TimeNet Solutions: A Prominent Network Solution Provider

Automation and Software Defined Networking offer fascinating prospects. The technology industry is evolving in such a way that resources are being opened out. These newly available untapped resources  offer  immense flexibility in not only providing end-user ‘customization’ but  also in providing possibilities for creating unique products to suit individual customer requirements. As we look towards automation for solutions, the need for skilled network professionals is also growing as everything cannot be automated.
In a quest to achieve just that, TimeNet Solutions, a leading network solution provider in South India, delivers a portfolio of IT Solutions and also help support complex scalable operations, by providing Customized Solutions, Expert Consulting, and Strategic Integration. Their solutions helps customers gain a significant advantage over their competitors.
TimeNet Solutions helps customer transformation process by partnering with Industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft. TimeNet Solutions is a premier partner of CISCO, the worldwide leader in IT & Networking. They are also the recipient of Cisco’s “Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award” for 3 years which is TimeNet’s pride and showcases their consistency in effort.
Foundational Pillars of TimeNet Solutions
TimeNet Solutions is formed by technological experts, who shared a similar vision in providing the best work culture, promoting job security and creating a motivating ambience for their employees. They envisioned a place where their employees could freely exhibit and enhance their skills, thereby leading to both ‘individual’ development and success for the company. . The biggest asset of TimeNet is a team of experts aided by a solid technical background. They also have a training wing as a part of TimeNet Solutions.
Two among these experts are Pramod Oommen and John T Alexander. COO, Pramod Oommen specializes in IT, Sales and Operations & John T Alexender, CFO is a Law graduate who handles ‘Finance & Accounts” at, TimeNet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Change is the only constant factor in technology sector. Entrepreneurs face many challenges in a rapidly changing business environment. To become a successful entrepreneur one has to face many slips and misses before finding the right path to successes.
TimeNet Solutions makes organizations aware of ways to enhance the performance of their IT assets and to meet and exceed their business objectives with the right solution. It also helps in simplifying and refining the process flow of an organization, to optimize and align IT infrastructure to generate the desired revenues. At TimeNet Solutions they hold up the responsibility to instruct and support their clients, throughout all phases of their projects, from the ‘beginning’ until the ‘end’.
“We strived hard in building technical competencies for customer satisfaction”, says Mr.Pramod Oommen.
Words of Wisdom
“An entrepreneur is one who has a vision and a desire to create something. Running a business is no doubt hectic, but the upcoming entrepreneurs should not only build their own team to bolster their successes but should also keep themselves updated with new solutions, ideas and emerging trends.”
“An entrepreneur should constantly be updated with current trends and development. They should also focus on building a great team & keep them Motivated”, Says Mr. John T Alexander.
 Enriching Clients with Creativity  
Having started operations thirteen years ago, and apart from being a leading CISCO solution provider in India, TimeNet Solutions has also executed major critical networks implementation missions across various customer bases. They have more than 300 satisfied customers like VSSC,  ISRO , LPSC, IISU, CMSE, IIST, CDAC, KSREC,RGCBT, IT MISSION, KELTRON, REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT, INFORMATION KERALA MISSION, BSNL, TCS, NAVIGANT, INDIAN NAVAL BASE,SOUTHERN AIR COMMAND, MSC CREW,COCHIN PORT,COCHIN SHIPYARD.
Some of the services offered by TimeNet Solutions includes, WAN Solutions, Security Solutions, Wireless Solutions, Data Management Solutions, Video Delivery, Network Auditing, Security Auditing, Data Center Solutions and Cloud-Based Solutions.
They also undertake projects on structured Voice and Data centre Cabling, Optical Fiber Installation, Patch Panel Termination, Cable Testing & Certification, Structured Cabling Design & Implementation, Floor and Wall Mount Data Communications Rack Security, IP Camera & analog camera Installation, AMC’s on Passive side.
The Innovative Upcoming Projects
TimeNet Solutions provides solutions for Data Center, Security, Collaboration, Cloud, Mobility, ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Software Defined Networking’. They have a separate wing for dedicated support service – ‘TimeNet Services’.  The company also has a range of certified professionals to provide assistance in all IT requirements, like ‘IT Infrastructure Support’ and ‘Remote Assistance’.
As the world moves towards ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘Virtualization’, TimeNet Solutions has teamed up with Virtualization pioneer VMWare with an enterprise level certification and is assisting its customers in choosing the best solution in virtualizing their Data Centers. They also offer a wide variety of Video Conferencing Solutions – a cost-effective way of nullifying the need and hassles of ‘physical travel’.
With a revolutionary aim, TimeNet Solutions proudly believes, “our customers can expect ‘industry proven’ excellent services always, from our end.”

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