AI (Artificial Intelligence)’s CALIBER CAN BE DIFFERED.

Artificial Intelligence

What we currently have now is ANI (artificial narrow intelligence) that is Google search, chess algorithms, self-driving cars, spam filters, IBM’s Watson, Amazon’s Recommendations etc. In other words, the intelligence narrowly confined to be very good at a particular task but this is not anywhere near the AGI (artificial general intelligence) which means the human-level intellect, whereby the program will be able to consciously make decisions over wide range of topics, have the ability to analyze, reason, and most importantly learn. This AI is nothing but plagiarizing the brain. At this point, once the AGI is reached, the time till it becomes ASI (Artificial Super-intelligence) might be very short since once the artificial intelligence engages in constant recursive learning, its rate of getting smarter will itself increase to the level far surpassing all of our ingenuity combined.
ASI is which when gets achieved, no one knows for sure what happens then but for sure no barricades for its intelligence. It will not have the aim to destroy us all but rather it just won’t care. And that is the threat, since once it sets a certain goal according to its instructions, humans might just become a nuisance, getting rid of which will improve the efficiency of ASI. And so destruction of our species might be like a side effect but definitely not the primary goal for it. But we are going to consume AI in future same as how we consume oxygen involuntarily.
To think for industries which can’t be affected by AI will leave you astonished. Working in Digital marketing, one can clearly see what the current trends in the world of technology are.
Entertainment through social media platforms in sharing blogs, videos, and photos has been enhanced in its relativity to each individual. AI is enabling entertainment in such a way that it is more interactive, personalized and engaging. In any industry, recommendations to their customers is very basic thing for their better experience, same but now became very powerful.In coming future, we will be going to see the Augmented Reality motion posters in the shopping malls and theatres where we can virtually take the photos with the celebrities, even talk to them, fight with them, dance with them just by scanning the barcode on those posters. They will literally come out of those posters; not literally but virtually.
Retail Industry:
By 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions in retail will be managed by artificial intelligence, according to Gartner Research Company.
If online shopping (Ecommerce), needless to say the personalized products will be recommended according to your previous shopping.
If offline shopping, there are lots of implementations now, by AI. Like, augmented reality, which helps you to scan the codes of the product that you are interested in, if home decor, you can cross check virtually, even the product is not present, you can still see how it might look in your house.
Similarly, the virtual trail mirrors in the shopping malls. The whole catalogue over there helps you to know how those designer wears or fashion products and complimentary wears will fit for you, how good the look on you, how perfect they mix in you.
HR Tech:
When there are plenty resumes going through to say who fits better for the position, since we know what we expect from those resumes, AI helps you when you get piqued in searching for that perfect candidate. By text analytics, NLP and keyword detection, you can get all the scholars’ resumes.
Customer Service:

All the basic queries of the customers can be handled by the chatbots which are designed by AI. Not only that, chatbots can save lots of time and money for the enterprises by removing the wait time with customers’ calls and in training the employees.
Govt. for Low Resource Communities:

It helps the govt. to know how much amount of the streets of the country has been urbanized over certain period using Google street maps, and thereby it can analyze what and what to be provided for the suburbanized villages according to their locations and the minimal needs they require like say a mini-bank, a gas store, better roads, schools and hospitals nearby.

Robotic surgeons, Robot doctors will arrive in no time if there are softwares that are capable enough to perfectly diagnose the diseases and to prescribe effective treatment. IBM’s Watson, a supercomputer powered with AI, in some cases, has more accuracy rate than human doctors in diagnosing the diseases.

AI is replacing the need for a driver, bringing up the self-driving cars. Estimates suggest that the installation rate of AI-based systems in new vehicles will jump from 8% in 2015 to 109% in 2025. Moreover, according to Gartner’s prediction, by 2020, there will be 250 million cars connected to each other and to the infrastructure around them via Wi-Fi systems that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other and the roadways.

This industry is using AI from very beginning, robots for assembling and packaging the products which is a tedious task for humans. From those labored tasks to now some complicated assembling such as electric cars, even some portable homes; there is some huge exponential growth in the impact of AI in the manufacturing industry.

The Artificial Intelligence supplants human intelligence when coming to the predictive systems with rapidly increasing financial data, to market data to forecast stock trends and manage finances. “Robo-advisers” come up with automated advices and suggestions for financial clients by using various predictive algorithms for the recommendations which meet the clients’ habits of spending and saving in their investments.
And when we look at THE EFFECT OF AI ON SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AND ANALYTICS, It will appear to explode into infinity, at least from the limited and linear perspective of contemporary humans. With AI’s help we might see the glimpse of biological immortality opening the doors to unfathomable possibilities in social media marketing.
If you browse for some running shoes in Amazon, the first thing you see on your Facebook feed will be those recommendations of the Amazon asking you to try protein shake for good health. Everything is interlinked. Not only when you decide to shop, knowingly or unknowingly every single activity you do on your social networking sites lead to know your areas of interests, tastes, habits, hobbies, whom you like, what you like.
The effect of AI on social media marketing is UNIMAGINABLE. You can observe those sponsored advertisements in your feed appear very frequently and, just like anyone on your friends list do, here is where AI exactly shines likes a diamond, it auto-replies to all the comments and queries. Also, as been said before, they are in & as chatbots to play a vital part i.e., building up the bb bonding. Just shoot your questions and make yourself ready to get awestruck. All your queries get wiped off by a wiper called AI.
AI Engine, Eva:

At FeltSowe built a powerful AI Engine powered by cutting edge AI algorithms that can understand the natural language text. Eva, a Social media AI assistant from FeltSo, is built for media agents to automate their daily activities on all their social media channels starting from trending content creation, customer engagement etc. Handling the social media channels, doing that tedious work again and again is not the best way to waste your time. It can only be done by team work. But also with team work, the work can only be done when that is assigned to the right and eligible candidate. Human Intelligence will be summoned to demon by this Human-like Artificial Intelligence. So, there is no other eligible candidate like Eva.

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