Zenith Homes: Facilitating International Realty Expertise Indigenously

M Saud Khan | Kamran Ali Khan | Zenith Homes
M Saud Khan | Kamran Ali Khan | Zenith Homes

Zenith Homes, headquartered in Dubai – ZENITH GROUP is an independent Real Estate advising Group with extensive market knowledge and experience. Operating in India Gurgaon , the company handles all the operations related to Realty spaces and concerned services . “We offer professional, expert, and efficient services to meet all your investment needs, whether you are buying, selling or leasing, Asset management” says the Zenith team. Being an independent firm, it gives each investors vendor, landlord, buyer, tenant, and tailored individual an opportunity to avail services based on their personal needs. The company’s values and principles ensure that the clients are satisfied, and always refer their friends and family back making customer retention and acquisition easier. “We pride our reputation and our loyal clientele,” boasts the team proudly. The firm always tries to provide top quality services and make real estate products readily available to all its clients by providing ease of transactions, and optimal customer experiences. The company’s actions reflect its commitment to serving the clients tailored as per their demands.
Enabling Opportunities
“Our team represents our clients with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and cordial service,” claims Mr. Kamran Ali Khan – CEO/Founder, and Pradeep Chowdhary – Managing Director, Zenith Homes. “We have an open door policy. updated market Knowledge sessions are the daily routine in our office which brings out the best in our people,” describes Mr. Kamran. Both of them have a collective experience of thirty years in global real estate markets. The duo also acts as trusted advisors to developers, occupiers, and investors. “We saw an opportunity to provide services and helping investors to grow their investments in Dubai and similarly we came up with Zenith Homes to cater to Indian investors,”
“We give our team freedom to think, come up with out of the box ideas and use their creativity without any obstruction,” declares Mr Kamran & Mr Pradeep.
As per Mr Kamran, Dubai real estate market is looking very promising as expo 2020 is approaching and about 25 mill visitors are expected to visit from all around the world, Government already took very positive initiatives for investors by starting permanent residency and long term visa.
According to Mr. M Saud Khan – Director of Sales, Modi Govt 2.0 cabinet budget and RERA has regained the trust of NRIs buyer to invest on Indian Real Estate. Year of 2019 till now has witnessed NRIs contribution to Indian reality in the affordable segment. Real Estate giants like THE WADHWA GROUP, LODHA, GODREJ, SUNTECK are playing a vital role in GCC Market in affordable segment. Piramal Group has entered in to the Dubai luxury market to set a new milestone in NRIs MARKET with their luxury segment product.
As per his advise NRI investors should more focused in affordable segment 40 – 80 lakhs Indian Product as these give greater returns in terms of capital appreciation and are the hot selling cakes being the sweet spots in terms of valuations.
As Mr. M Saud Khan discussion with Mr. Karan Arora (Head – International Market),in 2018 quarter 3 and 4 for THE WADHWA GROUP has set a new milestone of sales crossing to 200+ units sold from international markets, out of which 75-80% of the contribution was from the GCC Markets, for their New Township Launch Wadhwa Wise City, Panvel.
“NRIs should invest in real estate not according to the schemes given by brokers in GCC Market, but as per the real-time market conditions,” informs M Saud Khan. “We as Zenith Homes, are planning to come up with a New Digital concept for NRI Investors to help them in choosing the right investment and maximum utilization of their funds in Indian Realty Spaces,” he further adds.
Accommodating Dreams
“We believe that, these days we need to work in full harmony with technological advancements,” addresses Mr Pradeep. Technology in business is a growing necessity. As the time passes by, the business world is leaning more and more towards the tech-enabled resources, making it almost impossible to separate the two from each other. Innovation breeds business, and technology paves the way for it. Hence, it can be said that business needs technology to remain in-order to sustain. Technology in business enables having a wider reach in the global market. when utilizing the power of technology.
Zenith Homes has developed its own technology that is several steps ahead of the rest of the market. At the same time, rather than being a generalist, the company focuses into key regions like the UAE, giving its investment advisors even deeper focus and insights of the international market. This combination of technology and human intelligence gives the clients an unparalleled ability to make better and faster decisions. The firm offers one of the best lifestyle opportunities for both end-users and investors with significant capital appreciation, and excellent rental returns. However expert guidance backed with market knowledge, experience, and proficiency in the field is always required when a size-able investment is considered.
“Our conviction lies in our focus on liaising with involved parties, preparation of the paperwork and ensuring a smooth transaction,” concludes the team of Zenith Homes.

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