Abhiyanta Consulting Engineers LLP: A Pioneering Consultant for Design of Electrical and ELV Services

Abhiyanta Consulting Engineers

In India, the significance of Engineering Consultancy Services is escalating with the thrust on infrastructure services. The country is witnessing the development of a versatile network of engineering consultancies with expertise across a wide-ranging spectrum of disciplines. These firms are the key drivers in revolutionizing the country’s growing engineering consultancy space.

Established in 1991, Abhiyanta Consulting Engineers LLP is amongst the leading proprietary consultancy firms offering outstanding Design Consultancy for the electrical projects. The company started its journey with a curated focus on the industrial projects and has expanded its horizons by taking up commercial, residential, hospital and institutional projects which helped it to create its niche in the marketplace. Situated in Pune, the firm is focusing on the engineering consultancy field particularly in industrial projects as well as the Infrastructure projects.

Beginning with few sq. ft. of area in its initial days to today’s 200 lakh sq. ft. of area, Abhiyanta has been rolling out innovative electrical solutions for over three decades. By capitalizing on the extensive knowledge of codes and standards, and the latest technology, the firm’s project designs perform smoothly from ideation to conception leading to an outstanding construction. The firm has effectively designed electrical services for some of the most prestigious residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects in and around Pune.

Keeping-up with the Latest Trends
Technology transformations with digitization along with BIM, AR/VR, mobile user interfaces allowing real-time communications are the major upgrades. Even in architecture, 3D printing to 3D scanners creates digital models that have made the consulting organization think out-of-the-box. Use of IoT in the applications and solutions has made the consultants make changes in the tenders or specifications to accommodate the technology upgrades.
Embracing these latest trends and inclusion of processes in the day-to-day operations, it inculcates strong CRM (customer relationship management) skills in its employees for good answerability to the organization. This helps the organization to achieve higher profitability. Foreseeing that the BIM (Building Information Modeling) is excessively used in MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) design for which the use of Revit in Acad design is necessary, the firm already has its own draftsmen trained on the platform. The firm is making unified efforts to create a framework of experts for larger project base value.

Meet the Dynamic Duo
Mr. Vinayak Vaidya is the Founder and CEO of Abhiyanta Consulting Engineers LLP. After pursuing Electrical engineering with an aim to start a design consultancy and attain experience, Mr. Vaidya joined a contracting firm. Later, to experience the on-site operations, he worked with the TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) projects division for GMRT (Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope) project. This on-field experience helped him to gain expertise in workable methods and design along with actual practical knowledge which helped in formulating design guidelines, quality drawings, and specifications.
Another significant persona is Mr. Vinayak Sane, Managing Partner and COO, graduate in Electrical Engineer who started his career in manufacturing and then extended his arms in the field of consulting. Being an entrepreneur, he wanted to get into design of electrical engineering. With senior electrical engineering stalwarts around him, Mr. Sane decided to pick up a new trend Integrated Building Management Systems – a combination of fire alarm and life safety, security and surveillance and building automation on a single platform. Gaining knowledge by understanding the implementation processes and learning the ropes of design, Mr. Sane migrated to the field of design.
Passion for good and clean designs and recognizing the need to increase the offering from Electrical + ELV (extra-low voltage) to the entire MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) helped the duo to work together and frame the cornerstones of Abhiyanta Electrical Consultants & Engineers. In the year 2016, the firm was converted to Abhiyanta Consulting Engineers LLP, currently catering to all verticals (except oil and gas) by adding LV (low-voltage) design & MEP coordination capabilities with increasing demand of the projects.

A Unique Firm
Quality of design based on the industry standards, innovation in design, converting these designs in high quality drawings and accurate BOQ (bill of quantities) sets the firm distinctive. Acknowledging client requirements and co-relating it with new products, innovative layouts without compromising the reliability and safety has helped Abhiyanta to establish itself as a trustworthy brand. Keeping abreast of development in electrical industry, incorporation of industry needs in the design and going beyond the usual brief has been constantly empowering the firm in taking client engagement to a new level.

It is a firm that supports the client with its state-of-the-art design, modular enough to adapt new technological updates and rugged enough to last the life of the project. Further, Abhiyanta is committed to bring out the best in its employees, clients and projects while upholding the highest standards of its discipline, work ethic, and integrity.

Reliability and safety integrated in any design, the firm has regular design meetings for solutions, product presentations from system suppliers or OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Abhiyanta prominently focuses on client servicing and continuous meetings with the regular attendance to the product presentations and expositions helping it in networking with the OEMs and upgrading the designs and specifications. Further, it also plans regular soft skill development lectures for the engineers.

Surpassing Challenges
Since inception, Abhiyanta has been taking unified efforts for tackling every challenge to withstand the complexities of the market. The biggest challenge was to train and motivate the manpower to suit its standards. Consistency in quality outputs is always a challenge. “We have set design and quality check procedures along with use of software programs developed by us has helped us in overcoming the quality & time challenges” says the duo.
The core team has successfully embraced the changes happened in the low voltage product and systems. Also the complexity of project services and number of services to be incorporated in limited spaces available pose major challenge in the design. With meticulous work and coordinated designs, Abhiyanta has unlocked the success doors and proved to be a trendsetter in the engineering as well as design consultancy.

Emphasizing the Core Values
Passion, commitment, integrity, innovation, and accountability are the virtues on which the foundation of Abhiyanta’s project engagement depends. It focuses on providing value to the customers and building long term relationships.

The company dedicates its success to its in-house electrical design consultants who are always in a state of training and updating their skill set. Additionally, staying current on codes, LED technologies, power issues and software is paramount to the success of the projects undertaken by the company.

Notable Milestones in the Journey
Over the years, the company has achieved various milestones of which the few are:
– Worked as consultants for M/s Irridium India Pvt. Ltd. for their Generic Gateway at Pune.
– Test facility for 100 MW Hydro & Turbo alternator at M/s CG ELIN Ltd. (now VA Tech) Plant at Mandideep.
– Completed successfully test bench for 4.5 MW Pump Set for M/s KSB Pumps Ltd, Pune.
– EON Campus, the largest ITES SEZ in Pune.
– Trump Towers, Pune.
– RITZ Carlton, Pune.
– Kirloskar Brothers, Corporate office, 1st Green Building in Pune.
Diversified Range of Services
Abhiyanta undertakes design consultancy for various systems including Receiving stations upto 132 kV, H T (high tension) Distribution & Substations, Electrical Power & Lighting, Convenience, Earthing & Lightning Protection, DG (diesel generator) Set Systems, Security Systems viz. Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, and Communication Provisions.
It is an electrical consulting organization with its core expertise being design and engineering of the Electrical, Life Safety and Security System Design Consultancy along with the ICT (Information and Communication) systems.
The philosophy which the company follows in its designs and operations to craft best-in-class design and engineering services include:
– Detail Engineering based on actual data collection.
– Design Based on Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) norms.
– Safe & Reliable electrical system at optimum costs.
– Converting detail engineering in appropriate drawings & details.
– Accurate Quantity Estimation.
– Two Level Drawing & Data checking.
– Personalized attention to each project.

Future Outlook
Having worked across Pan India, Abhiyanta Electrical Consultants & Engineers LLP is planning to deliver novel design services to the areas other than Pune and is all set to open offices in other cities in the near future. The organization is planning to have its own in-house MEP team of professionals.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Engineering Consultants in 2018

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