Ipsita Nayak: An Astute Entrepreneur and a Self-Made Woman

Ipsita Nayak | Head | Kalzoom Advisors[FMCG, Banking, Media, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Kalzoom Advisors, career development]
Ipsita Nayak | Head | Kalzoom Advisors[FMCG, Banking, Media, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Kalzoom Advisors, career development]

Today’s world gives immense exposure to grab opportunities and the one breaking the barriers succeeds in conquering the universe. With the emergence of the internet, it has become easier to gain knowledge. But, due to the easy availability of resources, people get diverted from their goal.

People, these days have a very creative mind. But, they sometimes lack two major aspects that differentiate an entrepreneur from other professionals. Self – motivation and dedication are the major qualities that help a person to transform into the person they aspire to become. There are times when a person faces failure, but that doesn’t hinder the path to success.

Once Steve Job said, “If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” It is important to understand that success comes to those who strive to work towards achieving it tirelessly. With a great vision and influential leadership, Ipsita Nayak currently heads Kalzoom Advisors. After completing her MBA in 2002, Ipsita worked across several industries including FMCG, Banking, Media, Real Estate and Manufacturing.

Woman with Exemplary Vision

Ipsita’s entrepreneurial career took a leap when she became one of the founding members of Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG). CAG was incorporated as a think tank that worked directly with the PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi’s campaign for the 2014 Indian General Elections. The experience gave her the confidence to become an entrepreneur.

Post elections, Ipsita set out to accomplish her goals. She went on to found her first company, Simple Mind. The company was founded as a communications consultancy specifically operating in the space of public policy. Here, she made some groundbreaking work to create public advocacy for Wind Energy in India.

Leading Kalzoom with Insightsfulness

As the Business Head of Kalzoom Advisors, Ipsita helps various technology companies to unleash their growth potential. This is achieved by co-creating business strategies that set clear and ambitious directions for actionable must-win milestones. The company provides exceptional services over a wide spectrum of businesses ranging from product portfolio strategy, marketing and positioning strategy to operational and talent optimization.

Kalzoom’s growth advisory service is built on the axiom “Grow, Buy, Sell” which encompasses organic growth, Inorganic growth, M & A and Fundraising as appropriate. She believes in herself and her team to bring the change their clients are expecting from the company.

Inspiring others through Undying Dedication 

It is not hard to believe that success cannot be achieved without dedication. Ipsita thinks that one should be responsible for their own success and failure as well. She understands that success is achieved when she uses her creativity to her maximum capability. This sense of empowerment is what led her to choose entrepreneurship.

Ipsita says, “Business leaders need to be astute. I always believe that leaders must have the ability to accurately assess situations and people and accordingly take decisions.”

Overcoming the Obstacles

The IT sector is currently going through a very dynamic phase. Digital technologies are transforming many industries and this is impacting the IT sector. With this, the business models are transforming along with customers.

The team at Kalzoom understood the need for new business models, re-shape talent and drive innovation for IT companies. The main challenge faced by the company was to educate IT entrepreneurs to make the change and take an early advantage of the market dynamics.

The other major challenge was to create a mindset for the need for consulting. Many mid-sized companies were reluctant to spend money on consulting. As a result, the sales cycles

have been long and have required immense focus on building confidence with their clients to make the investment

Inspiration to Budding Entrepreneurs 

Ipsita has a very strong view to share with upcoming entrepreneurs. She believes that entrepreneurship is a serious business. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, it should be taken seriously. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication along with extraordinary skills to stand out from others.

“Secondly, I would advise young entrepreneurs to be prepared for failure and learn from it to succeed. Focus, discipline and perseverance – these are three qualities all entrepreneurs must nurture,” advises Ipsita.

Technology is progressing at an exponential pace leading. Hence, there are numerous opportunities for young minds to envision their future. Ipsita asserts that the companies with strong focus, unique strategy and experimental capability to innovate are likely to survive in the long run.

Taking the Legacy Forward

With the growth in Ipsita’s entrepreneurial experience, she has become an asset to her organization. Her experience has led her to develop personally as well. According to her, personal development is as critical as career development for an entrepreneur.

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