Cosmos IT Infra Pvt. Ltd: Rendering End-to-End IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services

In today’s IT environment, data is growing exponentially and IT Infrastructure and Strategy has become an integral part of the overall Business Strategy. In this ever-changing market and business ecosystem, a flexible, scalable, secure, and responsive infrastructure is the top priority of enterprises as they need to move towards more agile IT to speed-up their transformation journey by planning and adopting new technologies.
Organizations mainly rely on IT Infrastructure providers and their Distribution Systems to deliver solutions that inspire confidence when connecting their businesses with external employees, customers and partners around the world. Cosmos IT Infra Pvt. Ltd is one such leading distributor and solutions provider of Information Technology, Telecom, and Security Products. The team at Cosmos is well-versed with the latest and the most powerful technologies available today for locating, organizing, managing, protecting, and presenting information. The business expertise of this organization are rendering of logistics and after sales support, training and technology solution designing.
Cosmos IT Infra as a group of companies and experts have more than 15 years of experience in IT Infrastructure distribution and solutions in India and overseas. They offer a complete end-to-end IT infrastructural project management, expertise product service solutions, system integration, technology project planning, designing, estimation and commissioning, and security solutions all under one roof.
Creating growth opportunities within the SMB market, Cosmos provides businesses with technology to add scale, enhance services, and improve productivity. As per the current market trends, IoT(Internet of Thing) platform is adopted by them; where they have tried to sum up different technologies in the products to give the best and the budgetary solutions to their clients. They have proven expertise in wide array of application including voice, data and video communication. They also have international distribution and reach in Middle East and Africa.
Cosmos is also aiding Cisco with Digital India to empower citizens digitally. They are showcasing their latest projects in smart building, smart parking, connected learning and smart work place in all the possible ways.
The Dynamic Duo
Nilesh Thakare, a young and dynamic risk taker, is the Co-founder and the Chairman of Cosmos IT Infra. His positive thinking, optimism, motivating thought process and energy to do things and accomplish goals, manifest his positive attitude towards life. Complete satisfaction of the customers is his top priority. Nilesh along with Anup founded the Cosmos IT Infra domain in 2013. “The road to success is never easy. We have to try each and every day in order to reach our desired goals. Success is not a single time processes. Success lies in consistency, dedication, smart work and believing our dreams. This world is full of gloom-ridden people and situation. So it is very important to keep our selves motivated and charged to strive hard to achieve our dream,” says Nilesh.
Anup Bhosle is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Cosmos IT Infra. When it comes to work he knows exactly what he wants to do and how to get it done.  He is a diligent, clear headed personality who understands business requirement very well. He is highly experienced, well organized, and extremely professional. His light hearted, grounded nature and jolly personality provides the best work life quality for their employees.
 “Innovations are the real growth of the Organization,” says Nilesh.
Recently, Cosmos has successfully tested and commissioned a project of setting up Wi-Fi system in a bus for their client. Presently, people tend to travel minimum of one hour to three hours daily just to reach their work places. So, a Wi-Fi enabled bus is a boon for today’s generation. Once they enter the bus, employees can immediately start their work by connecting to the office servers. The aim was to convert the non-productive hours of long travel into productive office hours. In another recent on-going project, Cosmos is transforming a regular ‘Home’ in an intelligent and ‘Smart Home’. Home Automation with newly added innovations is all related to the recently blooming technology of IoT.
Anup feels that business should be done with transparent communication. He believes that when one opens the door to transparency and openness, a lot of people follow through. Cosmos’s primary and utmost motto is ‘customer comes first’. When one makes the world better for others, they make the world better for themselves too. Hence, at Cosmos, they don’t call their customers as ‘clients’, they call them as ‘Partners’. They believe in partnership with the customers; where they and their partners are in a win-win situation. They believe in customer’s complete satisfaction. As an entrepreneur, they must listen to the requirements or issues of any customers, in order to give them robust solution and satisfactory services. Catering to a variety of customers, Cosmos has always delivered well-versed and customized solutions, pre & post sales services and quick delivery to all of them. “A comprehensive approach towards customer satisfaction is the only way to retain customers,” says Anup.
Advice to the Upcoming Entrepreneurs
Nilesh advises, “Never ever in your life get disappointed by failure. Failure is not end of the story. Rather it’s a learning process.” Anup further adds, “Take control of your life, be disciplined to take some time out each week for yourself. Don’t be afraid to flout convention.”
Both of them strongly believe in making the organization better by improving the way of work, bridging the gap in internal communication and capitalizing the unused information. They always try to seize new opportunities. “A good entrepreneur will always influence employees to do their best and contribute to the betterment of the organization,” says Anup. This is the most important quality, an entrepreneur or a boss in the organization must have. “An entrepreneur’s life is full of challenges and problems, one should not be afraid of that. ‘Face it, embrace it and learn from it’. Make world a better place,” says Nilesh.
Future Objectives
Cosmos IT Infra aims to improve the customer satisfaction further with better solution and services to their customers in order to retain them for a longer duration. In the coming years, with a very well experienced team, they are targeting to add a distinct department for Automation, wherein they will implement their innovative ideas and come up with brand new technologies.

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