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Just like how fashion industry, entertainment (movies) industry, and travel industry went on to become massive cultural and economic forces, gaming too became one of the driving forces of entertainment, and the global economy. Starting from the origin of Snake ,mobile gaming in 1997; the year  it became the first hit mainstream game to present-day games like; PUBG and Fortnite, the gaming industry has grown from infancy to maturity.

Having laid out the road of the past and the present of gaming, let us turn our focus towards the future. The gaming industry today has moved deeper into the broader culture, and considering the staggering pace of technological advancement, there is a clear indication that the industry is on the verge of a major revolution.

With the advancements in data science, the rollout of hyper-immersive gameplay through VR and photorealistic graphics , anticipated use of live streaming tools and advancements in AI and other technologies, the gaming industry will continue to catapult off advancements in hardware and networking. It will also continue offering a highly personalized experience, bigger multiplayer experiences and thus drive the next wave in gaming innovation.

Recognizing this opportunity and entering the gaming market with a new approach, AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd started its journey with an aim to become a global leader in the gaming app solutions development industry and to offer superior customer experiences. It is among the top-tier gaming app development companies in India. The company is capable of delivering the most complex of gaming app solution requirements that merge intelligent automation with UI-rich graphics supporting virtual reality.

Today, AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd  takes pride in a global reputation with a clientele spread across 40 countries. It is an ISO 27001:2013 AND ISO 9001 certified organization and is also counted among the Top Ten Web and Mobile App Development Companies in India offering a significant range of IT solutions.

Contributing to Client Growth

Meeting every client requirement is of paramount importance at AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd . Whether it is about superimposing augmented reality features on a real-time multiplayer game or building simple 2D animations for a kid’s game, every project undertaken by this company meets the exceptional quality standards in presentation, storytelling, character development, and HD visuals.

Being an outsourced gaming app development services provider, the company has served as a complete solutions provider from building design ideas from scratch to launching the apps. Its ability to offer such premium quality service has earned it a solid reputation and as a result, numerous clients have partnered with AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd .

Below-mentioned are some of the diversified range of solutions:-

  • Android game development
  • iPhone game development
  • iPad game development
  • HTML5 game development
  • Unity game development
  • Custom online and offline gaming app solutions
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality supported app development
  • Artificial intelligence supported app development
  • Bespoke digital solutions

Other categories in gaming solutions include

  • Business-oriented gaming apps
  • Real-time strategy gaming apps
  • Arcade gaming apps
  • Shooting gaming apps
  • Racing gaming apps
  • Educational gaming apps
  • Business services related to gaming apps

The Attributes of Growth

We have now painted a picture of AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd  and how it offers industry-specific and client-centric solutions. However, the actual question to be asked here is the reason behind AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd ’ continuous growth.

The reason behind this is the dedication and the passion of the skilled developers and experts of AIS. The team’s effort has helped the company to expand its horizons and cover a vast ground in the entertainment sector as well as excel in gaming app development.

The company, to date, has developed games for various sectors viz., education, real-estate, e-sports, corporate learning and development, and engineering. Be it starling, unity, PhoneGap, or HTML5, or a cross-platform game application development, AIS technologies attributes it agility and efficiency delivering all the requirements and varied client demands to its skilled team.

The Astute Gamers and Entrepreneurs

Coming to the question of what is the driving force behind the company’s success? Every employee impacts an organization’s direction and growth however, it is the leaders who by far have the largest impact on the company’s growth. For AIS Technologies, it is Sunny Chawla, the CEO of AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd  and Hermit Chawla, the Managing Director.

Sunny and Hermit have a passion for gaming app development. They also shared a vision to launch a company that helps businesses develop innovative digital solutions. This led to the launch of AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd  in 2010.

Apart from gaming app development, Sunny and Hermit also built capacities in mobile and web app development that support digital transformation initiatives and digital business models. Their combined vision and endeavours put AIS not only in the list of SME market leaders in app development but spanned its wings to become a multi-industry app solutions company. The industries served include the BFSI, Consumer Services, Entertainment, Healthcare, IT, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Retail, and Telecom, among others.

Ensuring Continued Growth

We have now established how AIS and its expert pool of developers, paired with two dynamic leaders, are leading both, the global and national gaming industry. However, it goes without saying that with the given staggering pace of change and innovations, staying ahead of other gaming companies is challenging.

However, AIS has meticulously adopted various measures to ensure it sustains its competency in this industry. To achieve the same, the company focuses on talent acquisition and infrastructure development.

Studying the industry and innovating or putting forth new solutions, services is another way how the company plans on sustaining in the market. It plans on expanding its range of cost-effective gaming app solutions that can also easily scale up to accommodate millions of users.

The company has also been working on Creating Lite apps and increasing app security features not just from malware and virus fronts, but also to offer increased protection to consumer data, and for ensuring compliance with all privacy and confidentiality requirements.

A Peek into the Future

Having laid out the entire process, function, and work model of AIS technology, there lingers a question; what does the company plan on offering in the future? Emerging as a one-stop solution provider for gaming app development is the prime goal for AIS and it has been working toward achieving this since its inception.

We envision ourselves as being the strongest resource for all app development needs of businesses. Whether companies need dedicated remote teams to expand or transform their gaming app development activities or whether they need third-party gaming app developers to support digital business operations or whether they want gaming app development services to fuel various business models, AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd  will offer all and any kind of service,” Mr. Sunny concludes.

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