Nikhil Taneja: Disciple Commitment to Wise Stewardship

Nikhil Taneja
Nikhil Taneja | Managing Director | Radware India
“No matter the economy of the jungle, I can never eat grass, it is not pride; it is just who I am –The Lion”, imbibing this moral from the king of the jungle, a great achiever Nikhil Taneja, the Managing Director, SAARC & Middle East of Radware India is the one who is pursuing his dream of success.

Winner of prestigious President’s Award four times, Nikhil Taneja is a passionate entrepreneur of all time. His passion along with his optimistic attitude is the secret recipe behind reaching to the epitome of success and keeping his spark alive.
Nikhil and his Evangelizing Journey
Nikhil’s journey which involves a lot of hard work, dedication, positive aggression, and focused leadership; has been a memorable one.
Each year has been very different for Nikhil with new surprises and challenges such as new products and technologies, market acquisitions and customer expansions, talent hunting and retention. But, the continuous focus and constant effort has led him ahead of these challenges, mitigating the risks and steering the company to top position.
“My aim is to ensure Radware maintains its market leadership position even in the newer business streams like cloud and beyond.” –states Nikhil. Keeping a watch on the market and competitors, he is steering Radware to leadership position in the country with the great support from his team. Even after seventeen years of journey with Radware, he still feels like it has just begun, and always believed on having a long way to go. “I’m sure the journey further too would be equally exciting.” –said Nikhil.
Radware and its Unique Offerings
Founded in the year 1997, Radware is a global leader of application delivery and cyber security solutions for virtual, cloud and software defined data centers.
Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Radware offers a wide range of solutions including Application Delivery, Application Performance, Virtualization, and Private/Hybrid Cloud. It also includes SDN, Web Application Security, SSL Attack Protection, DDoS Protection and Attack Mitigation Solutions apart from Cloud WAF Service, Cloud Web Acceleration Service, Bot Management, Cloud DDoS Protection Service and Cloud Malware Protection Service.
Let’s Work-to-rule /or Workaholic
“When you are in love with your work, even the mundane work gets very exciting and brings the best out of you.” –utters Nikhil.
Constant effort to push the self- barriers helped him to keep up with the current dynamic market needs. With an open culture and great support from the leadership team, things only got better each day. He strongly focuses on connecting with the customers and his internal teams on a daily basis either virtually or physically to understand and address any issues or concerns that arise.
‘Challenges’ –Making the Best Out of it!
Being the market pioneers there were different challenges to face from time to time. Starting from introducing the technology advancements to customers, transformation from appliance based solutions to the cloud based services, changing the partner’s mindset to accept new GTM, new product expansions, new goals, and targets. All these challenges had to be accomplished by building a strong leadership and technical team both in-house and at partners end.
“I always believe that challenges are great opportunities that make you the market leader.” –states Nikhil.
‘Family’ –an Integral Part of One’s Life
Having family’s support matters the most for any success. Like most of us, Nikhil’s family has also stood by him at all the times, constantly motivating and inspiring him to give the best.
Strongly committed to his job, Nikhil has brought a lot of values into his life which has ultimately taken him this far. Also, he believes that ethics and commitment he imbibes from his parents came naturally to him with their blessings.
“My wife and kids are my greatest strength and motivation, they keep me going on when I get tired or let down. Their good wishes on my achievements further boost my spirits.”-says Nikhil.
He owes his success and achievements to his three beautiful families, ‘his company, his team and his parents, wife and kids’.
The Wiser and his Words
“We make our own destiny. Dare to dream and follow it with commitment.  Challenges are bound to be there, converting it to the opportunities will define the success.” –stated Nikhil. Furthermore he said- “I strongly believe in Lord Krishna’s saying in Bhagavadgita ‘You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny’ – Do your rightful Karma (actions) and results will follow.”
We are ‘Making-A-Difference’ in Future!
‘Foreseeing the future needs and being the change’ makes Radware exceptional.
Its innovations and next generation technologies gives it the edge over the competition. Radware’s recent acquisition of ShieldSquare for expansion into cloud security portfolio with Anti-Bot Solutions further enhances its solution offerings and its resolve to provide customers and partners with the latest of security solutions.
With an R&D center in India, the company is now planning to setup cloud security center that can develop and deliver fitter security measures for organizations of all sizes. Further, its plan is to penetrate deep into T2 & T3 markets and establish a formidable presence.

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