True Elements: Driving a Healthy Lifestyle through Health Supplements

True Elements

Today, there is an increasing demand in choosing natural foods over chemically impacted eateries. While they are more flexible to experiment with new innovations, they prefer transparency and consistency. As consumers look for healthier and natural options, they would also be conscious of the value they seek out of them. Health would gradually move from being a fad to a regular component of common lifestyle.
HW Wellness Solutions Private Limited is driving focus on healthier food and lifestyle through its two platforms, and
True Elements is a functional food company, aiming to be the most trusted brand of health foods.
While Healthy World is a marketplace that sells health food by various brands and helps individuals to identify and purchase functional food which reduces the risk of diseases.
Products and Services which are offered by Healthy World
To establish the product line, the company claims that “Our products are natural, cost effective and tasty. We are conscious of what we provide to the consumers – and believe in genuine offerings than something that would “sell” well.” It cares on diseases, body care and weight gain by delivering several products such as coffee and tea, snacks foods, healthy juices, nuts and bars, oil and vinegars and health kits.
“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”- Mahatma Gandhi, known as Father of the Nation.
The company also provides tips on health & wellness that includes – Simple Pregnancy tips to help to have a normal delivery, what happens when you eat less sugar, interesting workout tips to improve body shape, foods  that one must eat or avoid on an empty stomach, Reasons why you should eat breakfast in the morning and  ways to lose weight and get in shape after having baby, among many others.
The company offers an online gateway to the world of healthy food supplements including snacks, beverages, wellness products and services, preventive health care, health marketing, preventive health services and wellness partnerships among various other products.
Entrepreneurs Leading the World to Live Healthy
With the passion of driving healthier lifestyle, Puru Gupta and Sreejith Moolayil, Co –Founders of True Elements together made their ideas come true with their innovative company. Puru loves to take up challenges and has a corporate experience spanning across multinationals, including P&G, ITC and CSC & Cognizant. He is an alumni of FMS, Delhi (MBA, Marketing) and Pune University (BE, E&TC). He even has a diverse experience across India and China including consulting engagements with local companies from China and Africa and other non-profit organizations, MNCs and Government organizations. Further, he has been rated as a top expert in marketing, who helps various brands in India entry and GTM strategies for India.
On the other hand, Sreejith Moolayil with a diverse experience of more than 12 years in HR and Law has worked previously with Cognizant, Tata Motors and Delphi TVS. His last assignment was working as a Head HR – Cognizant, Pune. He is an alumni of Symbiosis IMS (MBA, HR) with Masters in Labour Law from Pune University and LLB from Mangalore, his focus areas are IT & Manufacturing. He is also headed the HR operations for Cognizant, China.
Awards and Achievements Accomplished by the Company
True Elements has made a major impact all-throughout its illustrious journey and has also gathered certain noteworthy achievements. It has recently received many awards including – Part of the first set of Amazon Launchpad – startups representing India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, shortlisted as one of the ‘Six Startups’ in Unilever-IDG Startup program, awarded for Innovation by World Innovation Congress.
While discussing about the unique part of the company that has led to success, Puru Gupta said “Our focus on natural foods while ensuring health and taste is what gives us the edge. On top of this, our driver of cost-efficiently serving the market is what makes us different. We are also the first brand to use 100% whole grains in all our products.
The Three Prime Views of Healthy World
The three primary views of healthy world are represented as Value, Purpose & Direction.
Firstly, the products are devoid of unwanted elements and are closer to what it used to be centuries ago. Secondly, this communicates the innate quest & hunt for practical and alternative solutions relevant to the modern world. Thirdly, to promote and popularize and is the only solution to current day health issues.
Healthy World Future Perspectives
Sreejith states, “Our aim is to be known as one of the most loved health foods brand in the country by driving everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle, without compromising taste or price.” He further added “We are a Health Foods Company aiming to be the most credible / trusted source for Health Foods and have a dream of making this world a healthier place
Source :-The 10 Best Performing Corporate Wellness Companies

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