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Siva Reddy AV
Siva Reddy | Founder GND Solutions India

It takes more than just sweat and toils to run a company, today. An entrepreneur isn’t just a businessperson or an intellectual with an idea but a leader. Someone, the whole organization looks up to. He/She is entrusted with the responsibility of running the company efficiently and cater to the needs of business, customer, competition as well as employees. In 2015, When Siva Reddy AV started his own venture, he took upon himself to slide into the role of a leader. A versatile R&D professional with more than 18 years’ experience in conceptualization and development of microcontroller, DSP-based products and solutions, he now needed to prove himself as a leader too. And that he did with elan in the following years through his company GND Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. with the help of a strong team, motivation, mentoring, respecting, and empowering colleagues at all levels.
One Man, Many Roles
Siva holds specialized skills in Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Satellite transceivers, RF Design, tracking and monitoring, Battery charger applications. As a leader, his role also requires him to provide thought leadership, Business Strategy, and deal origination. His responsibilities include devising diversification Strategy/Product and Service Expansion Strategy/Growth and International Market Strategy/Technology strategy, Team Building, Leadership, Mentoring and Business development. Talking about his inspiration he says, “Advances in technology and addressing the Client’s challenges inspires me to steer ahead.”
Global Solutions
GND Solutions offers end-to-end solution for IoT & M2M segment for the global market. Some of its products are addressing market needs for various applications like Cold Chain Management, Location Tracking, Asset Monitoring and tracking, Agriculture, Security and Alert systems. GND Solutions offers products on various technologies based on need like LoRaWAN, NBIoT, CAT-M1, Cellular & SigFox etc.
The company is proficient in transforming concepts to solutions ranging from miniature to complex system designs. It’s proven design practices ensure superior quality and on-time delivery first-time and every-time. Its services include:

  • Embedded H/W Design Services
  • Firmware Design Services
  • IC Packaging & Sip Design Services
  • Mobile Apps & Custom Rom
  • Desktop Applications & Tools
  • Front End Framework & Dash Boards
  • Backend With Mean Stack & Cloud
  • Testing & Certifications

The company focuses on glocal market needs and has a versatile Development centre to address the same. Siva says, “I drive my core team with my strong industry expertise to develop products and services offerings which would have strong differentiators in the market place.”
Achieving Goals

For a company to flourish, it requires achieving its goals. These goals are achieved through efforts put-in by every individual every day. Siva feels that, “The key here is alignment. I work with employees at all levels to be aligned on our companies’ larger goals, and those goals are broken down to a smaller scale to ensuring that they remain engaged in day-to-day operations.” He lists down a few important points that are helpful in the successful alignment of company goals:

  • Consistent Feedback to help keep employees to focus on their performance. Feedback acts as a reminder to keep employees from getting too caught up in their daily tasks and lose sight of the bigger picture.
  • Allocation of Tasks properly to ensure that employees are aware of their role in each of their projects.
  • Everyone getting recognized as engagement is essential to keep a company growing and reaching for its vision.

Siva himself follows a simple expression of gratitude, such as a thank-you note or gift, and shows employees that management is paying attention and notices that they are consistently working hard and succeeding at their individual goals.
Notes for Neophytes
Siva advises young entrepreneurs to, “Have clear goals in professional and personal life, work towards your goals with dedication… important to keep following things right at all time and every time…Attitude; Behavior; Commitment; Dedication; Transparency.”
Moving Ahead
Siva believes that right and updated technology is important for an organization to provide best and cost-effective solutions to solve industrial, consumer or any other market segments across the globe. In addition, technology affects a firm’s ability to communicate with customers. Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help us make money and produce the results customers demand. Under his technology leadership, the company enabled its clients in achieving CES 2017 award for smart home segment by delivering world-class Smart home hub with AI.
Through consistent efforts and adaptation to technology, GND Solutions has recognized as Top 20 Growing IOT companies in India. Now, Siva and his team’s dream is to make GND Solutions as a world-class organization with a global presence.

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