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With over six decades of experience, initially as N. N. Shrikhande & Co. and later as Shrikhande Consultants Pvt. Ltd., the company is one of the well-known consulting agencies in the country, working in the field of civil engineering and offering varied services which include structural designs, MEP, project management, technical audit (for quality & cost), third party monitoring and some other services in collaboration with the concerned professionals in their respective areas. The work portfolio consists of handling residential and institutional buildings/complexes, industrial complexes, infrastructural works comprising highways, bridges, flyovers, marine structures etc.

About the TrailblazersAfter a stint of about nine years’ service in design offices of  India and abroad (in both private & public sectors) and occupying incrementally higher positions, N. N. Shrikhande (Chairman Emeritus) established a consulting partnership firm in Mumbai in 1959, initially under the name of Shrikhande and Vajifadar (later changed to N. N. Shrikhande and Co.). The firm working exclusively on structural designs and related works supervision relentlessly aiming at laying a strong value – based foundation with commitment to quality and timely execution of works, grew progressively to greater heights to make a name in the field. Enthused by the very encouraging results as a result of the ethical work culture, integrity and dedication taking deep roots in the organization, the founder decided in 1978 to spread the wings and established a Private Limited Company, Shrikhande Consultants Private Limited (SCPL). This was to cover many an additional service beyond structural designs such as project management / engineering, technical audit, proof consultancy etc.

N.N. Shrikhande was personally felicitated by the Institute of Structural Engineers, Mumbai. He also received “Udyog Ratan” Award by the Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi, and ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by Indian Concrete Institute, Maharashtra Centre.

Ravindra N. Shrikhande, M.S. (Structural Engineering) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy N.Y. (USA) is the Chairman of the company.  He is responsible for policy making, technical operations including planning, design, repairs & retro fitting and R & D functions.  He develops Quality Policy, Quality Objectives of the company and building Organizations Technical capabilities.  He is Civil-Structural Engineer with more than four decades of rich and vast experience in the designs of many a varied and interesting structures varying from residential complexes to light/heavy industrial structures, bridges and jetties, special structures like chimneys, shell / folded plate roofs.

Rajeev N. Shrikhande is the Managing Director of company. He is responsible for overall functioning of the organization also managing the external interface of the company. Under his leadership, the company has formed associations with many world renowned multinational consultancy companies to execute many big infrastructural projects.  He is responsible for growth of business, formulates strategies to ensure continual growth and provides leadership. He led the company into providing different services like  Structural Design, Proof Checking of Design, Detailed Project Report (Feasibility Studies), Project and Contract Management, Technical Audit etc. In different areas like Transportation, Irrigation and the international organization for standardization (ISO 9001:2015).

Innovative Services Benefiting Client
Shrikhande Consultants Private Limited (SCPL) provides service beyond structural designs such as project management engineering, technical audit, proof consultancy etc. project management involves a critical role from inception of the project to its completion stage  covering different activities like scheduling, cost budgeting, value engineering, risk identifying, monitoring and controlling, time line optimization, resources allocation etc.
As structural designers, SCPL provides optimized and innovative designs and solutions for different structures of varied complexities by utilizing expertise developed over long years by appropriate use of latest computer technology. As far  project management / engineering is concerned, apart from implementing the requisite functions under its role with substantial care and concern, SCPL lays special emphasis on constructability issues, supply chain management, coordination issues with multitude of different agencies (owners, architects, consultants and contracting agencies in different disciplines etc.), safety awareness and finally while operating the contract, to act as quasi-arbitrator within the framework of Contract to avoid future disputes

Unlocking the Success Doors
What started off as small residential units in Mumbai is now carrying out massive project works of varied nature across India as international agencies. The company is emphasis on continuous training and development of their employees in office and field, inculcating a spirit of team work and mutual respect amongst them and taking special efforts to strengthen the core values of integrity and deep involvement in the project functioning in terms of quality, schedules, cost etc.

While talking about the success of the company Rajeev says, “our clients and all other agencies connected with any project work has been the greatest reward received by SCPL over the years”. It has also been recipient of different awards and certificates for their services such as certificate for ‘Excellence in Productivity, Quality, Innovation and Management’ by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES), New Delhi, ‘Appreciation Certificate’ from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay for dedication shown by our team in successful completion of refurbishing of convocation Hall at Powai campus, Mumbai, and  ‘Certificate of Merit’ by the Maharashtra Chapter of American Concrete Institute for design for structure at Indore for Dept. of Atomic Energy. In addition to the above, the institution of Engineers (India), Belapur local Centre adjudged Vishnudas Bhave Natya Griha, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, the project managed by SCPL, as the second best infrastructure building. Similarly Institution of Engineers (India), Belapur local Centre had placed SCPL as 2nd, in the competition Organized on the subject ‘Best Housing Scheme’ in Thane and Raigad Districts’.

Future Roadmap
As for peeping into future, SCPL notes that economies in many advanced countries in the world are today showing a downward trend. These countries with their huge experience and great resources are seeking new pastures in rapidly developing countries like India, where opportunities appear to be endless. Companies in India have the great advantage of favorable economic working conditions and in a far better position to compete with companies from abroad.

To achieve this SCPL is continuously upgrading their services in various areas.  SCPL’s aim is to have a serious fresh insight in the matter so that it can achieve a quantum jump in the quality of its working and prove to be second to none, when it comes to final success of any project.
Source :-The 10 Prominent Project Engineering Solution Providers

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