AI-Powered Platform Developed in Bengaluru To Enhance Fantasy Sport Games


SuperCric is an all-new, powerful, and oh-so-fun cricket strategy management simulation platform driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and was developed in the capital of India’s southern state of Karnataka, Bengaluru.

Developed by Bengaluru-based sports-technology startup AnalytIQ Sports Technology, SuperCric is a first-of-its-kind platform that will allow users to engage with fantasy sports and cricket in a way that has never been seen before. The idea behind the application is to enhance engagement tools for fantasy cricket users while also helping them make better decisions with their players on the field.

The idea behind SuperCric was formulated between an ex-professional cricketer and current India Premier League (IPL) commentator Suhail Chandhok, Kabaddi Adda co-founders Srikanth Viswanathan, and husband and wife team Arvind Sivdas and Dhanya Param. It is essential to note that AnalytIQ also owns Kadabbi Adda.

So, how does it all work? The platform is driven by an artificial intelligence-powered cricket simulator that has been trained and fed the historical performance data of every player in the IPL. It then uses this data to predict what impact a player might have and how many points they will score for a fantasy players team before they commit to adding that player to their roster.

And, according to its creators, at least, SuperCric is very accurate: “By testing choices and gauging possible outcomes through this tool, fantasy players have an opportunity to improve their chances of winning bigger. SuperCric is not a fantasy platform; it’s the ideal tool for fantasy gamers to make smarter choices, and provide them with the probability of a win with a 90% accuracy rate,” explained Chandhok.

Cricket is an incredibly important sport to India and its people. If it’s not being watched by thousands in stadiums and millions on television, it is being played by even more in park’s, fields, and on makeshift pitches all across the country. Aside from fantasy games, those interested in the sport can also find free tips and fair odds at sites like bet365 cricket betting.

The application will identify every player’s strengths and weaknesses, not just in general but even against specific players. It will also display the player’s current real-life form and constantly be updated as the season progresses and it receives more data.

The key features of SuperCric include tournaments that will allow users to pick their favourite team and play out an entire tournament against friends online. Rewards are also provided to the top teams and teams that have picked the best batsman, bowlers, and fielders. Weekly leaderboards show users where they stand compared to their contemporaries. The MSD quotient (named after India legend MS Dhoni) will let every player know the potential risks and rewards of every decision they make.

“Everyone at home loves to be an armchair expert in India. Every single person wants to tell MS Dhoni how to captain better, they want to tell Virat Kohli how to captain better. So, we built a tool which in a way, simulates that experience,” said Chandhok.

And expansion is the name of the game. Not only is AnalytIQ targeting a global audience for the platform, but it also plans to introduce more historical data to allow users to relieve their favourite tournaments and teams from as far back as 2008 and see how their decisions might have affected the outcome.

While SuperCric and AnalytIQ are heavily marketing the product to get it out to as many users as possible, it already has a solid base from which to work from. “AnalytIQ has a user base of over 350 000. On SuperCric, our users are already spending over 20 minutes per day on the platform,” Chandhok concluded.

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