Akshar Yoga: Reconnecting with Humanity through the Divine Art of Yoga

Akshar Yoga

Unlike the trend couple of years ago, wellness programs aren’t just for weight loss. The fitness industry has seen a positive growth in the past. Fitness or wellness programs can be for mental wellness or just to tone their bodies or even increase flexibility. Yoga has found its preference in the corporate world as a comprehensive wellness prerogative, replacing all other healthcare investments. A growing number of businesses are finding that offering Yoga to their employees is a low-cost, preventive and holistic healthcare measure, making the discipline a resonating success with human resource teams looking for strategic returns on their wellness investments.
With an aim to provide a holistic approach towards fitness and wellness, Akshar Yoga was started by the Himalayan Yogi, Grand Master Akshar. Regardless of whether one is just a beginner in this field or someone who is looking forward to taking up yoga as a profession, Akshar Yoga has carefully curated educational modules to take one through his necessary expectation. Akshar Yoga is not just a yoga school; it is also the experience that comes with it. Akshar Yoga has trained over 2000 professionally trained teachers who are teaching yoga across the world and has trained over 3,00,000 students globally.
Leading Yoga Practitioners
Akshar, Founder, Chairman & Course Director of Akshar Yoga hailing from the oldest school of Himalayas, is an internationally acclaimed Yogic Master and visionary. He has carved a unique niche in the global wellness map by innovating with Yoga, and weaving together his ancestral wisdom from the oldest form of Himalayan yoga with the most advanced forms of fitness regimes. He is also the Founder and President of World Yoga Organization and is also an established tutor of this advanced form of Yoga and conducts Master level Yoga Teachers Training courses across the globe. Akshar Yoga’s Power Yoga is renowned globally and their structure is well received from all walks of life and from all industries. Akshar is noted amongst the leading yoga practitioners of the world; he travels extensively, learning and spreading the art of yoga, builds new forms and creates opportunities for yogis all around the world.
Grand Master Akshar’s journey of yoga began at a very early stage of his life. He acquired the faculty of philosophy and yoga from his divine Masters situated in the steep mountains of the Himalayas. In a quest to hone his spiritual skills, Grand Master Akshar acquired a phenomenal amount of Yogic knowledge from his Gurus, impressing a number of Holy Saints and Teachers by his already existing intuitive powers and philosophical bend of mind. Furthermore, Grand Master Akshar has had the opportunity to learn and propagate yoga in its true form- he belongs to the oldest lineage of yoga. Akshar and his team have trained more than 3,00,000 students all over the world via both online and offline platforms. He now has twenty schools in the country under the Akshar Yoga banner and he is further expanding it all over the globe. Also, Akshar Yoga is collaborating with many International organizations and Universities for Higher Educational and Professional Programs for Yoga to uplift yoga to a higher platform. He has also started companies like Punya Organics, Brhajaga and Swaayur. His mission is to spread the message of Health, Peace and Happiness through his work.
Launching Yoga in Corporate World
Started in 2010, Akshar Yoga is the first institute that started Yoga in an academy. Akshar Yoga today is a trend settler in the field of yoga. It has around 1 million followers on social media and a global presence. It has more than 2000 teachers who are provided with placements and are teaching in different centers internationally. Akshar Yoga regularly represents the culture of Yoga in countries like China, US, Europe and France and creates a discipline, clarity and transparency when it comes to the knowledge of yoga. All the services that are provided at Akshar Yoga are ISO certified services.
Yoga is not just about being able to perform complicated poses and movements but it is a holistic approach to physical and mental health, as well as a person’s well-being and personal growth. Corporate Yoga is the extended concept of working peacefully in the midst of a hectic corporate environment. Akshar Yoga is the largest yoga chain in the countries with 20 centers in Bangalore alone. It has launched the Aerial yoga, wheel yoga and other forms of Yoga in India. These are the ISO certified services that are scientifically designed by experts using modern sciences. Akshar Yoga believes in providing every individual with a unique experience.
Awards, Achievements, and Recognitions
Akshar Yoga has been awarded with Entrepreneur India- Class of 2018- Ranked 6th in 35 Under 35 Entrepreneurs in India. It has won Arab Chambers of Commerce Awards 2018. Akshar holds the position of President & International Representative, World Yoga Organization. He is the “Grand Master of Yoga” by Vishwa Kalyan Samiti (Puri Jagannath). It has also received “Award of Excellence” and “Yoga Acharya” by Sri Chaitanya Institute of Vaishnavic Culture
Global Future of Akshar Yoga
There is conclusive evidence supporting the fact that offering Yoga session brings about noted changes in employee behavior by helping them manage stress better, enhance clarity and creative thinking, improve communication skills, cultivate leadership and teamwork, and increase overall effectiveness in the workplace. Akshar yoga encourages its employees to take up Yoga classes on a daily basis. Akshar Yoga is multiplying in number by expanding in different cities in India and internationally as well. It aims at having 100 centers globally. By mid-2019, Akshar Yoga is opening an International Yoga University.
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