Advocate Mita Banerjee: An Embodiment of Unwavering Dedication to the Principles of Justice and Equality and Human & Animal Rights

Mita Banerjee
Advocate Mita Banerjee

‘Nothing is impossible. Everything is Possible.’ Those people who say that many things are impossible in this world must look at the feminine breed amongst themselves. How women have persevered through the ages in a world historically dominated by men is a tale of exceptional wit, grit, and resolve. Making determined strides to carve out their own paths and rise above the deeply ingrained patriarchal bias that permeates every facet of life, from the household to the professional sphere, women have always been achieving the impossible.

Times have always been such where the echoes of gender bias and societal norms often overshadow women’s potential. Yet, some individuals shatter these barriers and rise as nebulas of inspiration. Thankfully, from time immemorial to the modern era, we have been witnessing a growing number of women shattering the so-called ‘glass ceiling’ and embarking on extraordinary journeys of their own. In the legal domain, especially, women have made remarkable and unprecedented strides in recent times.

Advocate Mita Banerjee, a ‘Padmashree 2024 Nominee,’ and ‘Pillars of the Nation Award-2023,’ celebrated as ‘The Women in Law 2023,’ is in the league of those and is also renowned as a remarkable trailblazer in the legal arena. Adv Mita, a formidable presence, has made an indelible mark on the field of law in India. Adv Mita is famous for her exceptional prowess in the realm of legal expertise and is an inspiring paradigm of women’s accomplishments in a traditionally male-dominated arena.

Standing Resolute 

Born on December 21, 1982, Adv Mita is an Indian Lawyer and Activist whose career embodies unwavering dedication to the principles of justice and equality and human & animal Rights. She has exhibited exceptional legal acumen, advocating for individuals without discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, language, colour, or gender.

In fact, she is the only Advocate who render legal awareness to underprivileged Naxalite area in Buster. Adv Mita’s commitment to providing legal aid, especially to those from marginalized and economically vulnerable sections of society, is a testament to her belief in protection of human rights and in the power of law to rectify injustices.

Adv Mita firmly believes that the strength of our legal system lies not in its statutes but in their just and impartial implementation. Throughout her career, she has passionately represented her clients before the Honorable High Court of Calcutta, various tribunals, district and session courts, and criminal courts. Her relentless pursuit of justice has been acknowledged in the pages of Success Story Lifestyle Magazine’s ‘Influential Women Power 2022’ edition and Hindustan Times’ list of ‘Top 30 Women Leaders.’

Adv Mita’s journey in the legal realm is nothing short of an inspiration, marked by her resilience and dedication to truth and fairness. She completed her education with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and pursued an LLB in 2009. During her career from 2009 to 2016, she handled an impressive array of 100 cases, delving into areas such as rape, child abuse, forgery, divorce, and corporate crimes. Her affiliation with the Bar Council of India and the Barrister Library Club, High Court Calcutta underscores her standing as a distinguished legal professional.

Championing the Cause

Adv Mita draws strength from the support of her husband (Barun Kumar Ray), an advocate, and her father (Late Ashoke Banerjee), her guiding light through the ups and downs of life. Adv Mita has further enriched her understanding of human behaviour by learning a diploma course in Psychotherapy. In her leisure time, she finds joy in cooking for her beloved husband and exploring the pages of history and Indian mythology.

Adv Mita believes that Indian mythology is not mythology, but the history of rich Indian tradition, culture, education, pride, strength, architecture, medicine, engineering etc., which were destroyed from the pages of history by invaders, anti-national forces and traitors at different times and are still trying to erase.

For Adv Mita, fighting against animal cruelty is not just a legal profession but her heartfelt commitment, since, she believes that like human being other animals too have same right to live upon this planet, as all are the children of our mother nature. Her unyielding belief in pursuing truth above all materialistic gains underscores her unwavering principles. She champions the cause of equality, vowing to stand against discrimination, whether it’s directed at men or women or third gender.

Adv Mita’s indomitable spirit and embodiment of the ‘Iron Lady’ persona are the elements that women worldwide find inspiring on their unique journeys. Her life story echoes the sentiment that the path to success is indeed filled with vibrant shades of grey, wherein the unyielding pursuit of truth takes precedence. Adv Mita is a symbol of unwavering courage and a testament to the boundless potential of women in the field of law and beyond.

A Journey of Excellence

Adv Mita’s leadership style and resolute personality shine brightly through a remarkable journey of achievements and accolades. Her journey began at the young age of 11 when she actively participated in the Anti-Drug Oath event at the Eastern Command Sports Stadium, Fort William, Calcutta, in front of Rotary International (R.I. District 3290). Throughout her academic years from 2002 to 2005 at ‘Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College,’ Adv Mita showcased her leadership qualities by securing first positions in debates and extemporaneous speaking competitions. Her eloquence and persuasive abilities earned her top honours in Inter School/College Cultural Competitions, such as ‘JAM and ‘Debate’ during the Milan Mela 2004, organized by the West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation.

Adv Mita’s unwavering commitment to social causes led her to earn more than 25 national awards, and she even represented India in the United Nations General Assembly. She further demonstrated her leadership by serving as the country vice-chairperson for India in Project 100 and the International Women’s Parliament. Her contributions extended to addressing global issues at the G-20 Summit in New Delhi, India, where she participated as both a speaker and a guest of honour.

Adv Mita’s dedication is also reflected in her recognition by the Embassy of The Republic Of Uzbekistan, New Delhi, India, and her accolade as an ‘Oasis World Records’ awardee for outstanding social activism. Furthermore, she was honoured with the prestigious ‘Prithvi Ratna Award 2023,’ solidifying her status as a dynamic and inspiring leader.

The Constant Source of Inspiration

Adv Mita is undoubtedly a fearless individual who confronts life’s challenges with unwavering determination. She acknowledges her husband, an advocate, for being a constant source of inspiration throughout her life’s journey. Additionally, her father, her guiding mentor, has been a steadfast presence, supporting and motivating her through every trial and tribulation as she navigated her path as a young lawyer.

Adv Mita hails from a family with a rich history and diverse backgrounds. Her paternal grandfather, Late Sudhir Chandra Banerjee, was an accomplished industrialist who operated Engineers Union Private Limited, a company dedicated to manufacturing railway sleepers for the Indian Railways. This entrepreneurial spirit runs in her family’s veins. On her maternal side, her grandfather, Late Chandra Binod Dutta, was a distinguished ‘Tamra-Patra’ recipient, highlighting his contributions and achievements. It’s worth noting that Adv Mita’s family is not only known for their industrial and academic achievements but also for their deep spiritual connections. Her paternal grandfather’s cousin, Swami Gitanandaji, formerly known as Basudev Mukhopadhyaya, devoted his life to the noble cause of human welfare within the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, leaving an indelible mark on the spiritual and humanitarian landscape. This rich family history underscores Adv Mita’s background and the values of entrepreneurship, academia, and humanitarianism that inspire her endeavours.

Committed to a Noble Mission 

On a personal note, Adv Mita finds a connection with Razia Sultan, resonating with the idea that there is often a woman behind a man’s success. In contrast, many men contribute to the success of a single woman. Adv Mita’s inherent compassion for animals is evident as she actively takes up cases related to animal cruelty. Above all, she firmly believes that the pursuit of truth is the ultimate goal for humanity, placing honesty above materialistic gains. When it comes to gender discrimination, Mita is resolute in her commitment to combat all forms of bias, be it against men or women.

Adv Mita Banerjee’s Hall of Fame:

  • Nominated for Padmashree 2024.
  • Pillars of the Nation Award-2023 from Ram Niwas Goel, Speaker, Delhi Vidhan Sabha.
  • International Women Parliament, Conclave 2023, on the International Day of Parliamentarism, New Delhi, India (announced).
  • Top 30 emerging leaders- Women on the Top, Hindustan Times.
  • Global Peace Award by United Nations, Global Peace Council, 24.2.2023, at Uzbekistan, Embassy, New Delhi, India.
  • Recipient of Appreciation Letter from Ambassador of The Embassy of The Republic Of Uzbekistan, New Delhi, India.
  • Recipient of Special Achievement Honored by Bengal Institute of Political Studies (Regd. No.190303020 of 2019) on 11.2.2023, Kolkata.
  • Awardee of Peter Drucker Management Excellence Award, at the Celebration of International Education Day, 25.01.2023, at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi-110001.
  • Awardee of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Award, 2023, New Delhi, January 22 2023, (IIC) – ‘OASIS WORLD RECORDS (SEASON 4)
  • Prithvi Ratna Award-2023, National Anti-Corruption Commission- Amritsar-Punjab.
  • Mother Terresa Pride Award-2023, International Women’s Day Celebration, MSME, NITI AYOG, presented by Rashtriya Mahila Jagriti Manch.
  • AMI RUPANGDEHI 2.2 by Rotary Club, Rotary Club District 3291, Prominent Practicing Advocate at the High Court Calcutta and well-known personality in the legal and Socio-political sectors.
  • Bidrohi Kavi Nazrul Islam’s 47th Tribute, Samman Award, Bashori- A Nazrul Center.
  • National Pride Award by Socially Point Foundation (Regard) approved by NITI AAYOG GOVT. OF INDIA, Ministry of MSME Govt. India, 2022.
  • India’s Iron Lady Awards- Season-1, India’s Iron Lady of the Year-2022, Inspiring Lady, By MTTV, INDIA.
  • Appreciation of Work on Police Diwas by Kolkata Police, 2022, by Shakespeare Sarani Thana.
  • Certificate of Excellence, Best Advocate and Law Counselor Women of the Year 2022 by BIA.
  • Top 100 (2022) Influential Indians Award – Mast Influential ADVOCATE, Presenting Emerging change makers, Dated 16.10.2022
  • Prithvi Women Climate Warrior, Campaigning by Her Story Times, 10.10.2022.
  • Femmetimes India’s Under 50 Women Leader for her outstanding achievements as an advocate, 25.9.2022.
  • National Pride Award, Award: Excellence Award in Advocacy, Recognized by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Supported by International Chamber of Commerce, August 28 2022, Kolkata.
  • Champion Corona Gladiator & Role Model of our Society, by Hallo Kolkata, 21.5.2022
  • Barsha Sera AayanJibi (Bhalo Kajer Sera Samman), 23.4.2022. Press Club Kolkata.
  • Biswa Bangla Nari Samman-2022, International Women’s Day, Achiever’s Award for Eminent Advocate and Socio-Cultural Motivator, Hello Kolkata.
  • Nation Pride Award, 2022, for ‘Excellence Award in Advocacy’, supported by the International Chamber of Commerce.
  • International Social Honourable Award – by WORLD CHARITY WELFARE FOUNDATION – Associated with Ministry of Health Family Welfare, Central vigilance commission, Ministry of chemicals & Fertilizers, Ministry of skill Development & ENTERPRENEURSHIP (Register. No. U85300D2011 NPL75789).
  • Indo-Bangladesh Harmonica, Excellence in Trans-National Socio-Cultural Welfare, for Eminent Advocate and Socio-Cultural Welfare, Hello Kolkata.
  • Hello Kolkata- Achievers Award, November 30, 2019, at Calcutta Press Club, for Eminent Advocate & Socio-Cultural Motivator.
  • Hello Kolkata – Women Empowerment Award-2018, for Eminent Advocate, March 9, 2019, Birla Planetarium.
  • Excellence Award, 2018, by Hello Kolkata in collaboration with Kolkata Book Fare, February 9 2018, Book Fare Kolkata.

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