple of years, there was no acceptance and adaptation on the customer’s side to technology, to any change etc.

It was very difficult to convince both parents and students of the need for these and to pay a price for something that may look insubstantial or unenduring, but that can make them strong, independent, and capable enough.

Sejal and her firm had to face losses. To an extent, she went into debt. Gradually she made clients realise the need for soft skills with gratitude as a part of academic learning and began this rich experience for the college students at the outset to enrich them for the professional world.

Sejal says, “Now we are stepping into the younger ages for them to be much prepared before they fall prey.”

Creative Minds’ Dedicated Efforts

Today, Sejal feels that her and her team’s

  • dedication,
  • ability of looking into the nitty-gritty of the students’ lives,
  • understanding their needs, and
  • then ensuring them and their parents the quality of Mind Hour Creatives’ personality development programs

are the most significant professional values and traits the firm’s clients value in her and her company the most.

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Knowledge Leaders

Sejal also adds that there are some powerful USPs that highlight Mind Hour Creatives’ uniqueness in the niche she is catering to.

The approach she and her team follow to deliver soft skills. It is not about one chapter of the curriculum; it is about the whole process that they need to inculcate in them all these unique skill sets that can’t be learned through rote learning.

This is where we as a guide mentor them to build a strong and resolute personality which will not dither in any circumstances. That way, they will be tomorrow’s knowledge leaders,” mentions Sejal.

Sejal’s Poetic Wisdom

As an experienced professional, Sejal’s advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is profoundly poetic. Pressure will be around and will be building. Prepare yourself to face failures.

There is a beautiful poem

‘The ant climbed the mountain, slipped, and fell,

Then it went again, slipped again, and again fell,

but the ant isn’t ready to accept that she will fail.

She kept on climbing the mountain trail,

until finally, she reached its top and told her tale:

Success is a journey of flip-n-flop and head and tail,

It comes only to those who say they won’t ever fail.’

A Successful Future of Creative Innovations

Envisioning Mind Hour Creatives’ operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Sejal says that technology will play a significant role in her company.

As it will help them further connect with the masses. She also believes that innovation is the key to success, and “We as a co-promoter of creativity, would be the first ones to adapt innovations and only that way we and our clients both will be successful,” concludes Sejal.

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