ABS Aircon Engineers: A Pioneer of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

ABS Aircon Engineers

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are becoming one of the key building blocks in modern infrastructure.  Rise in infrastructure, rapid urbanization and growth in commercial properties are some of the key factors which fuelling the market for HVAC systems in India.  Efficient, energy-friendly heating and cooling systems can cut costs and maintain the perfect temperature inside any workplace. To be frontier of this industry, companies need to have the requisite domain knowledge,  proper execution of project within stipulated timelines and budget.
With strong customer focus, dedication, and scientific approach, ABS Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as a leading provider of end-to-end solutions in HVAC segment. What started off as a sales and Service Company for residential air conditioning segment in Bengaluru is now capable of executing large commercial air conditioning projects across various industry segments. It is now executing complex and technically demanding projects across various industry segments.
One-stop Platform for all HVAC Needs
ABS Aircon Engineers offers world class HVAC solutions for wide range of industry segments and applications. Be it comforts air-conditioning, process cooling, clean room, server room applications or ventilation and exhaust systems, ABS have implemented robust solutions. ABS’s strong in-house capabilities in  detailed engineering, procurement, project management, engineering, and  after-sales service help them to meet client expectations. The company is one-stop platform for all HVAC solutions and caters to various sectors such as healthcare, IT/ITES, commercial, industrial, and hospitality.
Regular and effective maintenance is essential to keep the installation run smoothly. The company extends strong after sales service support to every installation. ABS has been awarded by German major M/s. Bosch for achieving One Million Safe Man Hours in projects, not once but twice. As an organization, it pays utmost attention to safety norms and safety practices in all project sites.            ABS is in the HVAC big league with clients of repute like Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, AMD, Citibank, SAP Labs and Amazon.

About the Trailblazers
With over two decades of experience in HVAC industry, Balakrishna B. S (Founder and Director), Vinod Saladi (Founder and Director), and Vilayath Ali (Founder and Director) are charting the course for the future of the company. They started their entrepreneur journey with establishment of ABS in 1996. On account of their dedication, passion, and urge to keep raising the bar, the company has become a successful  Contracting Company in HVAC segment.

Balakrishna is responsible for developing market to provide cost-effective HVAC Solution for various segments like Industrial, Pharmaceuticals, office buildings & commercial spaces, Hospitals, Hospitality, IT & ITES offices etc. Vinod and Vilayath are involved in executing wide range of projects covering various segments. Vinod has been the head of project services and finance function since inception. He has been associated with industry body “Indian Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers” (ISHRAE). He has held positions like Chair-Publications, Vice Chair-Membership and contributing to the development in the field of HVAC through the professional body ISHRAE. Vilayath has been the head of project operations function ever since inception of ABS. .
Under the leadership of the trio, ABS has gained the recognition in the industry for on-time delivery with unwavering commitment to the cost, quality and right engineering solutions. Today, ABS is a company with an order book of over 100 crores in business and branches in Hyderabad, Chennai, Trivandrum, and Pune.

Detailed Engineering and Planning: The Pillars of Services
What sets ABS apart from the competitors is its approach towards detailed engineering and planning. The company’s designs are technically sound and aesthetically good. A clear understanding of site conditions and restrictions help them to develop optimal cost effective methods. This ensures that there are minimum revisions in the design at later stages and adhere to the timelines of the project. The company’s design & planning professionals help customers in reviewing system design, operating procedures, and safety and performance standards. The Company provides energy efficient HVAC solutions with global quality standard for a greener planet.
Walk an Extra Mile for Customers
ABS is dedicated to complete every project absolutely in line with the scope of work and timelines given by customers. Apart from meeting the quality expectation of customers, the company deploys their own in-house quality protocols. During the execution of project, the company is hand-holding their customers and are accessible to them at every step of the way.
ABS’s core team is are highly responsive and are experienced to work around various challenges that crop up from time-to-time. The company is very well known for its swift trouble shooting, the ability to handle equipment of all major manufactures, and smooth handover of services to customers. The company uses best project management tools and tracking system for the customer’s satisfaction. At every stage of the project, the company is mindful about the safety of the materials and workforce used. The company’s safety standards are among the best in the industry.
Future Roadmap
According to independent report, HVAC sector in India is forecast to reach USD3.97 billion by 2019. Indian commercial air conditioning demand expected to rise by about eight times in the next 20 years. ABS is progressively moving forward with positive approach to become most preferred HVAC contracting company in India. The company will continue to upgrade knowledge base and methods in order to cater new standard which would come into effect.
Source :-The 10 Prominent Project Engineering Solution Providers

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