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Ability Games | Suraj Chokhani

Empty metal cans on the corner of the streets, squirrels running around, and a huge central fountain; this is the image of a picturesque urban landscape. Now, if we look through the eyes of a game designer, some of the metal trash cans become portals to a vast underground enemy fortress, squirrels are transformed into spies who are found burying secrets and the huge fountain becomes a sunken spaceship.

Outside the above-described world, the fountain is of course still a fountain; however, an important and imaginative shift in the game designer’s perspective is underway. They view the world not as it is but as how it could be and view every object as a possibility and subject of their imaginary world.

Game designers, game designing solution providers, perceive every encounter with the real world as an opportunity to re-write the underlying value and function of its objects in support of the game they design or help in designing.

That is the power of creativity and imagination. This calls to mind the words of George Bernard Shaw, “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.”

Leveraging this pervasive power of imagination, is a group of technicians and designers at Ability Games –a gaming solution provider company which provides the best gaming experience across the gaming industry. It designs, develops, markets, and distributes innovative software and game products.

Our amazing imagination sets us apart from the others,” quotes, Mr. Suraj Chokhani, the Founder of the company.  Mr. Chokhani describes to us the company’s journey until now and the future he foresees.

“We value sportsmanship, our mission & vision is to build the framework for our journey and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to achieve to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth by providing the best gaming experience across the gaming industry. We have the vision to be a great place to work and be the best gaming brand,” states Mr. Chokhani.

We can thus say that Ability Games has cultivated a culture of excellence through its imagination where its clients’ success is anchored on the core pillars; Consult, Create, and Develop.

A Journey of Continuous Growth

The biggest test that any leader faces is championing personal growth (as a leader) while looking out for the enterprise as a whole. However, Mr. Chokhani was able to find a solution to it. He ensured that his evolution as a leader is parallel to the success of the company. To understand it better, let us dig deeper into his professional journey.

It would be very difficult to encapsulate Mr. Chokhani’s contribution towards the Ability Games and gaming industry after seeing his achievements and indexing his professional journey with metrics.

A Visionary Leader with a creative mind, Mr. Chokhani unlocked his intuition, insight, and passion for sports and was able to find disruptive business opportunities easily in those market adversities. Gradually he developed games that yielded commendable profit.

He later launched the flagship product ’11wickets.com’ under Ability Games; India’s Most Trusted Fantasy Gaming Platform. Gradually, users had started to differentiate 11wickets from the rest of the crowd which resulted in more than 3 million users within just a year of its launch.

There is a long list of features which was introduced by Mr. Chokhani on 11wickets.com such as, Last minute entry, 12th man, profit-sharing framework, all of which were later adopted by the gaming industry. That was the first milestone of the journey towards greatness that Mr. Chokhani had embarked on to achieve. The events that followed later helped him leave a permanent imprint in the industry.

Later the company under his guidance launched; pokerlion, sports.info, rummy24. The Company has also acquired an undisclosed stake in Ahmedabad-based IT company Yudiz Solutions Private Limited and crictracker.com.

An Unmatched Reputation

Leveraging the points of difference makes a company stand out of the crowd and that is exactly what Ability Gamers do. “Our unique competence is to create an unmatched user experience and customer satisfaction and this differentiates us from our competitors,” pinpoints Mr. Chokhani.

“With the brand 11wickets, Ability Games combined the elements of watching cricket and participate in a game where the company shares profit to users, which has attracted a large number of users, and game enthusiasts. Seamless UI/UX and customer support turned out to be the core attribute that made Ability Games a revolutionary product that changed consumer expectations,” he added further.

Knowing The Road Ahead

The gaming industry is at the center of major transformation and will continue to evolve. This led us to think predicting the changes and acting before is not a wise option however, focusing on one thing that truly matters in business will help companies to stay afloat and achieve success.

The same is Mr. Chokhani’s strategy. He says, “If I were to start defining the ambitions that I have for Ability Games, I feel that even the most detailed narration would fall short of its true depth and scope.”

“I am always aware that even the most successful strategy will eventually fail unless it is continually monitored and refreshed to meet changing market conditions and for us, it is meeting our user’s expectations. My prime focus always has been to understand the target customers and how can we make their life better. For me, any future goals of the Ability Games, in the long run, evolve around consumer satisfaction. Being a passionate sports admirer; I believe, nothing tops the experience of gaming.”

We can safely say that no matter how rapidly the gaming industry evolves, Ability Games will always prioritize the immersive customer experience.

While the aforesaid will remain its prime goal the company is also planning on advancing its services and to evolve as an ‘able’ company; true to its name.

“Company requires marketing for sure but offering a seamless platform would always have some added advantage. We will soon enter the more popular territory of Real Money Games in the immediate future. We are constantly improving as an organization; and hence, the future of Ability Games is by definition the scope of the term ‘Ability’ as a whole;  left unhindered by specifics and yet determined to achieve and expand,” concludes Mr. Chokhani

For Designing Purpose

From the Client’s Desk

Satisfied customers are more likely to sing the company’s praises to their family and friends. They will have stronger brand loyalty and this determines the success of a company. This stays true for Ability Games and the below-given testimonials are proof to it.

No matter where I play fantasy sports, 11 Wickets is the coolest and easiest platform! I learned to play fantasy cricket on 11 Wickets

– Pratik Ghosh

It is really fun to play fantasy cricket games at 11 Wickets. With every fantasy match I play, the excitement of watching cricket just doubles!”

– AvinashTiwari

Who thought Cricket knowledge could lead to the great pastime. 11Wickets is the most simple and easy to use fantasy cricket website,”

– Puja Nair

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