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Advance Metering Technology Ltd (AMTL) is an energy centric organization involved in energy Generation through renewable source, energy measurement and energy management. AMTL is focused towards ensuring a greener & cleaner economy with three pronged approach viz Generation of power from renewable sources, manufacturing of world class energy monitoring devices and Energy Audit Service.
In an interview with Insights Success, P.K. Ranade, CEO at Advance Metering Technology Ltd (AMTL) gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by him and the company to take this industry to next level.

  1. Kindly brief us about the company.

AMTL was formed as part of a strategic vision of creating an organization in line with modern vision of India.  We actively contribute to the energy security of the country by developing and using state of the art technologies for the active management and measurement of energy and non-conventional fuels to generate energy with the help of renewable technologies.  We provide the next generation of energy meters and energy management solutions to serve the metering needs of the next generation of national distribution and also aim to participate in global businesses where it is critical for smart meters to replace all existing conventional meters.

  1. Please tell us about your Founder/CEO and his/her contribution towards the company and the industry.

Shri P.K. Ranade upon completing his technical education in Germany has been associated with INDO ASIAN GROUP at the top level management since inception and contributing mainly to the management and technical field of the company. He headed the Research and Development Team of the company and was responsible for development of new technologies and assimilation of the same in the production programmes of the company. Having extensive experience in Production and Planning, he streamlined the products and production capabilities of the company to grow into a reputed name in India and overseas. As a consequence of his long association with leaders in european companies the Company has been able to create strong business links with them.
Mr. P.K. Ranade is also the Founder Chairman of Indo Kopp Pvt. Ltd., Joint Venture in technical and financial collaboration with M/s. Heinrich Kopp AG, Germany set up at Noida.
He is also the Promoter Director of Indo Asian Marketing Ld. a pioneer in the field of marketing of Electrical Safety Devices and having an extensive sales network all over the country.
The company Advance Metering Technology Limited has been created as a part  of M/s Indo Asian Fusegear Ltd. After the divestment of its protection and distribution business in the erstwhile Indo Asian Fusegear Limited and has already grown into a market leader in its carefully chosen field of operations and is known for clearly for quality and execution excellence.

  1. What kind of solutions/services/products does your company offer at par with the current industry standards?
  • AMTL is manufacturing and providing a complete range of smart metering solutions to all its esteemed customers and it highly regarded as a preferred vendor to the largest epc contractors in the country.
  • Having setup a world class manufacturing hub with integrated assembly lines, a large number of Plastic molding machines and multiple imported SMT assembly lines it also provides a complete array of turnkey manufacturing solutions to other companies who look to outsource their product manufacturing and assembly either as a complete OEM partner or component supply partner in the field of Plastics and Electronic assembly.
  • In addition to this AMTL provides consulting and EPC solutions in the energy efficiency domain as a BEE PAT certified Energy Audit company.
  • We have after tedious R&D developed an extensive range of highly evolved smart metering solutions for the export market and now look at partnering with the right overseas companies to expand operations in foreign markets.
  • AMTL also provides complete civil and electrical EPC contractor services and has already completed 2 large scale projects in this field in a short span of 3 years.
  1. What fascinates you most about the electrical industry?

Having personally spent more than 40 years in this industry I have seen the industry growth from nothing to its current status.  Energy is one of the biggest  enablers for the growth of any economy and if I can contribute in my own humble way to make it grow further  and faster it would make me extremely satisfied and happy.

  1. Kindly mention the awards and accolades received by the Founder/CEO and the company?
  • In 1991 Mr P K. Ranade was awarded the Vijaya Ratna Award by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Chandrashekhar for his contribution to the growth of technology in INDIA in addition to numerous awards and accolades by various chambers of commerce and industry.
  • Mr P K Ranade was nominated by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in 2006 as a Delegate Member in the IEC panel to represent BIS in IEC Committees and Sub-Committees.
  • Mr P K Ranade has been actively associated with the Bureau of Indian Standards, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Federation of Indo-German Societies in India, PHDCCI, Indo-Canadian Business Chamber as a member since a long time.
  • Mr P K Ranade is a Director of the Legrand Group in India.

Advance Metering Technology Ltd. (formerly Indo Asian Fusegear Ltd) is :

  • The first Indian manufacturer of Electrical Circuit Protection Equipment to be awarded ISO 9001 certification.
  • The first Indian company to manufacture DIN HRC fuses.
  • The first Indian company to introduce Compact Fluorescent Lamps in a fully integrated CFL Plant.
  • The first Indian CFL manufacturing company to comply with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) requirements.
  • The first Indian company to produce environment friendly mercury-less CFLs.
  1. What are the major challenges the company has faced during its growth?

In this field we have seen that finding the right people to employ and other companies to partner with has been our biggest challenge. Success is much more attainable in the right timeframe if the right people work together. Another issue is the nonaligned view by various governing bodies in the country on the choice of technology going forward. It is felt that a strict adherence to quality standards is required to make sure that only the best quality products are produced in INDIA.

  1. Being one of the leaders in the electrical industry what are the effective measures the company is integrating in regards to technology and establishing a new venture.

AMTL is and has always looked at working on future technologies as that is the only way to grow while safeguarding the future of the company. In line with this vision we have since inception believed in investing in an extensive in-house R&D team to continuously work on product refinement, upgradation and new product development as we believe that technology is the backbone of any company which is involved in products linked to energy and power solutions.

  1. What are your views regarding the current scenario of the industry?

The industry in its current growth stage requires a lot of direction and vision in terms of strategy, choice of technology adoption and pace of upgradation of infrastructure. In some areas we see huge potential but we need to take a hard look at the above points before we begin to deploy solutions.

  1. Kindly share with your Vision and Mission of your organization.

We want to be one of the top three companies in India in our chosen field of business and produce products which can be compared with the best of their class in the world.

  1. What is your key mantra that has driven you over the years?

Excellence  in the field of manufacturing, product development  and adopt the global best practices to ensure continuity in what we are doing.

  1. What are your future perspectives?

To ensure that all the employees of the company grow with the growth of the company in the same measure.

  1. Please share a quote that best describes your company.

Always on the move to improve and emerge as a successful company with the cohesive teamwork of all stakeholders in the company.

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