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Adv. Sagar Kothari & Adv. Narayan Pandit

Lawyers play an important role in the promotion of social order. They execute it by administration of law in a manner that answers the fundamental requirements of justice and fair outcome through fair and transparent legal procedure. The attorneys who practice law with ethics and integrity contribute to the well being of society by promoting justice through fair procedures.
The prominent personalities providing a legal solution with the best services are Adv. Sagar Kothari and Adv. Narayan Pandit. Having started their career under the able guidance of eminent criminal lawyer Late Adv Vijayrao Mohite and Adv Hemant Chavan, Sagar, and Narayan now have a career spanning over 16 years. They carry their profession accompanying each other facing challenges every single day yet achieving desired results. Their partnership provides personalized legal solutions and has represented several well-known personalities from the society including politicians, celebrities, professionals and Government Bodies. They also provide services to corporate bodies.
Mr. Kothari hails from a family of eminent lawyers. He completed his graduation from the prestigious ILS College of Pune, India. He has experience of practicing in all tribunals, districts and sessions court in and around Pune. Since infancy, Mr.Sagar has been witnessing the challenges faced by his father, and seen him soar heights by his keen intellect and acute knowledge of the law field. He has excelled at perfection under his able inspiration growing in a traditional environment.
Mr. Pandit has completed his education from the prestigious Symbiosis Law College, developed an interest in the Criminal Law, and ultimately chose to join the eminent Criminal Lawyer of Maharashtra, Adv Vijayrao Mohite.
Providing Optimal Solutions
Their firm, Adv. Sagar Kothari & Adv. Narayan Pandit, provides a vast range of legal services ranging from criminal law, civil law, corporate, and revenue matters, consumer disputes, cyber law, commercial law, banking law, arbitration, family law, industrial law, co-operative law etc. It also renders drafting, and conveyance services.
They serve as advisors in various non-government organizations, and companies, and guide them about the legal aspects to achieve growth in their respective businesses. With the growing trend of digitalization, online consultation to clients is provided minimising the distance-related shortcomings.
Imparting experience
Having learned the tricks of the trade from the basics, both the advocates are well versed with the Legal system, and aware of the challenges, and shortcomings as well as the advantages of the same. They make sure the clients are fully benefited by their efforts, and achieve desired results. Having worked from the grass-root level, Sagar and, Narayan know the practical difficulties likely to be faced, and how to tackle them to their benefit. Both of them are delighted to have made a contribution to the weaker sections of the Society and contribute to asserting their rights. They and their team keep themselves updated with the latest judgements. Conducting brainstorming sessions that could sharpen the skills is their unique way of improving their ability.
Sagar and Narayan say, “The legal field today has spanned extensively, and we want to excel ourselves by providing solutions in every possible way. The technical evolution has helped us to spread our wings, and remain updated with the latest developments in the field.” They further add, “Our team of advocates comprise of the new brood of lawyers who are ready to face challenges, and have a fresh outlook often leading new perspectives that help us to excel in our profession”. The duo strongly believes in the notion of “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” hence, always endeavours to attain fast and concrete results for the clients.
A Subtle Observation
The legal industry isn’t necessarily known for jumping on digital transformation trends in law. But it is coming around the idea of incorporating new technology that is slowly and steadily saving time, and money while improving the case outcomes. This will increase exponentially in the years to come. Digital utilization in the legal field apart, the role of a benevolent and the firm lawyer will always continue to affect a person’s life and play a crucial role.

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