Agawane Technologies: Offering Comprehensive IT, Surveillance & Telecom Solutions

Technological progress is the motivating force behind economic growth, citizen engagement, and job creation. The Information and Communication Technologies, in particular, are redesigning many aspects of the world’s economies, governments, and societies.
As the “always-on” Information and Communications Technology world evolves and converges, network vendors, service providers, manufacturers, and software developers need to gain a greater competitive advantage by partnering with leading testing and certification laboratory which has the expertise, efficiency, and global network of specialists to help them meet their needs.
Understanding this requisite, Harish Agawane, founded Agawane Technologies, a dynamic and fast growing organization which is a one-point contact providing end-to-end solutions in the areas of IT, Surveillance and Telecom industry for various offerings. Based in Mumbai, India, Agawane Technologies is a global IT and Telecom Solutions and Services provider. It develops tailored solutions for global IT & telecom service providers, carriers, and software product vendors. Their fundamental IT systems, capabilities, and architecture play a central role in enabling IT & Telecom players to achieve operational excellence.
Today, Agawane Technologies provide full-range of services that address all the needs for integrated information, regardless of the platform or complexity of the technology. Agawane Technologies has in-house capabilities and expertise to offer turnkey Telecom and IT Integration Solutions and Power Distribution Solutions to its clients.
A Dynamic Leader
Harish Agawane, Founder and CEO of Agawane Technologies, is a Telecom/ISP and IT professional with over 15 years of diverse experience. He is skilled in Solution & Product Management, Pre Sales Solution & Design, Project & Vendor Management, Bid and Process Management, Network Planning & Integration, Global Service Delivery, CAPEX Management, Team Management, and Network Integration. Harish considers that pursuing new creative ideas that have potential to change the world and acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies is vital for a company’s success.
Bottom-line, no company or Board is perfect today but, if we start with a list of core values and passion for outstanding customer experience, learn from our clients and staff – we’ll gain a competitive advantage to win the battle of competing in a Digital Age,” says Harish. He strongly believes in the values of Honesty and Integrity. Taking a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance for workers and committing to a great customer experience is essential.
Advising the upcoming entrepreneurs, Harish says, “I will suggest all of them to stay firm and confident, problems will always be there. You should not get distracted by them and continue building your network along with making trustworthy relationship.”
Exceptional Services and Innovative Solutions
It is never so easy to get success in any field, whether its business or life, you have to struggle. As a startup it was never easy for us but past experience and positive people around you make it possible,” says Harish.
At Agawane Technologies, they strongly believe in building long term relationships which can benefit them in the future. They have built strong relationships with their customers by providing end-to-end solutions within a quick span of time as well as support. They believe in innovation and provide cost-effective and quick solution whether it is Cisco Solution, CCTV Solutions or FTTH (GPON) Solutions.
Agawane Technologies provides infrastructure technology and applications outsourcing services, as well as architecture guidance, application development & integration, and application management services. They deliver a wide range of services from global safety testing to certification that enables accelerating the speed to market, gain new efficiencies, and reduce risk, while protecting the brand and reputation. Furthermore, they also meet local and global regulation standards, and help transform the client’s product into a business success.
When moving to a new solution provider, it is important to ensure they provide a good balance between service and savings,” says Harish. Pure solution independence allows them to search the market for the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. They undertake thorough audits of all aspects of their clients IT & Telecom costs, whilst retaining the highest levels of customer service.
An Inspiring Strategy
It is the philosophy of Agawane Technologies to give its clients a complete unified communications solution under one roof and have dedicated products expert on-hand playing an instrumental part in IT, Surveillance & Telecom’s development and growth. Their primary objective is to design, manufacture, and distribute quality telecommunications and information technology products, to provide services that satisfy customer requirements, and to fulfill employee and shareholder aspirations. Agawane Technologies is committed to the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System performance through periodic reviews and by setting and reviewing its objectives and targets, ensuring the relevance to the organizations’ activities and in keeping with company policy.
The Way Ahead
Agawane Technologies is currently concentrating on FTTH (GPON) & Home Automation which is the wide requirement and are working towards growing themselves into the same as well. They bring in the best-in-class practices to ensure that the telecom equipment or service, device, content or application is ready for the market and exceeds the customers’ expectations.

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