AI– Making Smart Homes Smarter

Smart Homes

Smart technologies like AI are revolutionizing the way we live. They are not only making things easier for us, but are also transforming our homes into a safer place. The ever booming internet of things (IoT) is constantly improving the security procedures.

Smart home security is quite similar to a smart phone’s fingerprint scanner or the recent face ID scanner. Also, it is more secure than a four-digit code or pattern code and is more easy to use. These technologies provide convenience along with the benefit of added security.

AI Enhances Smart Camera Footage Accessibility
AI-powered smart cameras play a very important part from a security standpoint. These cameras can not only safeguard one’s house and keep them informed, but they can also record footage in 1080p, which is very important in terms of identification of the recorded footage.
These devices can automatically upload videos to the cloud. These videos can be accessed by the users any time and have easy playback options. Thanks to the connected smartphone apps and networks, one can view the live feed from anywhere, at any time. Also, these devices can utilize AI to figure out if something out of the ordinary is happening and send the concerned person an alert. For example, there are many smart cameras which can detect human figures that appear in the frame in specific areas of the house.

AI Integration Amplifies Voice Control
AI powered digital voice control devices also contribute towards making homes safer. While one controls these AI powered devices with their voices, they can play music and order items online. Some voice-enabled smart devices can also connect into a central network so that users can control other connected devices with ease.  AI can also be used to connect to individual smart home devices, or for multipurpose solutions. This technology provides innovation and wide-ranging solutions for security and home automation devices.

Smart Smoke Alarms can contribute in Easy Threat Detection
Most homes have smoke detectors already installed in the premises, but they aren’t as sophisticated as the AI powered smoke detectors. Connected smoke detectors overcome a lot of shortcomings that traditional smoke alarms have. For example, in case of low battery, one won’t have to work hard to figure out which unit is out of charge; they will receive notification on their phones.
In case the alarm ever goes off, users will receive a notification on their phones which they can view and silence using remotes. Certain smoke detectors also enable voice alert to inform about the first signs of smoke; this helps users to make sure that everyone is safe and take necessary steps to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the house.

Remote Controlled Smart Locks provide Enhanced Security

Integration of AI in smart locks can provide numerous benefits. It is a known fact that smart locks don’t rely on physical keys, which means that the users don’t have to worry about the key getting lost, stolen, or copied. One can easily control who has access to their house by using simple smartphone apps, and can lock and unlock doors remotely as per convenience. These locks enhance user convenience; users will always prefer doors that automatically unlock as they approach.
Leading smart lock providers are combining slick looks and powerful functionality. These smart locks work with the existing hardware, and are easy to install.  Using machine learning, they keep track of who activated the lock and when.

Saving Energy and Money Efficiently
Cutting-edge electrical equipment like smart power plugs, lights, and thermostats can contribute in energy savings. If these devices adapt to our daily lives, and not vice versa, then they can increase the savings and conserve energy. Smart user aware thermostats not only control the environment based on the usage, but also turn the lights on and adjust the room temperature before the concerned person reaches. User aware smart fans turn off when the user exits the room, but turns back on before the user returns so that they enter a cool house.
Smart devices enhance our comfort and entertainment. They play an important role in making our lives better and providing us a lasting experience. These devices provide us a wide assortment of features ranging from music, window blinds, coffee machine, and voice assistants. AI enabled wireless home stereo systems play more than just the role of a regular music machine. These systems get attuned to our daily routine and behavior patterns, and prepare a music playlist and podcast based on when we wake up. How we interact with our smart homes plays an important role in deciding whether we will give the devices a can’t-live-without status, or they will end up in the back corner of the closet.

Times are constantly changing, bringing along modern innovations and technological advancements. This is a revolutionary phase for the smart home and AI industry. Many developments have already been introduced in this space. With maturity of technology and the integration of various products, we can expect a future of endless possibilities.

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