Lyra Infosystems: Enabling IT Evolution

With a vision to be globally recognized as one of the most innovative, dedicated, and productive IT consultant firms Lyra has been established. “Lyra is a professional services and consulting company specialized in widespread support and comprehensive consultations for all open-source technologies and giving its state-of-the-art services for a decade,” says Prasad Adiga, Operations Head, Lyra Infosystems
Not just that, the company extends implementation tools, upgrades, security and vulnerability resolution to clients, amongst a host of other services. Lyra is also specialized in DevOps & ARA, RSM, SCM and Information Management Services. With superior industry experience, Lyra’s team is adept at providing cutting-edge solutions to cover the entire range of activities for organizations of various sizes with its Security, Training and Consultation, Open Source Support Services, Legal remediation,  and other services.
Adept Behind Lyra
Rohit Sharma, Founder of Lyra Infosystems, has established the company in early 2007. Prior to Lyra, Rohit worked in companies like SDRC (India office) ISI (Integrated Systems, Inc., APAC Office based out of India), Wind River Systems, &PixTel Communications. With more than two decades of Sales, Marketing, Operations and Management experience, Rohit has been part of a couple of start-ups as a founding member. He contributed in establishing them as successful and stable organizations today. At Lyra, Rohit is responsible for Sales and Operations.
Distinguishing Lyra
Lyra has the first-mover advantage and hence enjoys the Technological Leadership and distinguished services. Lyra is not only the first in the segment, but also the only one in the region. Lyra has brand recognition and has a long learning curve that frequently enables more secure and efficient means of delivering the services and solutions.
Lyra’s focus has always been to accelerate and design their services and solutions in an innovative way, for that they strengthen their R&D team. They expand senior management team in all the verticals like Sales, Marketing, Legal, and IT. They appoint advisers for intellectual property and finance. They develop overseas market entry plans and seek new market segment for their services and solutions and commission assessments of key markets. Lyra also pursues strategic alliances with the pioneers of DevOps, SCM, RSM and OS.
Challenges Overcame
Being the first-mover, Lyra inevitably faced the gauntlet of creating and marketing the new services and solutions. Lyra faced different challenges at various levels of establishments. Apart from the financial challenge, Lyra was confronted with some more challenges like Need or Gap Fixingwhile introducing a new solution in the region, Lyra spent years, to make awareness about the revolutionized solutions to those who were new to that; Research – one of the biggest challenge, as gathering primary and secondary data to back certain assumptions on business projections was the key; Partnership Decision Making In this ever-expanding and ever-changing IT era, where organizations need to battle hard for their survival, Lyra also faced difficulties to find trustworthy partners. Going into a partnership paid great dividends, but Lyra had to consider a variety of factors before making any decision to collaborate with another company working in the same ecosystem. To reap the maximum benefits out of a partnership, Lyra looked for organizations that are pioneers in their segment and have a good reputation amongst the industry giants.
Client’s Benefits
Lyra has the distinguishable services and solutions used across the ASEAN region. The clients have seen several operational and financial gains from Lyra like reduced overheads, optimum efficiency, etc.
For Reducing Business Risks, Lyra protects corporate IP, assists with compliance reporting. Lyra enables the implementation of a repeatable business process to support corporate compliance policies.
Lyra Protects and Accelerate Software Development by giving deep insights into projects including known vulnerabilities, license requirements, and project activity. Plus, it alerts companies when any new vulnerabilities are identified for those projects and helps them manage and track remediation activities.
For Enhanced Security, Lyra adds extra layer of online and network security. With the experts in privileged access and password management, Lyra assists you in incorporating privileged session management with a secure password vault to ensure that privileged account passwords are protected and are impossible to penetrate by unauthorized individuals.
Lyra’s commitment to business excellence, strategic partnerships, and enduring customer relationships culminates into best-in-class IT counsel and services exceeding expectations. Their expansion in ASEAN and a long list of clients from different verticals and regions showing Lyra is on the right path, and assures that this would definitely go beyond the boundaries of ASEAN.
The Future is Open Source
Black Duck’s annual Future of Open Source Survey shows that 56 percent of corporations contributed to open source projects in 2014. The world is witnessing the next wave of open source, companies like Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and Ericsson are participating in the OSS community, and developing and using open source in their own frameworks. 55 percent of respondents clearly mentioned that open source helped create new products and services and it will be difficult for the companies to develop innovative software without it; companies now understand the rapid, progressive development it enables.
Open Source is the future of technology. And, Lyra’s progressive experience and expertise in Open Source domain will definitely assist the companies with the adoption and correct usage of Open Source.

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