Datsons Electronics: A Journey towards Excellence

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India is becoming one of the most lucrative options for the manufacturing industry to prosper. There has been a surge in demand for power in India due to increase in capacity utilization, industrialization, urbanization, and population. The government initiatives like ‘Power for all’, ‘Foreign Direct Investment’ have accelerated the power capacity of the country.   Both power as well as distribution network is getting strengthened across the country.
Inventions in the field of electronics and electrical are rapidly simplifying the human life!  There are many organizations in the electrical sector catering the need of the nation but few understand the importance of innovation and quality products.  That’s where, Datsons Electronics Pvt. Ltd, a 35-year-old establishment in the Indian and the global market stands to be as indigenous and most reliable brand.
Headquartered in Pune, Datsons is a  ISO 9001:2008 company specialized in making power magnetics, dry type K rated isolation transformer, data center PDU’s, UPS power accessories etc. Each Datsons’ product embodies its core values of business integrity, innovation, uncompromising quality, and customer satisfaction. The company has a team of around a hundred dedicated people including engineers, supervisors, and skilled operators.
A Successful Journey of Datsons
After earning his degree in Electric Engineering as gold medalist (state topper), Mr. Arun Deshpande founded Datsons along with his late father Mr. Dattatreya S Deshpande. Over four decades, he has enabled Datsons to be a leading power conditioning equipment brand with clients including UPS OEM’s and DATA CENTREs all over India. He has built the entire manufacturing facility from grass root level and has spent years in customizing the designs, international standard electrical products and critical uptime power solutions. On account of the quality of the product, offering good services, and ensuring timely delivery, in a short time of span Datsons has become one of the Preferable Brand in the Electrical Market.
Later in July 2018, he wanted the young Blood to take over the reign of the company. With a vision to enhance the further growth of the company, he accommodated four Directors to his Fleet. As a result, Vikarsh Group, Pioneer in Nano steel (National Award winning Company ) and one of a major supplier in Electrical steel in India took 80% of the shares in Datsons along with Mr. Rajaram Shinde-one of the pioneers in Dry type Transformer in India to lead the Company from the front.
As a Director, Milind Wani started looking in the day to day affairs of the company.  His first target was to enhance the infrastructure of the company thereby the manufacturing area was increased from 1000sq meters to 2400 sq meters. Under the leadership of Milind, in the last six months, the company has been instrumental in expanding its portfolio and concentrating on the Export market.
Delivering Quality Products
Datsons is involved in design, manufacture, and service of the equipment in critical infrastructure segments like Banking, Finance, IT, Data Centers, Communication, Indian research centers, Medical applications etc. The company believes in the continual improvement towards Quality and Performance by following the QMS.
Below are products offered by the company:-

  • Isolation & K-rated Transformers (10 to 1200 kva) Configuration Delta-Star, Delta-Zigzag Star, Delta-Delta, Start-Star etc.
  • Transformer Cubicles, Servo Stabilizers, Phase Sequence Correctors, Auto Change over Panels, Distribution Boards, and Soft Starters.
  • PDUs with Branch Power Current measurement (BCPM) in single and three phase configurations. 600 kva.  PDU (highest rating PDU mfg by us for Nxtra DC Pune).
  • SCVS range 5 to 130kVA for 3 in 1 Out & up to 500kVA for 3 In 3 out configuration with and without isolation Transformer with various input ranges.

What’s so unique?
Datsons has an in-house expertise in designing all equipment in terms of operational costs and reliability. Manufacturing is done in-house along with all its critical processes of assembly, brazing till final testing. The company has a manufacturing capacity of minimum 200-225 panels (Cubicle+PDUs put together) per month. It has 10-12 winding lines for all product range along with well-trained operators to cater to the need of delivery requirement.
Starting from Bare isolation transformer testing to BMS reading simulation with the worlds renowned software, Datsons has one of the best set up for testing wherein everything is ensured. Testing includes all tests – visual, functional and heat Run (Full Load). Testing is conducted as per “IS Standard “guidelines. Each unit is getting tested thoroughly to ensure aesthetic as well as functional quality.
Datsons has fully automatic bus bar processing machinery with high accuracy and less turnover cycle of processing.  All the process like Harnessing and wiring are carried in-house to facilitate quality, quantity minimum lead time and timely delivery of the Product.
The company has a uniquely designed Transformer with different constructions and guaranteed efficiency of up to 99%. The company designs unique and customized PDU as per customer requirement. The company is dedicated to providing excellent support to the client.
Garnering Trust
Datsons has provided best-in-class services to some of the prestigious clients include Vertiv Energy, Schneider/APC, Delta Power, L&T, IBM, Labotek, Adlec, BHEL, NTPC and many more.
Apart from OEM buyer the company also associated with some of the major turnkey contractor and clients/buyer.  Few of the company’s executed prestigious projects are:

  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DMRC),
  • Karnataka Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC),
  • Noida Metro rail Corporation (NMRC)
  • UIDAI Central Government Dream Project
  • Ctrls Data Centres across INDIA.
  • Reliance communications etc.

Talking about the quality standard at Datsons Milind says, “Appreciation of quality is the Best award received by the CEO from customers”
Future Roadmap
Progressing forward with a positive approach, the company is planning to double its growth by ensuring the horizontal growth of the organization. The company is planning to add more products including some special products like IGBT and Products made from superior cores mainly HPDR and Amorphous cores thereby cutting on size. Moreover, having more efficient products and up to the mark automatic facility with comparatively fewer overheads, Datsons is dedicated to providing best-in-class products to customers.

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