A Truly Innovative Way to IoT Security Risks

Soon without even hiring, your personal assistant will be there for 24*7, isn’t it the imagination of every common man? Yes and just to fulfill it, soon Internet of Things will be surrounded all over. Every object will be soon connected to another object with artificially intelligent and interconnected devices.
A thing, in the Internet of Things, could be a person walking with a fitness care belt oran automobile that has built-in sensors to alert thedriver when it’s operating in reverse gear and doesn’t hit any object. Basically, the object will be assignedan IP address and transfer data over a network.
Pay Attention to Issues of IoT
Devices whichever connect to the Internet like fitness trackers, smartwatches, home security systems, etc. are vulnerable to security risks.Nowadays it’s not necessary that the device needs to be acomputer, smartphone or tablet only.
When we access the Internet, we know that downloading attachments or working online have risks of virus and stealing of bank account details. Smart computer users will install anti-virus and security software.
Many of us will not be suspicious about the risks of IoT, but it’s too at risk. Home router is a major root of middle attacks as people don’t have time to change default passwords or have easy to guess passwords. When ahacker gets physical access he could easily hack Nest thermostat or if they have camera’s IP address, the remote could help to get easyaccess.
How to Deal with  IoT Security Issues
IoT security was previously avoided, but nowadays it has become amajor concern even at the government level. So you need to be cautiousand we will see what measures could be taken in this direction.
Biometrics defined as characteristic related to humans. Why biometrics authentication could be  way better than using PIN’s and Passwords as people are generally advised to put the strong passwords but sometimes hackers just have their own ways like hit and trial, phishing, etc. As previous methods have become inadequate and inefficient, biometrics will use fingerprints, face, voice and iris recognition which is unique to every human as same fingerprints or similarity in the voice of two different persons is not observed.
It’s better for Bluetooth-enabled devices to turn off their devices when not being used as it’s a safety measure for users to protect their devices from unwanted access.
Wi-Fi home-users are recommended to change passwords frequently and use the WPA2 security protocol. You need to change your older WEP protocol that having simple to guesspassword, as it puts your home network at risk.
Another way smartphone users could keep their devices safe is checking for patches and updates. IoT vendors need to take a step ahead and nail down a process for delivering the trusted patches automatically. Some devices need to be manually updated with theinstallation of patches as they won’t be capable of being patched.The key to keep away hackers is to keep your devices up-to-date.
Mandating of Cryptography is another solution, as data leak will get lower through user error or architectural weakness and encrypted communication protects data in transit as well authentication credentials.
The Next Best Thing to Technology
It doesn’t have adefinitive answer that when security issues willbe resolved or end. At present, most of the IoT devices have security vulnerabilities. But beoptimistic and you need to assume that over the next couple of years, it would come to an end. But with that IoT architecture needs to be more advanced and secure, they should keep in mind that if it can connect to the Internet, it’s also accessible to hackers
IoT is definitely growing industry.Pew Research Center’s expertspredicted that by 2025 IoT will have “widespread and beneficial effects on the everyday lives.” Internet of Things will be in fashion for years, organizations and businesses will adopt it, thecommon man will be most benefited, whether by refrigerators notifying to buy vegetables or sharing information from Fitness Bands with hospitals. They are not going to fly off the shelves.
As the IoT is evolving technology but as we know changes and improvement arenecessary for survival. So does the IoT needimprovement and for that,IoT needs to emphasize security from thefirst day itself. Future-proofing, implement access control and device authentication and updates of IoT devices should be kept in mind, and most importantly know your enemy and prepare for security breaches.

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