J B Kadge and Co., Chartered Accountants: Providing Expertise in wide variety of Internal and Management Audits, System Set ups and Allied Services

J B Kadge and Co.Chartered Accountants

Large or small, newly set up or established, businesses struggle with mainly two things, increasing Profits and mitigating Risks. This is where J B Kadge and Co, Chartered Accountants (JBKCo) come into the picture, who are experts in Internal and Management Audits and Systems Setups.
JBKCo was founded in 2005 and is successfully running for over a decade now. The firm has earned a position in the field of Internal Audits, mainly in Software Development, Event Management, Manpower Supply, Hotel, Media, Manufacturing, Trading and Service industry. It has helped more than 120 businesses to know their B2S Business-Score® and improve it considerably with scientific Internal Audit Systems.
A Resourceful Leader
A diligent personality, CA Jayant Bharat Kadge is the Founder of J B Kadge and Co., Chartered Accountants having a rich experience of 14 years.  Being a CA, he is a meticulous and system oriented person, who deliberately works closely with the owners and their managements. Guiding the paths of the business people and helping them to expand their business is CA Jayant’s passion. He has based his foundation on the virtues of integrity and strives for constant value addition which has resulted in long-term relationships with clients.
His determined-self has taken many path breaking initiatives to change the thinking of business owners on aspects like driving efficiency, employee motivation and role of software. He has also been instrumental in turnaround of average companies into profitable entities and makes them grow manifold. He has been an efficient partner in making many entrepreneurs dreams come true and at the same time advises them to put their businesses on auto pilot mode and live a stress free life. He has worked with reputed companies and also mentored startups to take off and has worked on Due diligences for mergers and acquisitions transactions.
CA Jayant has successfully built a motivated, qualified, well trained team which is always keen to learn and ready to face any business challenges. Having a set of great academic records CA Jayant has served on Leadership team of BNI SOL which is part of a well known international networking organization and been on the panel of GST discussion in various colleges.
An Excellent Service Provider
JBKCo specializes in Internal and Management Audits where it helps many potential companies with their Profitability and Risk Management using Proprietary software, Business Brain System. It helps companies to optimize its resources, define systems & processes, control systems and define KPIs for its important business functions and making their employees competent. A number of owners are technocrats, who are depended on the JBKCo’s service offerings on a large scale. Being well versed in management concepts like COSO, COBIT and BALANCED SCORE CARD, the firm provides holistic solutions in Systems Development and Risk Mitigation.
A Comprehensive Vision
“The budgetary allocation to Finance and Accounting department are lower and its power is under-utilized. Many a times, it’s the most neglected part of an organization, whereas it should be one of the most important departments.  There is constant flux in consultants as people fail to get right consultants, who will deliver measurable results and give them higher return on investment. People don’t understand the importance of softwares, building teams and working with systems.
We try to define where a business stands in terms of their business-score & risk-score and work with business owners to improve on these scores which also reflect on their financials.” explains CA Jayant, who is one of the pioneers in the field of measurable results in Internal and Management Audits.
The On-going Movement
CA Jayant states that “Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning are trends in Internal Audit on which JBKCo is investing a lot of time and attention. The company conducts workshops, trainings on these for their employees and also for the clients. Software should be used more extensively as doing the same work manually wastes the valuable time. The mindset of owners needs to be changed as roles and work profiles must be properly defined.”
Tackling Challenges Effectively
Lower budget by clients towards Internal Audits is an issue and providing with convenient services is only possible if budget is increased. A number of times clients get impatient and are unable to understand that systems take time to build. But once that investment is done it is applicable for a longer time span. The right Management Information Systems are needed.” concludes CA Jayant.
A Broader Image  
JBKCo aims to change the fortune of 400 companies in upcoming 5 years by helping them with Profitability and Risk. Talking about the vision and mission about the firm, CA Jayant adds, “We will have to train and mentor accounting and finance field. We have to make them believe that they can add a lot of value. Educate people in finance field and make them enablers in making businesses more profitable and less risky. Contribute to life quality of entrepreneurs. Power of Data analytics should be explained to clients and it should be taken benefit of.”
Mapping the Road Ahead
CA Jayant opines that “the SMEs can perform better and compete with big corporates if given proper guidance. The cash-flows can be handled efficiently and the interest cost can be saved. There lies a lot of scope for improvement if the most basic mistakes are avoided. The Firm wants to educate business owners in delegation of work and considers outsourcing to be a great solution. It believes in focusing on watching business dashboard and cashing on core strength.”

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