BFX CGI: Engendering Value from Innovations


In any visual piece of art, story is the driving force, which makes that piece of art great. If the movie or short film does not have an engaging story, then it will fail. Various aspects are added to the story in order to accent, modify, or perfect the story. Visual effects are undoubtedly one of the best ways to do just that. VFX when used effectively, can set the mood of a shot or entire scene. This is a powerful concept because it means having a significant amount of control of what the audience sees and how they react to what is on screen. BFX CGI, being a VFX and animation studio contributes to the story that filmmakers are telling and aid in delivering the right scene to the audience. The studio is a full-service CG animation studio, and works on all aspects of the CG pipeline, right from Modeling to final compositing.
Established in the year 2006, the studio has worked previously and is currently working on over sixteen feature films, in complete or partial capacity. The year 2017 and 2018 was a great year in terms of awards for the studio. It’s short film “Running Lights”, won several international awards in the film festival circuit, and was nominated in the official selections for over twenty-seven film festivals, both at the domestic and international level.
The Versatile Management
Ambar Nair founded the all-rounder studio BFX CGI. Thup Nair, Co-Owner and Producer contribute equally by handling the production aspect gracefully. Leveraging his experience of 19 years, Ambar has helmed various vital roles in his success journey. Under their tremendous leadership, the studio is one of the first few studios to work on international features in the Eastern region.
All-Round Service Provider
The studio’s CG animation is used for film and video productions, as well as digital advertising platforms and other visual mediums. Whether it is a high profile advertising campaign or design and production of an award-winning CG animation film, the studio can assist in realizing unique vision of the project.
At BFX CGI, the talented and experienced team of modelers, animators and creative artists focus on all major artistic and technical areas of the CG pipeline – production management, technology, animation and rendering. Continuous innovation enables the studio to create stunning and progressively richer visual imagery. It also allows it’s artists to design characters, environments and worlds and to capture the beauty of the storyline in all it’s details.
BFX CGI is an expert in the sector of CG production pipeline, including:
-3D Modeling/Texturing/Surfacing
-3D Pre-Visualization
-3D Animation
-Lighting and Rendering
– CG Pipeline Development & Consulting
Adapting to the Industry Needs
The firm keeps on evolving from time-to-time and adapts to different productions needs of the company and clients/partners. Recently, the firm worked on several German productions, Television commercials, and features, adapted their working style, and enhanced their current pipeline. This accommodating nature of the studio enables it in keeping a great track of record of prompt deliveries for their international productions .
BFX’s core team constantly lookout for new technologies and keeps them updated if needed in a production, or in between productions. In addition, the Facebook page of BFX CGI posts the latest news around in the CG and animation industry to educate and inform it’s page followers.
Keeping Connections Across the Globe
It is very important for the studio to keep a tab on the industry needs, partners, and emerging market players. In order to do this, the firm attends the major conventions such as Mipcom, Annecy and many more. It keeps itself conversant with its existing partners and searches for new work and forges relationships with new partners. According to the studio, “repeat business is a great indicator of good feedback from clients”. In addition, the studio exchange work regularly with the wide network of Russian partners, helping each other out, and getting quality work at competitive costs and higher quality than domestically sourced freelancers, particularly in the area of rigging and character FX.
Quick Snapshot of the Portfolio
Aside from the studio’s 2017 short film “Running Lights”, one of the features it worked on to produce a majority of the assets “Another Day of Life” premiered as an official selection at the Festival de Cannes 2018, as well as at Annecy 2018. Watching the film live at Annecy 2018 was a proud moment for Thup and Ambar and the team members. In addition, last year, it worked on two Danish features “The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear” and “Hodja and the Flying Carpet”. Another personal proud moment for the studio was the screening of “The Stolen Princess” in Indian theatres in September 2018, where BFX’s team saw their names in the credits of a movie in which it had worked on for the first time ever in a local environment.
Future Modeling
Technologies like AR and VR are already reshaping the animation industry. The studio is keen to use these technologies and wants to stay as a leader in the animation and VFX industry. The studio is fully prepared for the future. Sharing the future possibilities, the studio states, “the future has a lot of challenges, and we hope to embrace them as they come on and as you go basis”. The firm is also in the process of renovating a new space for an animation and VFX training academy to train production ready artists, due to the shortage of readily available talent. The studio will start rolling the new academy Decemner 2018. This is in partnership with a Former Digital Resource TD of Dreamworks India – and students will be trained by full-time faculty and specialized classes will be conducted by its senior core team members in various departments. The company states that audience should watch it’s Facebook page for more news for the upcoming Nanomyte Animation Academy!

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