Akkado: Creating Multidimensional Brands with the Perfect Blend of an Array of Marketing Services


The Indian marketing industry is constantly evolving with time. The leading companies of this industry are adopting innovative means and cutting-edge strategies to stay ahead of its competition. These companies are following client-friendly policies and consider client satisfaction as one of their prime objectives. One such trailblazer of the marketing industry is Akkado, which specializes in the tactical generation and delivery of integrated marketing strategies in order to driving consumer behavior in a favorable direction.

The Inception of Akkado
Akkado’s Chairman, Abhishek Sharma was fascinated about story books when he was young. He was influenced by how each and every chapter would connect all instances and stitch them together perfectly to bring the essence and emotions of the story.

When I planned to start my own company, I wanted to apply the same concept; Many experiential instances and aspects coming together to bring alive the story of the brand”, says Abhishek.

Abhishek feels that a team should be a combination of the youthful extravagance and the experience of the veterans. This perfect blend gives multi perspective insights about the industry and helps in planning entire strategy and concept. “If we keep our employees motivated, then the industry will grow automatically. This is the best mantra I follow”, he says.

He adds that as one enters the industry, they get exposed to numerous ideologies and patterns that would influence to follow them. But if they need to create their own identity and leave a mark they need to become a trend setter and make their own rules. “The simple and basic rule is to connect the client’s ideology with the aspirations and interest of the consumers. With the panoramic view we need to become the bridge between the two by devising strategies and experiences in 360 degree manner” says Abhishek.

About the Leader
Abhishek wasn’t born with a silver spoon. His life journey is nothing short of hard work & dedication. The core values and morals he has grown up with are the motivating factors that keep him going. He is a man with a mission to make it large in life and create an ecosystem that changes the perspective of the world.
Abhishek’s journey started with working at the age of 18 in an export house 14 hours a day to working with his father after that. Churning out work every day in a small constrained room did not make him lose focus but only motivated him give his best in all aspects. An all-rounder with the magnitude of his dreams reaching for the sky inspired him to break the shackles and take his leap. The onus was on him to make it big in life and fulfil all his dreams. An eye to pick up the right talent for the job is one of his key strengths.

With no prior work experience, he entered an industry and started creating unforgettable experiences for his clients and consumers all around the world. It was like a phoenix rising from the ashes to reach for the heights. He wanted to explore many aspects that help the brand & the client to grow. He aimed at providing a 360 degree solution for the clients that gives them a panoramic view of their brand. Along with focusing on merchandising, events & activations, he introduced loyalty & engagement department that widened the horizon and gave a perspective to the client to ring fence its customers. Having an in-house travel company to manage the travel logistics is like having speciality that would made Akkado stand out from the rest. His way of thinking after understanding the new trends and social swag bags of the industry inspired him to introduce audio & visual segment that would help in translating the idea into a visual spectacle. While there have been more successes but there have been failures too that he has tasted which have made him what he is today. Far sightedness, the strength to let go off failures by learning a lesson from them and a strong hold over his work have made Abhishek what he is today.

He remembers and follows his values and morals imbibed in his childhood, those have laid the perfect foundation on which Akkado stands strong today and plans to expand. Every employee in the company is personally and professionally taken care by Abhishek himself. He believes that the employees who are working in Akkado has banked on him for their career growth. It’s a big responsibility which makes him happy and helps him in creating an ambience for the employees to grow. His vision is to introduce best HR initiatives, financial solutions helping the employees grow personally & professionally. He now handles an ever growing team of experts that includes some of the best names of the industry who are happy to be a part of a larger dream.

Providing a Lasting Customer Experience
Akkado is a perfect blend of numerous features that come together to perfectly narrate the story of the brand (client) that reaches the desired customers. Using their tools, the company creates an experiential journey for the client that benefits him and the brand.
The company implements a variety of tools including:

  • Events, Activations & Exhibitions
  • Loyalty & CRM
  • Merchandising & Gifts
  • Audio Visual & Creative Solutions
  • MICE
  • Technology & Online solutions

With multiple office India and abroad, the company has over 50 active clients, all blue chip/fortune 500 companies. They have built a strong relationship with their clients and have created mesmerizing experiences for them. Few of their clients include ICICI Lombard General Insurance, Bharti Airtel, Honda, NSDC Skill India, Mercedes Benz India, Pepsi Co, Vodafone, IFFCO TOKIO, SleepWell, Oreedoo Myanmar, TATA Sky among others.
Customer is the king and Employees are beyond that

Akkado firmly believes that the customer is the king and that if an organization believes in this ideology then there will never be a challenge in any aspect of business. They believe in keeping the customers and the employees close to the heart. Akkado’s vision is to make pin to plane and create a marketplace for talent professionals to pursue their dreams.

Staying Ahead of the Competition
Akkado believes in evolving with the constantly changing Indian marketing industry. They aim at utilizing social media as an integral tool to achieve a competitive advantage over their competitors. They believe that smartphones can play a crucial role in marketing strategies and feel that companies and event organizers should start embracing this technology.
The company feels that the future will be all about technological advancements. New ways in which the technology can make a brand grow, reach masses and create high impactful experiences. Akkado has an in house expertise in technology understanding & development. The team is completely updated on new technologies that have surfaced nationally and internationally.

Awards and Certifications
Akkado has achieved numerous awards and accolades throughout its illustrious journey. It is an ISO certified company (ISO Certification: 9001:2008). It is also a prestigious platinum member of EEMA. (Event and Entertainment Management Association)
The company has also won BAM Awards 2018 ‘GOLD’ for

  • Conceptualization and Execution of Airtel Leadership Conclave
  • Excellence in Event Management Service – NIZAMS, ICICI Lombard

A Client-Centric Service Provider
The company aims to deliver the best of experiences to the clients which help them further reach out to their target audience. Being an integrated marketing agency, they offer a host of services to their clients and curate larger than experiences for their customers.

Through events & activations, they study and generate ideas and concepts that instantly catch the eye of their clients’ audience. With their merchandize department at work, Akkado offers their clients with customizable and personalized gift options that help them allure more and more audience and also keep the existing ones loyal. The In house creative team has unadulterated mind set helping in creating visually spectacle designs that mesmerizes the client.

The loyalty team strategizes, plans, and delivers the best of loyalty and CRM concepts to their clients and helps reach out to the masses as well as the existing customers. They also provide their clients with exciting opportunities to get the maximum business by enrolling in the maximum number of customers/audience.
The company’s travel and audio visual expertise go hand in hand as they provide their clients with everlasting memories from their tour & travel experiences that the company stitches personally for them. The audio visual department also curates the best short films ideas and produces state of the art short films.

Future Plans
Akkado plans to create their own intellectual property that would showcase their work to the masses. A property that would help penetrate the client with ease as their reputation would have preceded them. The company says “The work has already begun. The respective teams are on it doing the R&D”.
Source :-The 10 Most Effective Integrated Marketing Solution Providers 2018

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