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M76 Analytics
M76 Analytics

Business Strategies driven by Data Insights have become the number one priorities for the CXO level Management. Together, they promise to transform the way companies do businesses, delivering the kind of performance gains when organizations redesign their core processes. As Data-Driven strategies take hold, it will become an increasingly important point of competitive differentiation. M76 Analytics is an Analytics Driven Business Solutions Company that specializes in both Business and Data Consulting.
The Outline of M76
M76 Analytics is a Business Decision Science company formed by IIT- Bombay Alumni. Their products provide a framework that applies statistical learning as well as machine learning to real world situations and helps in taking business decisions.
M76 Analytics was the consultant to Times Now for election analysis in the UP elections 2017. It has successfully orchestrated several business value driving algorithms on a platform that can be used by business to configure solutions, and results in direct business actionables. Businesses can recreate and redesign their strategy through an intuitive interface, through which they can navigate just about the way they navigate their day to day business.
Vantage on Current Trends in Analytics
Every business needs Predictive and Diagnostic Data Analytics to survive in today’s market. Unfortunately, a large part of this is currently catered by a host of BI and Analytic tools that provide only data looking in the past, often data that is also not at the right aggregation levels, data which may not confer to a larger business KPI, and data that could be with limited analytic value.
M76 contends that eventually all the Analytic vendors, who currently enjoy a market leading status, are based upon generating information looking into the past, with limited business value added to it. M76 sees a hype curve ending with most players and trying to mobilize a set of visualization tools along with parading them as analytics. The real players in analytics however are niche players who master specific numerical techniques leading to business solutions, where customers see value for money in investing for a Data Driven Solution. The non-availability of these business agnostic data tools has created a huge chasm between business data and its usability.
The Fortunate Architect of M76 Analytics
Jai Mrug, Founder & CEO of M76 Analytics is a pioneering Psephologist who envisions the usability of data beyond Slice, Dice and Visualization. He has completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) from IIT Bombay. He opted for Operational Research for his graduation thesis. He completed his Post Graduation (Masters of Management) from the School of Management, IIT Bombay in the year 2001 with specialization in Operations and Market Research. He pioneered all the initial election properties at Times Now, such as the Spectrum, Firewall, and Clusters. He has been working in the field of Data analytics for the past two decades.
Jai Mrug is credited with pioneering analytic research in the space of rake linking for Indian Railways, which was carried out at IIT Bombay in 1996. It was later incorporated into the practices of Indian Railways. He has also championed the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) initiative at IGATE Patni. The Objective of the initiative was to use RFID for IoT based Analytics. He has worked on Analytic Solutions, Supply Chain Implementations, and Functional Solutions that require number crunching. He has worked for developing Business Decision Support Systems that can produce optimal solutions for business out of data.
A Strong Competitor in the field of Analytics
Data analytics as seen in the current realm has always been about slicing and dicing data using some Industry standard Data Models. Business has never actually been able to get relevant and business necessary insights into their data, which could directly relate to their business strategy.
To model analytic processing along the lines of business thought, and provide direct business actionable to the users of business is the mission of M76 Analytics.
Following are the key differentiators of M76 Analytics’ Product Platform:

  • Users don’t need to know how to use technical tools; they just need to know the Line of Business that they would like to investigate.
  • Ease of configuration of Algorithms, which can be suitably linked to generate necessary outcomes of different Business Scenarios.
  • It offers  business a real time simulation for different business logic and goals, that makes the product a complete alter ego, of the CXO level Management, helping them develop the sort of excel of business.
  • It provides a Business Solution tool, rather than a Business Intelligence tool.

Advancing Success and Future Mindset
M76 believes that, this is a testimony to the fact that they are indeed an innovative solution. They have had to deal with the multiplicity of technology platforms, and that has often caused them to work hard on their technology again and again. There has been resistance from businesses that have already invested crores of Rupees on tools that are mere computing platforms or visualization platforms with no substantial value added to the business. The huge chasm between research data analytics and industry applications which already exists needs to be bridged.
M76 believes, “We are already at the verge of 4th Industrial Revolution. Businesses and even people are using data like never before. Should we harness the power of Data Analytics, India for the first time has the potential to lead the world into an Industrial Revolution.”
M76 looks into a world that runs in an agile fashion where visionary business minds are not caught in redundant data mining but in true decision making.

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