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Aryen Suresh Kute

What were you doing when you were 10 years old? Now, the one half was probably worrying about the math homework while munching on chips. The other half were probably working on a solution, solving an IT problem, or even running a business. An adage says, “How one spends their formative years of lives has a huge impact on their future.”

It is humanly impossible for anyone to control a child’s encounter or conversation during any unforeseen or undesirable, or a curiosity-driven circumstance. The other half of the 10-year olds we mentioned above understand that during such unforeseen circumstances one should develop the mindset and attitude to overcome that challenge or problem and the same was developed within Aryen Suresh Kute. He understood that while facing an unpredictable problem, the solution does not lie in avoiding the adversity but instead in withstanding it.

This child prodigy, with his keen interest in gaming and various other technologies since childhood, paved a path in starting his Gaming and Software – Web Development Services & Solutions Company, OAO India when he was just 10 years old.

Through our edition India’s Best Interactive Gaming Companies to Watch encompassed in our quest to find supreme gaming solution provider companies, landed us at OAO India.

Founded in 2018, OAO India Pvt Ltd (OAO India) offers expert gaming and web development solutions to its clients. It is committed to serving entertainment hungry masses by crafting games that are engaging and appealing. It also provides web and high end customized software solutions.

Furthermore, the company’s digital marketing services help enhance the brand awareness and digital presence of our customers with a vision and strategy that will help them grow strategically.

Impeccable and Real-time Solutions

We have established what the company does, however, let us now find what enables the company to achieve its purpose – providing the best solutions through innovation.

Consumers will always have problems and as long as these problems exist they will look for better, faster, and smarter ways to solve these problems. Keeping this mind, Master Aryen has designed gaming, digital marketing, and IT solution.

The company’s game development studio is dedicated to making culturally relevant games and takes pride in propagating its vibrant and diverse culture to the world. “Entertaining and delighting our players with beautifully crafted games with simplicity at its core, we ensure joy to the players of all age groups,” comments Master Aryen.

The company’s software development solutions help businesses leverage their potential by developing various custom software solutions and services as per our client’s needs. Its software development services include Custom Application Development, Content Management System (CMS) Plugins, Ecommerce Development, MEAN Stack Development, Social Media Apps, Web Design, Template Design / Banner Design, App Design, and Email and Hosting Solutions.

Furthermore, the company’s digital marketing team ensures its client’s online presence and provides complete branding solutions that can smartly and effectively help business growth. The digital marketing services include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Meet The Child Prodigy

All the talk of fame and the brand story of OAO India will be incomplete if not talked about the mastermind behind this company.Master Aryen from an early age had a liking for playing video games and mobile games. His curiosity led him to take an interest in gaming and new technology. He also studied and developed an understanding of software products and services. All these together motivated him to start an IT company named OAO (Online-Aryen-Organization) India.

Master Aryen’s participation in the industry visits, board meetings of company and close association with sales and marketing team, accompanying his parents and role models- Mr. Suresh DnyanobaraoKute (Founder & CMD of The Kute Group) and Mrs. Archana Suresh. Kute (MD of The Kute Group) from an early age has blessed him with the insight and vision of a true entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is in his blood and at an age when most children are spending their time in playing around, he has proved his talent and mettle as an entrepreneur.  He is a recipient of the Youngest Entrepreneur Award (2019). He strategically guides the company and leads it to the trajectory of tremendous success

At Par with Industry and Innovations

Now the trajectory of success is not easy given that there are constant innovations and advancements in the industry and thus a lot of competitors as well. However, Master Aryen’s strategic planning, eye for detail, and customer-centric solutions help the company have a competitive benefit over its competitors.

Speaking of gaming solution, in particular, there is no denial to the fact that this industry is expanding with every minute hence, Master Aryen has made it a mandate to follow the below-mentioned points that will help the company evolve as a leading gaming solution provider.

  • Focus on your audience; know your target audience, and develop a game that pleases them.
  • The next step is having insights about the preferable genre of the game ( of your target audience)
  • Game Mechanics – Focus on the form and functioning of the core game.
  • Characters/Storyline – Proceeding of the storyline with game characters created, powers assigned, audio-visual effects, etc.

Creativity is at the core of our games and keeping view of the larger picture we have used the best technology and systems. Study of gaming industry trends and understanding the needs of the target audience goes a long way in making exciting games,” comments Master Aryen.

Towards A Remarkable Future

OAO India is scaled-up to become a leader in the game entertainment and web development industry providing quality products and services with our professional expertise. While the company is continuously working towards it, it also plans on offering novel customer-centric solutions.

With the help of high-end research and development team, we are planning to create design assets and collect resources that will allow our brand to grow consistently over the next few years.

“As a booming game and web development industry, we are looking forward to creating profoundly engaging and entertaining games and software Solutions that will reach in the heart& mind of the gamers and make their lives happy by taking OAO India to greater heights,” concluded Master Aryen.

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