Abhishek Dutta: An Ardent Entrepreneur

Abhishek Dutta | Founder & MD D-WEB CONSULTANTS | Tech leader
Abhishek Dutta | Founder & MD D-WEB CONSULTANTS

There is a saying which goes ‘rough sea always makes a skilled sailor’. Similarly in establishing any business, challenges can be many; but true leaders surpass all the challenges with proficiency and come out as an inspiration for others. Meet Abhishek Dutta, a young and ambitious entrepreneur who believes in pushing his limits to the next level every time. “The fear of losing keeps me active and running every day. I hate missing my smallest commitments even, so it is always important for me to keep up with my dates”, Says Abhishek.

Diving into business World

Abhishek completed his graduation in computer engineering. Later, he completed MBA in marketing. He is instrumental in both building applications and marketing the same across a wide range of existing client base and probable target clients. Abhishek always wanted to start something on his own. So he founded D-WEB CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD.  to deliver quality software services to its clients. “It all started with a zeal to be my boss but now it’s more about responsibility towards my employees, investors, and clients to meet up their expectation and continue the goodwill of our brand. So practically the journey started with me but now it’s about we, that is driving me every day”, Says Abhishek
Delivering Exceptional Services
In 2011, the company was established as DWEB CONSULTANTS- a proprietary firm working primarily on Website Designing & Development. Today, the company is known as D-WEB CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD. (DCPL). The company is delivering exceptional products and services to MIS, ERP Modules, CRM, Data-Driven Web Applications, Mobile App Technologies (Both in iOS & Android), Canned Software Products like PocketBILL along with Website Designing & Development Service.
Today, the company is providing its exceptional services to some of the reputed companies in the nation. The company’s client base include Keventer Agro Limited, B.K. Birla Group of Companies, Emami Paper Mills Ltd., Kolkata International Film Festival, CSIR – Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Chayabani Balaji Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.,  Parcon (India) Pvt. Ltd., Don Bosco School, Berhampore, Delhi Public Secondary School, Barasa etc.
Overcoming Hurdles Proficiently
Like every other entrepreneurial journey, Abhishek’s journey is also filled with a lot of challenges. Initially, the company had faced numerous challenges in terms of higher value projects, better manpower, client base and investment in R& D and own client portal. Financial Challenge to take up higher-value projects and better manpower was a big challenge at that time. Initially, as the company is into the B2B segment, the Target Group is limited. The company ventured into various IT products and services to increase its TG. Today, the company has an ample number of clients because of its quality services. “Investing in our client portal to automate the process so that we can manage maximum clients via our limited team base was also a challenge to us, we had to redo the job 3 times, to get the one which maximized the manpower utilization with min.  client complains”, Says Abhishek.
With each passing day, the company overcame all the challenges and emerged as the company which manages client requirement in detail with zero communications drops.

Some Life’s Insights from his Desk

First-generation entrepreneur, Abhishek’s father inspired him in many ways.  He adopted basic ethics of business practices from his father.“My father didn’t support me directly but i knew that he is always there for me whenever i need him”,Says Abhishek.
Apart from his father, his wife Trisha has also been a great support system through his entire journey both personally and professionally.  She is an Executive Director of DCPL and is dedicatedly charting the course of the future of the company.
Words of Wisdom
Abhishek truly believes in living the life to its fullest. While advising budding entrepreneur Abhishek says, “Just drive into the adventurous life you want to be in, you might be successful or you might be a failure, future will decide but you will never regret your decision”  We are living in a world that technology amazingly revolutionizing human life.  It is important to maintain the pace with the changing technology.  Talking about technology Abhishek says, “Technology is updating every few years, we just need to keep up with the speed and momentum of the future demands generating, if we do not update our self, we will be obsolete soon”
A/The Road Ahead
D-WEB CONSULTANTS will continue to increase its portfolio in the future. Progressing forward with the/a positive approach, the company is venturing into other rental service-based business models with a new service-based product to generate renewable income sources. These products will be cheaper in procuring and maintenance.  The company aims to build an IT company for the country’s MSME segment. Under Abhishek’s tutelage, the company will continue to deliver exceptional services in the future benefiting both companies as well as clients.

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